What does “Studying History” have to do with Domain Investing? Here’s the PERFECT Example!!

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Many of you know Danny Pryor. Yesterday he left a comment on another post. But it deserves its own post along with my reply. It's not often you get to study history when it comes to the domain industry. Schwartz vs Schilling is now 5 years old. Don't you want to know the ending? It was a mystery back then, but much of the story is written today.

See what the landscpe looks like 5 years later. Nobody got it all right. What was said then and how it dovetails after you fast forward 5 years is priceless. It will make you money because it will calibrate all the things you have ever heard into a new form and formula.

Some of the comments will be absolutely mind blowing when you listen to it today. You will laugh your ass off.  Are you brave enough to go back and listen or are you an ostrich? Scared of history? You may hear what you want to hear. On both sides. Maybe you won't. Probably cut both ways. But if you are not brave enough to watch, you may leave some important knowledge out there that might have helped you starting right now.

Monte talking about .Tickets is kind of funny looking back. https://ntldstats.com/tld/tickets

Frank has some whoppers. I have my own.

Really, some of this stuff is hysterical looking back.

Danny said: "Perhaps it’s time to revisit a couple old videos, those original “debates” on the new gTLDs, as they were rolling out in 2013. This is TRAFFIC at the Ritz Carlton in Fort Lauderdale, by the way, so it’s nearly five full years since this event, which was dubbed “gTLD Madness”. Part I: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYug6bPnDHU and Part Deux: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izsxteuqhv8. Enjoy! ;)"

My Reply: "Danny, I don’t think those invested in GTLD’s have the stomach to watch. See what was said THEN, and see how it dovetails with NOW! That my friends is how you STUDY history and don’t RUN and HIDE from history!!!"

Let’s see if ANY watch and see how many things they predicted actually unfolded.

Domains with value are like Gas stations. Gas Stations go on intersections. Intersections with traffic. They don't put many gas stations where there are no people in the middle of a swamp of an unknow town with no population.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

8 thoughts on “What does “Studying History” have to do with Domain Investing? Here’s the PERFECT Example!!

  1. staff

    By default, the human brain has a built-in (kick-in / kick-out) mechanism that will make it forget most of the nGTLD’s that it is presented with + dot nGTLD extensions/words have multiple meanings and they tend to collocate with other words.

    Have a GREAT Day too!

  2. Michael Calabretta

    Rick, just watch both videos again. Excellent! I did purchase a few gTLD’s, so we’ll see what happens. But you’re right, it’s not looking good!

  3. Snoopy

    It is a remarkable video especially the crazy predictions, expectations of over 200 million new tlds, Kiwi getting 120,000, talk about how .brand would surely be a be a big thing.

    The reality is 10% of what was expected.

  4. Snoopy

    From the video I think it is a big mistake to think of .com as comparable to Manhattan, or that .com is a “premium” extension.

    .Com isn’t premium, it is simply the internet standard, the every man’s extension. Most of the planet uses it everyday.

    Saying .com is like Manhattan is like arguing a keyboard with the a qwerty layout is premium, or that a car with 4 wheels is premium.

  5. Jose

    I remember the serial mounted between the two, not to say show.

    In the end the winner would be expected not to write names, for the right that we all have for not missing one or the other.

    Although I am honest, you are the difference in a long way in the history of this market and it is what writing art itself is your way of inculcating others, we all look at the end of the path that we tread even with only two or Three emails in a year without knowing each other.

    This says a lot about the pioneers of this market, I do not write names.

    I have few but very good Gtdl domains for high level investments.

  6. domain guy

    I think .app is going to be a winner. Its a different animal. We now have 2 public benchmarks. rn.app for 15k and gay.app for one million.In the near future we will see more .app public sales. I believe this is the first real winner in the gld game.
    It’s nice to see the domain king blog active again!

    1. Snoopy

      That has been said about every ntld, if people didn’t think it was a “a different animal” they would not invest.

      .web will be marketed as something amazingly better than all the others aswell, it isn’t. They all have the same basic flaws.


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