Is Bitcoin about to hit a 6 Month Low? Hovering just above $6000

Morning Folks!!

I sold all my bitcoin a while back before it crashed. Timing is everything! But Bitcoin has lost a lot of luster since then and it may be poised to hit a 6 month low of $6000 from a high close to $20,000 last December. Crypto is depressed.

Will I buy bitcoin again? Not as an investment. I may buy to use as a form of payment, but that would only be in small quantities. I might still take bitcoin as a form of payment.

I pulled down a 7 figure total bitcoin gain in 2017. About half from coins I had bought during earlier years and then about half from those coins that I bought in 2017 up to the $5000 mark which was my cutoff and I wrote about it at the time. But I don't see that repeating itself anytime soon. I feel bad for those that bought at the high. Hopefully they cut their losses before they got hurt.

Supply and demand in real time. Supply is up, demand is down. Last year it was a HUGE Christmas gift. THAT is what I believe drove up the prices along with the momentum. Both are now gone and while I think there will be a modest rise during Christmas, it won't be a repeat of 2017 IMHO.

That frenzy is over! Looking for the next wave. The next thing. It's sitting there RIGHT NOW!! What do you think the next "Big Thing" is and how to get into it TODAY!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

10 thoughts on “Is Bitcoin about to hit a 6 Month Low? Hovering just above $6000

  1. Donny M

    “Security tokens” or STOS. IMO will be one of the next Big Things starting soon. In a few months it will begin. “Utility tokens and icos” are to unregulated and Risky- Scams- no oversight.

    Buying the correct domain around the security token market could be one way to invest right now, multiple ways will be coming down the road around this sector once trading begins and if companies like Polymath or Tzero get it all going.

    Donny M

  2. gene

    Very glad that you had such a great gain in BTC, Rick.

    I do think that you’re incorrect if you’re writing-off crypto, in general.

    While it’s never fun to watch holdings fall in value, regardless of the asset, ETHER is going to make a strong move upward within the next 90 days.

    Between ETHER being declared as not a security ( ), the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance having over 500 corporate members ( ), and processing speeds on the Ethereum network soon scaling at magnitudes above the current speed – making payments processing a breeze ( ), there’s massive upside to look forward to.

    And none of this takes into account that countries like Russia, India, and China will likely start to quietly hoard ETH, by parking a small fraction of their reserves in it: Or that major financial services firms have barely gotten their toes wet at this stage.

    Time will tell…

    1. Snoopy

      “ETHER is going to make a strong move upward within the next 90 days.”

      Here we go again, same nonsense claims that we used to hear about new tlds! Major news coming soon! Ok.

  3. Mike Sallese

    I am with Donnie that Security Tokens and Asset backed tokens will be huge over the next few years- these will be regulated tokens backed by real assets. In addition, blockchain will remain a very huge innovation that will touch almost all industries. Will be very interesting to watch this unfold over the next few years.



  4. Anunt

    Out of all the crypto, i like bitcoin cash.
    The owner of, Roger Ver also likes bitcoin cash more than bitcoin.

    1. Jeff

      Its B Cash Anunt. There is only one Bitcoin.

      Its an alt coin as well. driven by agenda, just like .clusterfucks

  5. Jeff

    Markets are sliding and I am buying, like the future of blockchain and crypto is surly a lot more fun then domains past year IMO.

    Let the strong survive in the ride, weak can sell and dump out and have them regret the future.


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