Famous Four and Everyone SILENT on Earth Shattering GTLD Bankruptcy!? REALLY??

Morning Folks!!

Yesterday morning it was reported that Famous Four, The LARGEST new GTLD registry may be getting ready to declare bankruptcy! They have nearly 25% of all new GTLD registrations with about 5 million!! They have 14 of the top 100. 5 of the top 20! The biggest may be about to fall and we have total silence!? Just 1 comment on the story. No other stories. REALLY?? Are you folks BRAIN DEAD?? Hiding?

This should be shaking the new GTLD's to the CORE! The lipstick and the PIG are now available for public viewing! The Clusterf*ck is starting to fall apart. If it is falling apart for them, what's going on with all the others? You know the ones with 2000 registrations not 5 million!

Just an hour AFTER I posted about the domain industry being in decline, this story broke. Talk about timing! I commented on it on my next post. Where are the 1000's of so-called "GTLD Domainers"? Do they not understand the possible and probable impact on their holdings?

This whole thing has been a JOKE! A Mess! The biggest money grab I have ever seen! And funded by DOMAINERS!! Domainers that are poorer now then they were! That wasted time and money and GOT FOOLED! That's right, you got FOOLED!b Deal with it. You can stop your own pumping and dumping now. The jig is up. It did not work.It is collapsing before our very eyes! Even Helen Keller can see it. I know, you might not know who she is.

Need, want desire, value. That sunk them before they ever registered the first domain. It was an ill conceived plan by ill conceived people, with ill conceived motives that were JEALOUS of the success we were having with .com. So they came out with this GARBAGE to HIJACK our industry and now they get to start seeing it come apart and they will forever be associated with this.

The domain industry has been hijacked by these companies and we should get our industry back! They need to go and I can't wait as they ALL die on the vine and we can get back to business.

It does not say much about the smarts of domainers as they keep going to shows that ONLY want to present the GTLD Kool-aid. They are ONLY in business for REGISTRIES and REGISTRARS to convince you that their shit is not shit. OPEN YOUR EYES! It's shit!

Is there a single show without .Club on stage pitching or Registrars that mean NOTHING! What happened to the REAL domain investors?? No room for REALITY! At this point they are advertisements. They are infomercials, no longer information. Total waste of time, money and energy and you get fooled too and domainers are clueless as they get RAPED with misinformation that could not hold up to honest scrutiny! They feed you SHIT and domainers swallow that SHIT! Time to burp!

The industry is SILENT about the single biggest story to hit us in a very long time. Maybe years! If they are in trouble and silence suggest they are, they WON'T BE ALONE!! This will be the beginning of the end. TIMBER!!!!!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


16 thoughts on “Famous Four and Everyone SILENT on Earth Shattering GTLD Bankruptcy!? REALLY??

  1. Francois

    First time I hear of that company, they maybe have many new gtld but their marketing and promotion has been ZERO in the domain space!!!! So is not a big loss for me. Next one?

    1. Rick Schwartz

      They have
      #3 .Loan
      #7 .win
      #11 .men
      #15 .stream
      #18 .review
      #27 .trade
      #29 .date
      #31 .download
      #40 .science
      #47 .racing
      #53 .accountant
      #56 .faith
      #63 .webcam
      #93 .cricket. Perfectly appropriate!
      And 2 more not in the top 100.

  2. Vijay

    Indian car-making giant Tata Motors has become the latest new gTLD registry to fail to pay its ICANN fees, .tatamotors

  3. Jeff

    Probably didnt hear about it because they were big advertisers on blogs and collected lots of money

  4. Snoopy

    Reminds me a lot of the .mobi collapse, I’ve heard they “ran out of money” aswell and were firesaled to Afilias. The world’s largest tech companies couldn’t make it work. Almost nothing said by the industry about that one aswell, mostly whispers about what really happened.

    Watch as lots go under and sold for 10 cents in the dollar while the domain industry spins it as “an acquisition”.

  5. Blake

    paging Frank SCHILLing frank schilling to the front desk ……
    M.I.A …he already made a fortune selling useless junk gtld domains. I just hope godaddy goes back to .com .co .me .tv and cctlds I’m so sick of seeing .shit exts

  6. Leonard Britt

    A multinational client of mine did have dozens of new TLDs but when I checked how they were being used, it was obvious they were only trademark-protection registrations. They did not even resolve. Quite often we also find that reported five-figure new TLD sales do not even resolve. FYI I may be one of few domain investors to have never registered a new TLD domain (having learned from too many registrations of .Net and .TV).

  7. John

    So many people so conspicuously absent from the comments…

    The “money grab” model was essentially forced on the industry to begin with, and was flawed from the start. Things might have been much better for everyone without that – and still not only no threat to .com, but rather more probably still an enhancement, win-win, instead of what we have now.

    I only like a very rare bag of gems, most requiring full domain sld/tld pairs, not whole tlds – as a true end user who genuinely simply likes a few (emphasis on “few”). Yes I have also had some purchase inquiries for some of my best rare gems, and if a nice sale results, great, but if you are a domain investor seeking to make that your domain sales and investing biz, you’d better read Rick’s posts.


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