My First Visit to Last Friday! Pics and Stories

Morning Folks!!

A week ago Friday was the first time I ever visited the 75,000 sq. ft. factory of in Braintree, MA since we made the deal in 2008 when I think they had 3500 ft. That's a little larger than 1/2 of a Costco store. It is set up like a Home Depot. They/We have 120 employees and the $15 million volume figure I gave a few weeks back is a "little" low but I can't say anymore than that.

And they have 2 new divisions. Things are going well! I could not be more proud of Greg and Joe. So let me tell you the story about from Greg's memory. So Friday we went to lunch at the Chateau in Waltham. A place that opened in 1933 and I loved as a 9 year old and since.

Greg was 22 at the time of the deal. He told me how many times I hung up the phone on him. Yes, hung up on him. He wanted the name but had very little funds. We laughed so hard talking about it 10 years later. Now both married with families. It was just a fantastic time!

But I always believed in them, their vision and their work ethic as I grew to know them. So we made a deal.It was only $60k out of their pocket. $30k each. Not a huge amount, not small either, but it showed their determination. They have not lost one ounce of energy and determination. They are growing and growing at a very rapid clip as they expand and fulfill.

The one thing we all agreed on, it was the DOMAIN NAME that guaranteed they would have a seat at the table, have credibility and be taken seriously. It helped to guarantee their success IF and only IF they could match their products and services with the same high quality and dependability. And they have!!!! They are a wholesale food company becoming more and more important to third parties.


My share of the company is growing in value. What started at 5% is now 12.55% and these guys are about to really breakthrough in a very big way. 10 years of hard work is now paying off. There are so many things I would like to share about their expansion and visit, but I can't at this time. But it's very exciting so stay tuned. I have watched them grow, I have watched them struggle, I have watched them battle it every single day. Great job guys!! Easily the deal I am most proud of because I have great and energetic and SMART partners and they are still very young and hungry at ages 32 and 40. If defines what a great domain name can become.

Rick Schwartz

10 thoughts on “My First Visit to Last Friday! Pics and Stories

  1. Ben

    It’s a great success and business story. Nothing happen for nothing. Believe in it. Work hard for it. Never give up. best years are to come.


    Hi Rick
    thanks sharing, can you precise how the 5% stake turned to be 12.5%?

    could you send the clause in the contract ? or privately?


  3. jim sickorez

    Why did they close their weymouth, ma location? And Rockland,ma location?And not the Chateau in Braintree? They are Great Guys and I still remember when the Patriot Ledger did the story of the purchase of the domain name I believe it said for 1.4. mil and the writer said they were crazy for doing so…Who’s laughing now…

    1. Rick Schwartz

      Just to clarify, they never closed anything. That’s what you do when you need larger and larger facility to house your business as you grow. The writer is not accurate with his number that it sold for either.

  4. Atte

    There really is something special about seeing a domain you sold put into good use. Congrats on the success to you all.

  5. John

    It is a truly epic domain. As a truly epic domain, it is a truly epic brand. Have thought that for a long time.

    I remember once reading you suggested it could turn into a $50 million dollar domain. No question. God willing, it could turn into much more than that, and what you guys sometimes refer to in the blogs as “generational wealth.”

    I have not looked at in a very long time, so I do not know what is available there. But I will add a few thoughts which I believe could lead to enhanced success, though you may already be miles down the road with them anyway: include the “alternative” natural candy and natural sweetener market. Products that have real maple syrup, quality honey with explicit country of origin (search on “honey laundering” for instance), real “raw” honey, alternative forms of sugar such as date sugar and coconut sugar, etc., stevia, including organic, gluten free products, you name it. Not just “normal” regular sugar, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup :( and artificial sweetener :( products you see everywhere. But as a wholesaler I guess the sky’s the limit and they may already have been doing this.

  6. fizz

    Congrats Greg, Joe and Rick for your astute vision and persistence.

    Will CandyBank be issuing a CandyCoin? lol


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