Time Spent Online to Decline? Yes! But When?

Morning Folks!!

Since 2000 the time folks have spent online has increased dramatically from 3 hours a week in 2000 to 24 hours per week in 2016 according to an MIT study. But the question is when does it peak? And how many hours does it peak at?

As folks that make our living online we spend more time than most. Early on I was online for 15 hours per DAY. So 100 hours per week. I peaked many years ago. Today I spend about 2 to 8 hours a day. Some days even less. I go out of my way to stay offline.

But the question is when do the masses decline in time spent online and how will it affect domains and prices? I don't have the answer. I just have the question.

Rick Schwartz

3 thoughts on “Time Spent Online to Decline? Yes! But When?

  1. Mike Sallese

    I came across a study on this recently that is interesting.
    According to a study by measurement company Zenith- 2019 will be the first time that people globally spend more time online (170.6 minutes daily) than watching TV (170.3 minutes daily) as folks transition from TV to Internet as the main entertainment medium. Believe it or not the study said that the US lags here and online will overtake TV in 2020.

    A different recent study stated that Americans are online 24 Hours per week on average. This still seems low to me.

    It seems like with the proliferation of mobile that online time will continue to increase as you can’t walk down a street in Manhattan or almost anywhere without hitting into folks looking at their phones. It likely starts with the young ones on Ipads and they graduate to Itouch and then to Iphones.

    Bottom line- it still seems like the growth will be there for a while.

  2. Sigma

    Due to the rise in online usage, I’d imagine it will peak at probably 35-40 hours per week. Western society is already seeing some of the negative impacts of over usage of the internet.


    Thus, when Rick speaks of “the Next Big Thing’ I think companies like WeWork, Inc. are tapping into the next big thing. Or opportunities that allow people to step away from the PC/smartphone and get outdoors, network, socialize, and connect in a productive way.

    Will all that useless brick & mortar retail space be converted to leisure space?

    1. Peter Greenspan

      Wework is a total scam of a company. Their business model of “shares office space” is nothing revolutionary – yet the venture capitalists are planning to IPO this bloated watermelon at a ridiculous valuation.


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