Who are YOU Negotiating with? Do you even Know?

Morning Folks!!

Do you negotiate with ghosts? Who exactly do you negotiate with when you are approached about one of your domains? When you don’t know it is like doing business with a ghost.

Do you qualify them? Do you find out who they are? Do you know what bullshit you should just filter out and not pay attention to?

I respond to less than 5% of all inquiries. Why?? Because I don’t WASTE time. Your domain is as valuable as THEIR idea. THEIR business. THEIR end game. So do you think I am going to respond to someone that I already can see has a small idea? Their WALLET is directly linked to their idea.

I do have a few tools in my toolbox in the form of form responses. Educational responses. Fuck you responses. Just depends. But my #1 response is no response at all.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

PS: For the word police. If you can't handle bad words you void yourself of REAL negotiations in the REAL world. Toughen up!!

9 thoughts on “Who are YOU Negotiating with? Do you even Know?

  1. Homero A. Gonzalez

    Hey Rick, great point! It would be awesome if you explain some of the tools and methods you use to find the person/company behind the ghost who contacted you. Cheers and thanks for your posts.

  2. karl@shentel.net

    Just from my short experience in domaining I have found it is really want a domain buyer to pay that matters most. Let us remember a domain name is One unique entity so when someone wants to buy it sell it to them for the price both parties can be happy with. You may have to turn down a few low-ball offers if your domain is valuable enough, but who cares if joe blow down the street wants your domain name. If the price is right – take it.

  3. Domain Lords

    Yep, first trick any ‘sales pro’ learns, QUALIFY the owner. Last night I’m in Cheetah and a dude comes in, the hottest chick in there I used to date when she was fresh, 21, now she’s 23.
    Manager next to me sets up a dude with her in vip.
    He comes back 30 minutes later smiling
    Old chick I know, she starts ‘qualifying’ the guy, I laugh when the guy says she’s asking too many questions (qualifying his wallet)
    I tell the manager, tell him she’s doing her job QUALIFYING him
    So I say to her, look, he’s qualified, he just got out of VIP with X
    Everyone laughs
    So even the strippers know it’s all about TIME = MONEY
    You qualify everything in life IF your time has value
    Most people are not ‘sales pros’ and yeah, some of the best sales pros around are strippers
    Think about it, 100 hot gorgeous chicks in one joint, 100 to 200 guys, most with no real dough
    They learn real fast who to hang with
    Now the only thing I disagree with DK, is you need to stop SELLING bro
    Hook up with some other development company and throw a big name into a IP lawyers vault, do a performance contract.
    They do X, the goal is Y and the lawyer holds the asset to protect you both
    Then you turn your domains into income streams with development that works
    Too bad you don’t own any thing we are chasing
    But there’s probably a few low cpc term developers that would take a shot on some of your virtual turf
    But you got to loose the ‘sell’ mentality
    You develop today to RENT to end users that agree to invest in the domain with ppc
    strong domain + ppc + development + high response content = happy client and long term residual income streams
    schilling doesn’t have high cpc terms, nor do you
    yet some of your viewers do
    so start to try to buy their stuff
    or we will

  4. Scott Alliy

    Great info Rick
    To summarize I would advise learn to quickly identify and do business with real buyers with real money real ideas and real passion. Anybody that calls like one prospect we had that when asked what have you budgeted for this acquisition they replied”we have no budget” I shall interpret as meaning you have no clue no intention of owning our quality asset and as such no right to be bothering me and I will kindly but forcefully reply with one word … NEXT!
    Our motto to buyers we have good and valuable domain name assets. If you want them either step up or step aside.
    Any domain name owner without the above conviction needs to liquidate fast and get some names they can stand behind a not feel bashful about asking a fair market value for IMO.

  5. Christopher

    Fair play, Rick. Full confession here…I have sent a ‘research’ query inquiring about the price of a .com of which I own the .co to get an idea of what I should price against. You rightly ignored me :-D. Whatever you are doing, it’s working for you.

  6. Alex A

    I always do a quick Google check for the name, email address, and if included, company of the person. If I can get enough information and it looks promising, I’ll follow up on it. If not, then I ignore it. If the ignored person really wants a domain name or website, they’ll get back to you. They usually don’t though, so no need to worry about them.

  7. Aggro

    Problem is that most of the johnny-cum-latelies do not own the root term.
    Maybe the root term 5 times removed…for which there are many alternatives.
    Yet they think they are really”all that”.
    To use an analogy:
    They are like the ugly girl who thinks they are”all that”.
    In reality she attracts only the nerdy, dorky losers (who expect her to be easy ‘low-hanging fruit’. Like attracts like)
    While she waits for her”Mr Right” (tall, rich, good looking etc), she rejects perfectly fine dates (for her caliber) – she’ll end up past her sell-by-date…with only memories of what could have been..
    Get over yourselves

  8. Michael Hallisey

    Before you can qualify people, you really need to know your domains value yourself! I bought TokenMachines.com for $7 the last owner let it expire. It doesn’t seem like that good of a name to most people they have no idea why anyone would want a token machine but if you think of all the businesses that would want a token machine its starts adding value to the domain name = arcades, casinos, car washes, laundromats, and airports. I am sure their is a lot more places that would use them and the people that have these businesses will one day check the internet to buy a new machine. Don’t think of the world as a small place they probably sell over a 100 million dollars a year in these machines, the old fashion way right now!
    Another thing if someone has a domain that I want, I will not be giving you any clues of why I want your domain! Its not hard to get a new Gmail account. Its the internet only Google knows who everyone is.


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