The Post with a Surprise Ending. The Story of Finding a Domain Name.

Morning Folks!!

Look back to my earliest posts and you will see that my #1 job is a miner. Like you, I look up domains all day long that pop into my mind. Or I see or hear something that could catch on. Or I just find a hole in my own inventory. A missing piece of the puzzle. That happened to me the other night.

My wife is watching a show and they have an ad for “Income Property” which is another show on that channel. I say to her I think I own that domain. I look it up, sure enough. Hand Registered in 1996 for $100.

But that is where the story starts, not ends. I think to myself that the phrase “Income Producing Property” should be a domain I own that I would have registered. I looked it up. I did not own it. SHIT!!!

But again, that is not where the story ends. There is a price. $499. BAM! Grabbed that sucker! Does it have type ins? I don’t know and not the #1 priority on this one. Because it MEANS something. It is a phrase that is used and easy to remember. Because of that, it also protects my other domain because those two are wings of a bird. One may be a stronger wing. It's a category a heading a sector.

But again, the story does not end there. The domain had to meet my tests that I described in this post. It did. That means it has VALUE! You can start a business from this one domain and NEVER look back. That is my SUPER test. That’s why I have never made a distinction between domains. Short, long, this that. None of it matters unless it means something and you can run a business from there. A Business.

But again the story does not end there. I am sure those that want to be foolish will tell me what a worthless domain this is. I could have bought for $13 and they would come here and say I overpaid. But for the rest, this is an opportunity to point something out. For those asking the way. HERE IS THE DAMN PATH!

Somebody decided this domain was only worth $499. That person was not a domainer. No domainer reading this would have done that UNLESS they did not KNOW what they were doing.

I submit that the MAJORITY of those involved in the domain industry today no longer know what they are doing. That is why we see lackluster auctions. That is why we see such puzzling sales. The majority of “Domainers” have been hired by other companies in the space and many times that was their FIRST involvement with domains and the industry. I am sure they are FINE people. But that does not make them Babe Ruth playing baseball.

So this post is a way to illustrate so many things. Everyone wants to know how. So I am taking my TIME to point it out. Tell me I am wrong. Go for it!! $499.

For $499 a guy can go out and focus on this one domain and one sector of the universe and make his fortune. Disagree at your own peril. You are wrong from the get go. Now I am not saying this is a million dollar domain. It sure as hell could be made into one!

But now let me tell you why this has more value in the future than the past. In the 10-20 years or more it has been very hard to buy an income producing property because the prices of property were going up too fast and they would do the equation and come out upside down each time. It KILLED a sector.

Now we are in opposite times. You can buy a 1 bedroom apartment for $5000 or $15,000 or $50,000. You can cover your nut. The equation works again and in a much shorter time.

But the story does not end there. There was still a hole in my inventory. I did not own the plural. But that also was out there when I looked it up for $1688. BAM! Grabbed that baby too!

But the story does not end there! The sweetest part is yet to come. I will let you folks be the “Sleuth” on this. Guess who owned

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


36 thoughts on “The Post with a Surprise Ending. The Story of Finding a Domain Name.

  1. Joker

    Did Scott Ross or Chef Patrick Ruddell own :-)

  2. money news

    save people the legwork. oversee owned before.
    but Rick, you own and
    why even bother,
    you could have just built 2 sub domains on both of those if they were being built out in any way close to a fraction of their potential alone is simply an amazing domain. truly one of the best out there
    i don’t think i’d be chasing 3 word .coms when i owned those puppies

  3. Bob Fontaine

    I think his moves made great sense. As a broker for 20 years I know there is no doubt a distinction between simple”property” and income producing property.
    Two very different markets. Or at least one of them defines that huge sub catagory to a tee.
    “Property” and”ies” describe the the overall market.. some 50,000,000 or so entities for sale.
    Income Producing on the otherhand, is a specialty interest market all unto itself. A HUGE one at that.
    I would not forgo because I also owned

  4. Domain Lords

    1688 buy domains
    you do know they ‘negotiate’ right
    these are way better IMO than most of your stuff and fit very well with your ‘jewel’
    but you’re missing the real ‘boat’ bro
    domains are the new INCOME PRODUCING PROPERTY
    so I think subliminally we got through to you
    INCOME is the key
    IP intellectual property
    rights to music, movies, books and internet content
    rights to use DOMAINS
    but business is for sure the key to all domain name ‘investing’ now
    if it’s good for ‘business’ it’s worth 500, 5K 50K all day long
    I throw more at strippers in a night than what you paid for these
    so CHEAP
    and yeah, you can build a whole plethora of ‘investment’ and ‘income’ domains off of property
    since you own the root keyword
    the root keywords are the unmined gold you have
    but having the non-hyphen .com’s is ok too
    anyway, you’re starting to make sense to me
    I got to stop reading you now
    peace out cuz
    good job

  5. D. Williams

    Great story. Just goes to prove that there really are still so many opportunities out there waiting to be pounced upon. Sure, you may not be able to hand register million dollar domains but there are some gems available on the aftermarket (and even drop auctions or hand registrations) if you take the time to search and research. The hardest and most profitable part is turning it into a brand that can maximise it’s potential.

  6. Max

    i just checked that is registered and in my opinion, it’s a better name and guess what, it has a site

  7. Bill Roy

    Rick, a great post because it shows several things all at once.
    – It proves you are still hungry and enthused about domaining.
    – It shows that there really are still opportunities out there for those willing to invest their time, knowledge, and a little money.
    – It shows that if you saw a dollar bill on the pavement you wouldn’t walk past it because it is not a hundred dollar bill (how many domainers turn around and deride people finding even hundred dollar bills insisting instead that you should look out for a thousand dollar bill only – and in no way am I saying the domain is only worth $100).
    – It shows that leads can literally come from anywhere, so always be alert and then check other similar/plural domains.
    – It shows that your one true test is can a domain be made into a business because of the domain.
    There are other aspects as well, but the list is sufficient I think to show why so many of us come here to read your blogs – whether we end up agreeing or disagreeing with them, they are still a damn good read and thought provoking.
    Good catch mate.

  8. John

    For all you sorry ass wanna be domainers here Oversee owned the domain, and it was dropped March 2010.

  9. Jody

    Looks like is a big site and is listed at Sedo

  10. Tony

    LOL, a post for these domains?
    Not a big deal. The active domainers today see much better names than these every single day and obtain them for between $59-300.
    Just for comparison, someone got for $401 on Snapnames yesterday because I had patients during the auction end.
    Now that was a GREAT DEAL.

  11. Rick Schwartz

    You are just validating what I say to all the yahoos that come here saying there are no more good domain names to be had. It’s bullshit. There are plenty when you know what elements to look for. And you don’t have to have big bucks like they think they do. They just need to get a clue and learn.

  12. Chadi Ghaith

    Domains like Beauty, their value reside deep in the Eye of the Beholder and the vision of a Developer;
    There is just currently too much poetry in the domain name industry…
    I rushed into registering countless variations and TLDs of the term ChronicCareCenter and ChronicCareEtc..(including the .org version) the moment I say an Ad on a local TV for an newly launched organization under that name…
    Did they come knocking at my door for any of the domains I registered?!!
    No, funny I never saw their ad on TV again;… They probably changed their name based on domain name availability or registered maybe…
    I still love the term ChronicCareCenter despite all…
    However, I’m still yet unclear as to how important domain names r to people and establishments outside the Domainers’ circle or perhaps maybe bubble…
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a strong believer in the magic of this sector, and I have not grown weary yet of the domain name industry, which I believe is still very young to judge in terms of its Finality…
    Sometimes, SocialNetworks and the fertility of the TLD Chicken seem threatening in a way, but its OK!! I still think that well chosen generic domains r a scarcity…
    Just some thoughts triggered by ur post Rick… Haven’t been catching up much lately with what’s going on in the domain industry, and so I always hop by your blog for an entertaining update…

  13. Theo

    Buying the plural is never a bad idea. Usually when you sell a domain and you also own the plural or variations on it you can sell those also. Simple matter of selling up. It also leaves the buyers competitor with other names that are less quallity.
    This ofcourse usually/only works when you can explain how things work and get the buyer into a”yes” mode. It even goes alot smoother when you get the buyer to believe he came up with the idea himself.. Something i struggle with myself but sometimes i can pull it off.

  14. leon

    You should also try to get”&&&&&&&&&&RealEstate” domains
    No, I don’t own any ;-)

  15. Rich

    Thanks to this post i got today incomepropertySdotcom for $7.49 (misspelled,$1,700 estibot)
    and a few months ago goautomobileinsurancedotcom for $7.49
    There are a lot of drops,like Morgan Linton said”this is the second gold rush”

  16. Altaf

    Estibot recently appraised one of my ordinary domains very high buck $,$$$,$$$.00
    Are they correct in appraising & reliable? I do not have plurals either.

  17. US

    niiiice and thanks
    just hand registered
    along with singular too.
    as well just hand registered
    Income Producing Property
    Income Producing Investment
    Income Producing Stocks
    all come up in same q in google

  18. EmergingDomains

    Google seems to not discriminate if the domain has an extra keyword – it is still searchable! That is good news for IncomeProducingProperty, or IncomeEarningProperty (available for hand reg), because those exact keywords have low searches.
    A nichy high EXACT keyword match domain name is: Only the dot com is registered, and $60.00 will send it to auction at Sedo! It receives 1,300 US searches, compared to IncomeProducingProperty, which receives 91 local searches. It’s a niche within a niche! As Investopedia explains it:
    “Owning a rental property is one of the most common real estate goals of individual investors. Income property mortgages are typically much harder to qualify for and often require a borrower to include estimates of the rental income that will be received from the property”
    If you want to dominate the property income niche, may I suggest you buy it? :)
    Had a BAM moment when I purchased a couple weeks ago for low xxx BIN . . . With 1300 local searches, couldn’t resist! :)

  19. Aggro

    In before all the asswipes come in listing their just-registered-5-minutes-ago domains with the same theme.
    Oops – looks like I was too late

  20. strip club furniture

    I bet most”domainers” don’t think of names all day and check them, instead preferring to just waste time on discussion boards with each other. Rick’s work shows true dedication. In ANY industry it is the people like this that succeed.
    A friend of mine is in the furniture manufacturing business. We were at a club and I said to him one day what about this furniture? He said yes, it’s very profitable and easy to make.
    So I took out my BB and registered”strip club furniture dot com” right there in the strip club. It’s a niche business right out of the box. Hand registered, was dropped in 09 because someone only had in mind the pennies from clicks, not a real business.
    Now I own it and it will cost more than $7 for the next owner.

  21. Calvin

    Rick knows his shit. Try registering
    Guess who owns that? Try registering

  22. Mary

    Its good to have traffic generating domains that will compliment the more targeted premium domains. Do you know how many domains Johnson and Johnson have? P&G? I don’t either but I know its a LOT. Thousands. Why let some one else benefit from type in traffic in your chosen market? Don’t you want a bigger slice of the pie? If its a solid search term, chances are good you will get some type ins. Its also fantastic for search engines. If your domain matches the exact search term, and its a popular one, you are golden. Then you can link them to your premium domain in what ever way you decide.

  23. Mary

    Every domainer I know carries a pad and pen with them. They have paper next to the sofa, the coffee pot and the bed, even in the car. Ideas pop in your head and you write it down. Once the ideas start, its hard to remember them all. They must be written. Then once the brain storm is over, go to the computer and check the availability, then of the available domains, check the search terms and results, then look at the life span of the market, then reg or don’t reg. But yes, real domainers DO, in fact, think of domains all day and night. Pretty much 24/7.

  24. DT

    Nice post – many good domain names are still available – to so called catch the big fish patience and the right strategy is needed.
    Thanks 4 the Info Rick

  25. $15 LLL.IN Domain Sale

    I think parking companies have went to the way side … Development is the key. Sitting there parked, not developing is not only the death of the domainer’s image it is also simply hurting them.
    I went off track this time around but learned my lesson. I have broke even and am now back into the positive from my recent CCtld Experiment. I also found some good information from that experience that will make me money the rest of my life time.
    I am thinking about developing my domain – my idea is simple .. Offering something along the lines of noomle, but possibly gear it towards people with 1,000 + names, outsource it … spend a lot of time developing it for them, doing all the work – naturally not a cheap project. But I believe it has huge potential.
    I think instead of parkingwebsites they should be developed, and it is a trend I am making as of now. No domain I register will go unbuilt for more than a month, even if it is a basic wp blog.
    Key, quit waiting for easy money with the big offer years down the road and put something on that prime piece of land even if it isn’t the best in the world.
    Why ? People who want to buy the domain eventually will also REALIZE they are going to AVE TO pay more because it is an existing business not just a parked domain. They will ALSO be able to JUSTIFY this mentally because”It is already a developed business but we can do it better”
    See where I am going ? Parking is dead .. Developing is where it is at … Problem is getting people with 5,000 + name portfolios developed out quickly and efficiently, i.e. software needs to be made obviously :)
    Anyways, anyone who has programming skills that wants to talk about building a project like this with me drop me a line …
    Also, Rick – if you are chasing names .. You should be buying any premium or semi premium names right now. I am telling you the user base is growing at a tremendous pace.
    I just registered the day of his death, which I was suprised but then again tough to make money off a site like this ..
    However, less than a week later, no on page SEO and just a little off page SEO and look at the stats @
    User : osama1
    Pass : binladen
    That’s the SE traffic growth, purely SE traffic .. All from …
    Know what it reminds me of Rick ? Al Hadhazy paying $.02 a click and being happy about it. Same goes for right now …. They are a english speaking country with OVER a billion people. This is an INTERNATIONAL business some forget. Some also forget some companies want to target their specific country’s market with domains like this.
    However, I realized I am NOT a domain seller so I am dissing my inventory and working on development (except for a couple handfuls of domains I want to develop)
    You should check it out Rick, $15 LLL.IN names and some are truly premium …
    Also have a couple long holds, DUN.IN – Wanting $100 (still cheap) and XXI.IN which I don’t know why but even poorly parked at Sedo will cover slightly more than reg fees so that one is a ten year hold for me ..
    Have a ton of other premiums listed you should check out though Rick. BTW, do you invest in ANY CCTLD names at all ?

  26. Sri

    @ $15_LLL.IN_DomainSale is the riskiest investment w.r.t. India. All the premium and decent LLLs will be some or other TM and/or long standing business identities.

  27. lenny

    Income Producing
    ok if it doesnt get any type in traffic, why would you pay more than the registration fee?

  28. Austin

    Greate post rick . It will help me to find the right domain name and providers ..Thanks for the post.

  29. DomainingMojo

    Not every person types-in the generic name. I receive many searches on various domains for exact matches. For example, most people don’t type”resume.” They usually search for what they need such as”resume service””resume writing service” and etc…
    You can build property subdomains, but that will require time and money. Three word domains can easily produce a big sale. is too generic.
    Sure, the domain is worth 7 figures, but a future buyer will have to pay thousands per month to market the site. You can’t always depend on type-ins.
    The resume example also applies for job domains. Most people don’t have the funds to purchase the generic. They look for alternatives such as the three word domains.
    Owning the generic and the three word domains build more value in those domains. Thus, the three word domains can generate a bigger sale.

  30. DomainingMojo

    The past owner of the two property domains made out good. I’m sure you will also do well these domains in the future. Owning the singular and plural generics increase the value of the long tailed domains.
    What many will learn is that you don’t have to aim for domains with 1,000+ exact searches. There are many great domains with less than 500 exact monthly searches that can produce a good sale.

  31. DomainingMojo

    Well said. I’m doing that now with a few dozen domains. Linking the keywords to the generic is a great strategy. It works.


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