What do you do when the .com is already registered? I’ll Tell You What I Do

Morning Folks!!

What do you do when the .com version of a domain is registered and is not for sale? Do you look for something different or do you choose another extension?


For me, it depends. If the name lends itself naturally to another extension, then I will register that. Which are my favorite default NON dotcoms? Well depending on the particular domain name I may go for .org, .tv, .me and once in a blue moon, a .co.

I have said for many years that .org is the #2 extension and it leapfrogs over the .net which has no identity. As time goes by I like .tv more and more. I own Rick.tv (a recent present) and Golfing.tv, Bloopers.tv among others.

My only objection to it 10 years ago was that there were still .com’s laying around to get registered with type in traffic that would provide the income to buy as many .tv’s as you like. Just a strategy and TIMING which is always the key.

I have a number of domains with a .me extensions. Some with other partners. Like Meet,me, Date.me, Love.me and Marry.me. Some on my own like Rick.me, Wager.me and also a few last name and first names with a .me extension.

Most extensions are worthless to me. They are a segment of a smaller and smaller pie by population. I want to cast the widest and most targeted net I can. Most extensions limit that and the groups get smaller the more .whatevers there are.

So come in 500 new extensions. While registrars may find profits, domain investors will likely find liabilities. Without massive National and International television advertising the average guy on the street will not recognize or use any of them. So they become .meaningless.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

13 thoughts on “What do you do when the .com is already registered? I’ll Tell You What I Do

  1. Tom

    I was hoping to find some deep secret when I followed your tweet about this article, but it didn’t really offer anything other than a common sense suggestion. It would have been interesting to see if you had a strategy to obtain the .com if unavailable, but then we know that money solves that issue.
    You really value .org over .net? I was shocked to read that, and would be interested to hear why.

  2. Domain Lords

    There’s 7 global tld’s, outside of that, the rest are regional, no matter what the hype and will never be page one or #1 on any SE.
    Branding anything.whatever, takes MILLIONS if not BILLIONS
    .com is king for commercial use, but .org is actually ‘favored’ by google in it’s tld value for pure seo work, the top tld is .gov in the algorithm, believe it or not, and no one can ‘invest’ in it.
    So if the ‘gov’ has a page or site with your keyword, they are usually over any tld
    All the crap you mentioned bro is gimmick domains, crap, zero long term investment grade
    Stick to .com’s
    A hyphen .com is better than all the crap you mentioned outside of .org
    Due to the ‘organization’ structure of .org, it’s easy to do development wrong, so .org has to be done in a certain way.
    The top tld you have NO CLUE on is .net, it’s a SEO paradise, and can easily be page 1 if not #1 on SE’s
    Dude, type in traffic is BS, it was something 15 years ago, almost no one does type in traffic now, it’s not how the major majority of the net look for anything, period, so type in traffic is way over hyped.
    If someone has a first view #1 organic keyword .com/net or .org, I GUARANTEE YOU, it will pull 10 or 20 times what the keyword.com type in pulls.
    So whatever.com developed for ‘keyword’ outperforms type ins all day for keyword.com
    Outside of .com, there are NO TYPE INS
    Now SE’s are killing off organic SEO, it’s very hard to put a site above maps, yet, a FEW domain lords do it all the time
    Look up geo new cars, you see dealers ads on top then dealer maps
    So the top organic (most likely a map) will get way more traffic than the geonewcars.com
    NO ONE TYPES IN anymore, they all GOOGLE (80%) whatever they want
    Now you’re in SFL big boy
    FORT LAUDERDALE NEW CARS (search google for term)
    now that’s the power of a .com properly developed
    guess what, the .com is ABOVE MAPS
    Yep, a few can do that
    You can’t, Schilling can’t, none of the BS developers can
    So, there’s an example of the .com being a type in and #1 organic first view even above a MAP, as good as it gets, you have type in to compare to SE traffic.
    I know the group that did that domain, I know the numbers
    TYPE INS ARE WORTHLESS BRO, compared to the #1 organic first view
    So all these ‘type ins’ you guys are bragging about are wasting away, doing NOTHING in reality compared to what they can do with development and #1 position on a SE
    So your whole type in logic is flawed, your tld logic is flawed
    But you still got a couple of gems bro
    You just need to hook up with a crew that a clue

  3. Homero A. Gonzalez

    Rick, you don’t mention .us at all. What is your opinion of .us??
    P.S. Also, what the heck is this”HTFJYRTZYSXW” that has appeared in your last two posts?????

  4. Bill Roy

    Rick I notice that your .me domains are using the suffix as part of a two word hack, this is interesting, as it shows that level of understanding regarding ‘marketing’, both to an end user-buyer and an end user-visitor.
    I have just incorporated a .is as a company here in the UK as an overall umbrella for my US geo-domains, the actual domain is a three word hack utilizing the .is as the third word. Here I also recognised the possibilities brought about by the end user-visitor, and yes I do know it will need marketing, but it is a strong relevent and therefore easily brandable proposition, as are your .me domains and of course .tv domains.
    With regard to gTLD alternatives to the .com I think it entirely depends on the type of domain name and/or the prospective niche the developed site is targeted at. I have gone for .info geo domains because I have found a geo niche where over the past two years I have been able to literally obtain control of that niche in the .info suffix. The niche has circa. 4.5 million local exact searches per month every month on average. Of import here is the fact that the vast majority of the .com/.net/.org/.biz domains are either not developed or poorly developed, thus allowing a foothold for developed .info sites to monopolise the search engines legitimately. This is an example of where the unavailability of the .com’s has actually resulted in a huge opportunity for a much more inferior viewed gTLD. (By the way, yes, I agree, any individual .info geo domain is worth far less than the respective .com, so I am not willing to enter a pointless discussion with posters on this point.)
    So for sure by not owning the Maccie’s department store (.com) I have lost out, instead I will now have corner stores in nearly every city and town in the US, perhaps they will only make less than $10k each a year, but I think I can live with that. :)
    The motto for today (and yesterday and tomorrow) is simple. Do not walk past the $10 bill on the sidewalk because it is only $10 and you would only be interested in picking up $1,000 bills. There are thousands of times as many $10 bills floating around than there are $1,000 bills.

  5. Karan Sharma

    As we all know that .org is for non-profit organizations and .net for the organizations involved in networking technologies but later on restrictions were never enforced and the domain is now a general purpose name space. And .net is treated as an alternate to com.
    Is it correct to call .org #2 extension?
    A normal but considerable point:-
    If we have to visit a website created on .com domain name then we just have to type name of the website and hit CTRL+Enter. The .com website will open.
    To open .net website we can write website’s name and hit Shift+Enter.
    There is not other shortcut keys for other extensions.

  6. Not a domain lord

    I see you are the self-proclaimed”domain lord”. Having a look at a few of your domains, I can see why you are trying to belittle type-in traffic. Have you considered your own blog? Your posts seem to be longer than Rick’s. People come here to read Rick’s posts, not yours. Frankly, your condescending tone is nauseating and your Adoni videos are ridiculous. We all know who Rick is, the question is who are you?

  7. Domain Michael

    I just did a recent post on this as well. Some may disagree, but I would choose .me over .co, if domain feels right for .me.

  8. Tupac

    Domain Lords, you are talking about the typical”little fish” scenario.
    No big company would do it your way because after they get that top listing, and then .com will be developed it will trump that .net into pieces by creating lots of confusion with *new* customers
    hence, your .net/,org route cannot be universally applied

  9. ScottM

    A lot of big companies are using the .org as the informational site, especially the drug companies. I agree with Rick on .me, I got one of my best domains, Promo.me, on a backorder, previous owner inexplicably let it expire. .me’s have huge branding and TV ad potential, this extension will be around. You can’t believe how many premium .me names are still being held back by the .me registry, check it out because eventually they will be released and become well known, and not just talking about the adult .me.

  10. DT

    Interesting point there Rick.
    I will have to try Ur way.
    Thanks 4 the info

  11. d.doyle

    100% – at last a reality check and a gapping whole in Ricks logic. All you need to do is look at Candy.com on alexa 3 months ago 104,000 now 111,000. Insignificant volumes.

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