Note to Parking Companies…..Back off Hounding Yahoo and Google to Drop Frank.

Morning Folks!!

The emails and phones are buzzing like mad as SOME of the parking companies lobby HARD to have Yahoo and Google drop Frank and his feeds or to try create a smoke screen like he has a special deal. No such thing. The only deal is the cut he is taking. I KNOW the numbers so please. Many KNOW the numbers.

What fee is a parking company entitled to as a middleman to provide the service they do? 10%, 15%, 20%??

Google and Yahoo have had to deal with multiple parking companies. That's redundant. I am happy to have Frank represent me because what is good for him is good for all domainers with type in traffic. We were under the impression we had folks fighting for us, but that was not the fight they were having.

So these Parking companies.....BACK OFF!! I will have more to say if this continues. You FUCKED US for years and now you want to fuck Frank???? There is a new generation of parking and monetizing and it is being led by DOMAINERS!! You made a FORTUNE off OUR BACKS. Off OUR TRAFFIC. You had a good run. Now stop whining or I will name a few names and that will make it worse.

You can't take 60% of the pie and say we are 'Partners'. The way to get OUR business back is not thru Google or Yahoo. It is taking your spreadsheets and bean counters and shoving them BOTH out the window and stop hosing us.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


70 thoughts on “Note to Parking Companies…..Back off Hounding Yahoo and Google to Drop Frank.

  1. Domain Lords

    Why does Frank need google and yahoo? He owns TYPEINS. LOL
    He should be able to cut his own deal with advertisers.
    Oh that’s right, he has nothing advertisers wants to buy direct. He wants to flood google and yahoo with type ins NO ONE WANTS TO BUY.
    I sign up lawyers and doctors and other professionals ALL THE TIME to use my professional domains, at huge fees. Then they pay for all our content. Then they pay for maps management then the last thing they do is PAY ME TO MANAGE their ppc, which is usually 10K to 100K a month.
    I grab a huge % to ‘manage’ their spends.
    This is basically rolling a 1M IT department into a stop shop for, SEO and Map guru, Domain IP renting, content renting and SEM/PPC management, five major streams of money, that professionals HAVE TO PAY ME to even let them use my assets to get the first viewing area of page one for their local professional terms.
    That’s my business model, so you understand, my specialized ‘knowledge’ of the net, it’s a domain asset owner, seo guru, map guru and sem/ppc guru all rolled into one with content creation and management.
    You know what my EXPERT ADVICE is to every new client. We do not allow you to buy anything but direct search results on google and yahoo.
    The reason we don’t allow partners and content sites in, THE FRAUD.
    So Frank and his BS typeins aren’t even part of the equation to REAL SEM/PPC managers.
    Now that’s said, so, Frank is gonna have his java based crapped on the SE’s, all of them.
    You know how fast they dump ‘publishing networks’ for fraud.
    If SCHilling has enemies, they set up a few proxy servers, type in his sites all day and do ppc fraud. That easy to crush his new ’empire’.
    Google has one sem manager complaining about the clicks from ‘SCHillings’ network, he looses his adsense account(s) that easy.
    Part of the whole parking game is having a network of adsense accounts to plug in when google squashes one.
    Any of you ‘domainers’ know that?
    Just like ‘merchant accounts’, they get routinely killed off at 1.5% chargeback ratios.
    You can’t do anything online without 3% chargeback ratios in REALity.
    So you have the same ‘game’ there, a network of merchant accounts to bypass the constant turnoffs of income streams by banks and such.
    It’s easier to daisy chain merchant accounts than adsense accounts, since you have quite a few banks still to shuffle them through.
    Google has a big X on SCHilling. That’s why you don’t see any of his java crap sites on page one in serps.
    Look up his crap, in his ego driven look what I own database. Look up money terms. Insurance, Lawyer, attorney, the high paying cpc terms.
    He owns crap, and, it’s crap that every REAL SEM guru turns off due to fraud.
    Shilling has 300K crap domains, my prediction on him, eventually he wakes up and realizes he owns only a few real domains worth developing and then cut deals with real developers that can make more than chump change from adsense.
    As I mentioned above, there’s five real income stream from domains and NONE OF THEM involve adsense.
    A domain has more value when it has an END USER paying google and the domain owner to use the asset to dominate first view of page one for wholesale clicks and high response content.
    That’s the real power of a ‘domain name’.
    So what SCHilling has a few new adsense accounts, google cuts them off all the time and I don’t know of one real SEM guru who would allow his clients ads to be on SCHillings SCHlock.
    Parking and adsense is not the solution. Major development and end users that PAY BIG BUCKS to RENT your name, content, seo skills and map skills along with sem skills is the real income streams domain owners have before them.
    You want one minor income stream that most sem managers BAN (off search adsense income)?
    Or you want five income streams?
    Find a legit development team and put your assets to work for real. This adsense income and parking and typeins is all irrelevant now. You either have assets end users want to pay monthly to use, or you don’t.
    Frank who.

  2. James

    Domain Lords, do you spend all day retyping the same crap or do you just copy/paste, then alter a few words?
    You remind me of Al Czervik.

  3. Domain Lords

    Domain lords who
    New blog about domain INVESTING
    Let’s see
    Alexa’s for
    Frank Schilling or seven mile .com
    wow great job frank, no one gives a crap about you
    domain king .com
    1.5M after how many years?
    1.4M for domain lords .net
    but it’s new
    and has a 600K one month, a bullet in other words
    so the question is, why does no one go to seven mile .com and domain king .com
    not why is a brand new domain blog like DLs .net already a 600K one month alexa
    frank who
    domain king who
    domain lords
    that’s a new noun in the future
    just like land lords is a noun now
    so, how does someone post domain lords WHO ahead of the post
    so are you the admin or the DK
    don’t you love catching admins for stupid stuff
    yeah domain lords who
    explain how you got in front of me
    oh, so you control this board

  4. Donny

    I’ve always been brutually honest and in many cases too honest. But I haven’t talked to Yahoo or Google about Frank, why should I? If Frank has figured out a way to set up a parking company with both Google and Yahoo more power to him!
    In fact, I wish Frank all of the luck in the world. The parking business is a lot harder than most would think at the end of the day.

  5. Rick Schwartz

    Just for the record…..if one of the companies come here to deny it and I have information otherwise, I won’t hesitate to say so.

  6. Mike

    Somethink about a”Big” Parking company, one day they told me that I had 85% with theme because I was one of their first customer, after some time they told me if I sign a”exclusive contract” I will have a 30% more, I asked how can be possible as my calculator say that 85+30 it makes 115%, never get an answer :-)…..

  7. Mike

    Domain Lords = Sniveling Jealous Developer :)
    That’s what I always liked about Donny and …..honesty.

  8. SF

    First off, cheers to Frank for doing this. Maybe it will be a catalyst for the parking industry to Evolve.
    Evolve into what?
    Full Blown, Robust, Multimedia Parked Websites with Multiple Pages (not mini sites).
    Partnerships with Many businesses that monetize damn near everything on these sites. No longer should it be solely Google and Yahoo/Bing ads for monetization.
    It will require domainers to work on developing out these types of parked sites. But, for domains that don’t already have ton’s of type in traffic, what else would you do?
    A few parking companies have toyed with this concept.
    But, the monetization Partnerships have so far proven …insufficient.

  9. Owen

    Best to say nothing here. Zipper mouth! And move parked domains to an untraceable server.

  10. bsd

    Domain Lords = ???
    SEM ‘gurus’ are crap, everyone claims to an SEM guru.

  11. Domain Lords

    sem gurus read the books the sem gods wrote
    a real sem guru, he can take up most of first view with multiple ppc ads for a high end client and google SAYS NOTHING
    so read all the BS about double and triple and quadruple serving
    real SEM GODS take over page one for clients
    and they do it so it passes the google sniff test
    the more domains you control on a keyword, the more legit ppc accounts you can flood google with, IF YOU KNOW THE SNIFF TEST
    so yeah, everyone else is a fraud
    only the SEM GODS that can take over page one with 6 or 10 ppc accounts and destroy all competition for a client is the real thing
    and I’m the REAL THING

  12. Massive Kook

    “Domanin Lords” isn’t an anything guru. He’s a blowhard crank.
    What a shock; some asshole pops up proclaiming himself to be an”expert” on everything, links to a bare naked install of a wordpress blog on a domain registered a month ago, etc, etc… You go to his sites and they’re all absolute garbage.
    It isn’t like we haven’t seen this sort of goof before. Idiots like this pop up from time to time, then eventually, fade away.

  13. Morgan

    Right on Rick! Wow – really sad to hear that Parking companies are doing this, especially after Frank and other Domainers have made a FORTUNE for them! I think Frank is doing a great thing and hopefully he can take some money from the parking companies that have become far too greedy…

  14. Josh

    Don’t fuck with frank!! Did I just say that? I can’t believe I did.

  15. John G

    Domain Lords has proven nothing, he has ugly 12 year old websites, with ugliness written all over them, guy doesn’t even know how to make a website, guy writes same bs all day long, check his inventory mainly .biz and .us domains lol

  16. Domain Lords

    Let’s see
    Landlord well known noun for a property owner
    DOMAIN LORD the future noun for what a real domain name owner is
    domain lord #1
    domain lords #1
    here’s what do we do (a group of DOMAIN LORDS)
    Let’s see
    Another DOMAIN LORD in the fold and #1
    seems we hit #1 for almost any phrase we want
    .com, .net, .org, .biz, .mobi, .us
    it don’t matter to a real SEM/SEO GOD
    we hit #1 all day for whatever we want
    unlike the rest of you bragging about non existent type ins
    we have tons of clients paying big bucks to use whatever we do for them
    be it on a .com or a .net or a .biz
    as long as it hits page one and gets calls, WE GET PAID ALL DAY

  17. LS Morgan

    we hit #1 all day for whatever we want

    Are you a betting man?

  18. Dave Wrixon

    Thanks for the info. The truth is that domainers have exploited Google rather than the other way around. Google has realised it has no need to pay for leads being generated by its own search engine. they have clearly resolved only to pay decent rates for genuine PPC which was all they wanted in the first place. the day of the search engine honey trap, otherwise generally known as developing is over. Owners of names with natural traffic have had their earning dilute by these scamsters. By distilling the genuine traffic Frank is helping to restore the balance, but it is probably google driving this as much as Frank. the PPC companies have probably been growing fat on the scamster traffic but may not have been ripping you off as much as you suggest. Their crime has been to allow their value to be diluted for which they are about to pay dearly. but, yes PPC is back Big Time!

  19. LS Morgan

    Before I die of laughter, I’d ask RubberDuck to clarify.
    Are you saying that developing a domain name into a relevant entity that registers in serp is a”scam”, compared to owning a domain name, doing nothing with it save for putting up a PPC lander?
    When you suggest ‘development is a scam’, is that just an inadequately elaborated characterization of low content, garbage, made for adsense”domainer development” (which we all agree is counterproductive) or are you seriously suggesting that someone developing a domain name into a quality info or commerce platform/portal is”scamming” compared to domainers who do nothing?

  20. Josh

    Some say Rick’s a dick but Rick can’t compare with what’s arrived on these blog comments lately :)) Seriously, Frank’s doing this industry one heck of a favor and no spin is going to change that. This is all going to be very, very interesting. Should I be like Domain Lords and put LOL on every other line?
    LOL. eh, bah…

  21. Domain Lords

    look dude, you don’t even have the money to hire a domain lord, we turn down almost 99% of the morons that call us, we pick what we want to develop and 100% is now on our assets, if we don’t own it we don’t develop it, and now we develop after we have a client that agrees to pay us FIVE WAYS, so go play with yourself dude or dudette, go show one thing you do and are #1 on google for, you have no #1 serps, you see above major cpc terms for what we do, and we’re #1 in the world, now you want to bet, get lost, I’m trying to educate some here as to why their whole philosphy is ass backwards following guys with no clue as to how to properly monetize domain names assets, so go ahead, post one major term cpc that use in your business and show me you are #1, you see all the keywords above, DOMAIN LORD SITES are ranked #1 in the world. Now BOW a real life DOMAINLORD has spoken.

  22. Don

    Yep. Look at insurance clicks they give like 3 bucks for a click and the main people or companies are paying 15.00 to 20.00 for a solid click. It’s like a 30 percent for owners and 70 for p-companies. One example.
    It will all go lead based sooner than I thought.
    Or cost per transaction.

  23. Domain Lords

    dude, I’m not sol, nor sollog
    I’m one of several dudes in the crew that roll as DOMAIN LORDS
    I can acquire one domain in a day that is worth developing and it puts MILLIONS on my books as an asset
    here’s why
    you grab a high value cpc term professionals PAY BIG CPC for, and then you can sub domain it
    there’s a handful of tld’s you can do that with
    none of you know which ones, NONE
    so my model is, I land professionals and they pay BIG BUCKS for me or part of our crew to do what we do
    you’re talking 2500 to 50K a sub domain
    so do the math
    300 sub domains at 5K each month is how much potential income from a keyword properly developed
    1.5M a month is 18M a year
    now project it 10 years
    so I can invest a minor sum and turn it into 180M on the books with our business model
    you know how much we’re gonna make when we take this on the IPO ride
    people will look and say, wow, look at all that income on only 4 or 10 sub domains and they can replicate it 300 or more times and they have THOUSANDS of keywords like this
    now it’s unlikely the DL’s ever do an IPO
    but there’s talk, right now the goal is X clients on the portfolio, prove the model and then sniff it around to the tech giants
    BUY IT or we do an ipo and BUY YOU
    we’re not going for 500M we’re going for 5B
    and if we do an IPO it will be for BILLIONS and yeah, investors will see the huge income projections and the huge income streams already and before you know you, IPO GOLD
    then you turn around and BUY GOOGLE
    the future giant of the net is doing what we’re doing
    showing the real potential of domains to 100 or 300 tenants all over the world on one major keyword
    yeah laugh
    We do everyday to the bank
    and you can BANK ON IT


    You are dreaming big time. SE traffic for Lawyers etc will progressively be subsumed by Google. If users are doing generic geo searches for”lawyers” then Google will inevitably start presenting yellow pages for them which will be a couple of pages of paid adverts. Its that simple.
    Sorry, but what I’ve seen of your work so far is laughable. Show me something you’ve done that includes a reptuable law firm and has a dns setting that I can cross reference to one of your other sites I have tracked down.
    Common, show us the goods. Walk the walk if you’re going to talk the talk.

  25. Pork Chop

    Wow Domain Lords, #1 for phrases nobody ever searches for, going to sites that looks like shit and clearly don’t make any money.
    You are one impressive Mofo. Not sure if you are jealous, bitter, or just stupid. Why don’t you show us something with search volume.
    PS: Nice blog Rick, that’s for keeping us up to date,

  26. dave Wrixon

    If the sole purpose is to create raking to sell the traffic derived back to the search engine whence it came then absolutely yes!

  27. Theo

    Brilliant domain lord… cept i read this to blog see what Rick has to blog and i value the comments from other people…
    I read your blog every so often , intresting reading very so often. but i am more intrested what other peoples comments are on Ricks post then your vision. After all if i can visit your webpage to see your vision.. I dont need to see it here and see peoplego off topic debating with you..

  28. DomainDeity

    Sounds like a wannadeveloper to me. With a comment spamspinbot. And a self esteem problem.
    I wish I was a domainlord instead of a domaindeity!

  29. LS Morgan

    OK, so again. I reiterate.
    Are you a betting man?
    I’m not interested in hearing your bluster or reading your encyclicals. I’m willing to wager (and escrow with any established person in the world of SEO or domaining) real money that:
    1) You aren’t a credible entity in the world of SEO/M. You have no meaningful clients. We can establish terms as far as what constitutes a”meaningful client”.
    2) Me and mine will completely rip your face off in an on-page SEO contest. Having looked over the pathetic dross you call”development” – which itself doesn’t even rise to the level of”SEO For Dummies” – you are obviously one of the come-lately hucksters who doesn’t know your own ass from a hole in the ground and its people just like you who wind up blackening the eye of legitimate entities in the SEO/M industry.
    3) My dick is bigger than your dick.
    Mostly, domainers are a very good group of people who are finally waking up as to the potential they control. They certainly don’t need to be led astray by frauds like you. So I, as a fellow egomaniac, am perfectly willing to take a little time out of my day to demonstrate in very practical ways that you are nothing more than a complete and utter fraud.
    Let me know.

  30. Lda

    Domain Lords ?? Is there more than one ?
    Of course not, it’s just characteristic of the barely literate,
    vitually unrecognizable as English, rantings of a prepubescent
    wannabe who somehow has found a soapbox that gets publshed.
    Reminds me of the endless 13 year old drivel that used to
    populate those long-ago 300 baud dial-in bbs systems we learned
    to avoid.
    Rick, please institute year 9 English as a minimum requirement
    for publishing. That way it will be at least 5 years before
    we hear from ‘Domain Lords’ again.

  31. Domain Lords

    a bunch of clueless ‘domainers’ who don’t even have sites
    face it, the top professional terms for SEM are lawyers and doctors, that’s the primary clients of DOMAIN LORDS, and who is #1 in the world on those terms, sites run by DOMAIN LORDS
    lawyers sem #1
    doctors sem #1
    so when a doctor or lawyer wants a SEM management company you clowns don’t think being #1 in the world on google is important
    try to buy the term, to be #1 on ppc for SEM and similar terms is up to 20 bucks in some markets now a click
    so you think it’s not a big deal, to anyone that does sem for professionals it’s the keyword
    none of you could afford my hourly, that’s for sure, you are all 15 years behind the times, thinking type ins drive the net, they don’t, first view of google drives the net, and you can manipulate it with KEYWORDS in a handful of tld’s, that’s the primary value of all domains now, how can you manipulate a SE for FIRST VIEW
    as to the moron LS, put up a link to you seo site and I’ll show you right here why you’re a putz, you probably can’t even do a meta tag right, and I can GUARANTEE you don’t have #1 in the world on any major seo term worth over 10 bucks a click
    so you do SEO, guess what putz, SEO is 100% dead, we trash all leads where a moron comes to us from SEO terms, the only game now is SEM, a SEM lead is gold, a clown looking for SEO at this stage of the game is a moron looking for ‘free’, anyone can look at serp’s and see, PPC first view (5 spots only) is what you see now on first view, and 2 maps, go ahead putz, look up geo lawyer or geo plastic surgeon, what do you see first view, 5 ppc ads and two maps tied to ppc budgets, so where is organic SEO putz, it’s DEAD, where is your type in domains that were never on page one anyway, outside of first view, I’m showing you clowns #1 serps first view for keywords in the industry I claim to be in and you clowns say so what, LOL, morons, look it up, it’s next to ‘domainer’
    I can guarantee all of you, you will make more with a domain doing what I say, than what you could or will ever make with BS parking and adsense, the crap you all are talking about
    and I’m not here to sell my services, in fact, if anything I’m here to BUY YOUR KEYWORDS, but none of you own anything I’d even buy, if you think you own a professional keyword with a cpc value over 20 bucks, look up domain lords on the net and send the name with your asking price, we buy that stuff all day long
    the keywords with no high cpc value in a professional term, we have very little interest in, we only develop now high value cpc terms for a few niches, lawyers, medical, auto, etc
    keywords you can’t make 10 bucks a month with adsense on, that we can find clients with 2K to 25K for mostly
    now, the fact is, most of the keywords we develop, are geo centered keywords in a few markets, but there are some root keywords we’re still looking at buying, so maybe some of you who are wasting the names with adsense and parking want to sell off what none of you can develop
    look at all the jokers with dumb snipes here, none of you even link to a valid site, the only person putting up serp info is me, none of you have a #1 serp for anything you claim to do, none of you have a #1 serp for any high value cpc term
    and any fool talking about SEO is a clown, GOOGLE KILLED ORGANIC SEO, with the tweaks they did a few months back, it’s why you have NO REVENUE now for parking companies, they were riding organic seo with crap development, when google pushed off all the crap sites, sites like the DOMAIN LORDS do went usually to #1
    so what you clowns are calling crap and 15 years old is in reality exactly what google wants, and HD video was not around 15 years ago on the net clowns
    so you want to throw stones, ok, I throw BOULDERS and ASTEROIDS
    put a link to a site you did that is #1 for it’s keyword, let’s ee DOMAIN LORDS is #1 for DOMAIN LORDS, in fact, you look up anything we are writing about now it’s FIRST VIEW GOOGLE usually, so that’s the main purpose of DOMAIN LORDS gauging how a blog can manipulate serps on google for obscure current even terms
    let’s see CRIMINAL PPC FRAUD who do you see, DOMAIN LORDS, and whom, JOHN FERBER, you know the tin domain god most domainers are bowing to now, replacing SCHilling as the current flavor of the month, so we wrote an article about some BS ferber is caught up in with his new SPAM company DOMAIN HOLDINGS, same with EPIK, we wrote about how they’re caught up with SPAM too, and all this crap is now FIRST VIEW of google
    so the purpose of DOMAIN LORDS was to start to use blogs for crap we know inside and out DOMAINS, and yeah, WE DON’T NEED ANY OF YOU AS CLIENTS, we only take on lawyers and doctors
    so the site is a beta project to do one thing, manipulate serps on google and if you look up epik spam and john ferber fraud, you see what we mean, now that just happens to be two articles we wrote about domainers and domain name crap, but the same ‘blog’ is writing about other stuff too, and most is hitting FIRST VIEW of google, so the beta project continues
    now I’m here telling you all who claim to have ‘domains worth owning’ you’re missing the boat on income
    END USER INCOME is the only stream you should be chasing
    you want to criticize our work, go ahead, we’re laughing all the way to the bank
    I showed enough #1 serps in this one thread for keywords in what I claim to do and anyone saying shit about a DOMAIN LORD needs to put up a #1 serp for their industry
    so what do you clowns do to MAKE MONEY ON LINE
    DOMAIN LORDS all chase keywords for PROFESSIONALS like lawyers and doctors for not SEO but SEM services
    SEM is the game not seo
    SEM gets you nice income streams and yeah, you need GEO professional terms to do it
    mostly GEO professional terms of which the DOMAIN LORDS own all they need
    same with professional keywords, you need them too without geo prefixes or postfixes
    DOMAIN LORDS owns a ton of root keywords in the industries we we chase clients in
    sure, you can always buy more or improve names, so if you have one, sure send to us, we buy all day
    if you have a major cpc term, and want a developer, we have ZERO interest, you can’t hire us, only end users can, and I doubt any of you are lawyers or doctors here
    the only lawyers reading my comments here are the morons that think I’m someone that’s suing them, I’m not
    so this blog is being watched for LIBEL by lawyers now, since I’m here posting about clowns like ferber and others
    yeah, CLOWNS
    that’s my OPINION
    sure he made one nice score,
    now what is he involved with, crap like
    a joke
    and I’ve said enough about john ferber on my blog
    I write about a lot of crap, and john ferber is one of the crap stories I wrote about
    since his company is messing with someone in the DOMAIN LORDS crowd
    not me personally, but someone the DOMAIN LORDS know very well
    so now he’s being outed for what his new company is doing
    and his lawyers are reading my blog and here and saying, can we sue the DOMAIN LORDS
    go ahead, my opinion is a protected right
    the domain lords are one of the sites getting all the emails about john ferber from you know who, the guy suing domain holdings for a huge sum since he caught domain holdings IP address doing CRIMINAL PPC FRAUD on his clients
    so it’s ‘news’ and yeah, our site went right to the top of google for writing about it
    exactly what we were doing the domain lords project for, seeing if word press can do real time first view serps for breaking news
    ferber is one example, and no, the site wasn’t created to hit ferber, he’s collateral damage of the beta test
    go ahead look up
    who do you see
    now that’s what happens when you get in the scope of THE DOMAIN LORDS
    they take over page one
    the blog stuff I did, and I have no beef with ferber, I’m just writing about stuff I’m getting emails about
    someone is suing the shit out of john ferber and I wrote about it on the blog and now the stuff I wanted to hit page one is all over page one
    so word press can be used to hit serps
    same with epik scam and epik spam
    I was never a fan of blogs, like rick, before there were blogs, we were blogging
    but you didn’t call it that
    now you do, YAWN
    anyway, a bunch of fools I see spewing diarrhea here
    DL doesn’t know jack, his sites are old
    if they were they wouldn’t be #1 for their keywords
    I don’t want #1 for ‘sex’ or some bs keyword you can no longer make money on, when you could monetize SEX, I can guarantee you, DOMAIN LORDS had membership sites for the keywords in the sex trade over 10 years ago, no money in porn on the net now, so why bother
    you want to do membership sites now, when porn is free
    the only sector in porn making money is live cams
    too much risk on them, so pass
    but years ago, yeah, you could make some dough doing membership sites, it’s done, like parking and adsense, DONE
    so now you have what, a few domains worth anything, the rest are crap
    now I’m laughing at all of you
    so what do you own
    what has a cpc value over 20 bucks and a professional keyword
    you got that, send me the price
    you want to talk about BS like SEO, get a clue, SEO is DONE, SEM is the game
    now you see ferber pushing his portfolio has
    then why is the whois on someone elses name
    he can’t even hit #1 with the .com can he
    domain holdings is a joke IMO, and yeah, we wrote about ferber being sued due to emails we got that were sent to us, so what
    sue us
    Domain holdings is caught up in a nasty case right now, in fact, it involves a former prosecutor that someone inside domain holdings was targeting for CRIMINAL PPC FRAUD
    now john ferbers name is connected to it
    he owns domain holdings so he’s being sued for what his company is doing to a former prosecutor
    so that’s a major domain name story and yeah, DOMAIN LORDS is on top of google for it
    not what domain lords was created to do, as to hitting ferber, but for what it was created to do as to manipulating serps
    anyone else manipulating serps with a blog, not sure DK is, since probably doesn’t know how to use seo on his blog, maybe he does, I’m not checking for his seo stats on what he is writing about
    he’s just one of the guys I like to tease
    and he seems to be big enough to let others opinions be posted
    now I’m being attacked
    ok pissants, put up one site you have a 20 buck plus cpc term #1
    go ahead
    you clowns won’t even link to your sites for the most part

  32. Domain Lords

    You’re a clown LS MORGAN
    go ahead put a link to one site you own
    here’s his expert advice
    romania’s as ‘developers’
    you’re a retard
    Idiots Guide To Not Sucking At The Internet:
    By LS Morgan
    * Learn Joomla
    * Learn Basic SEO
    * Partner with a decent developer (protip: Romania gets you the most bang for your buck, as far as developers who have both hemispheres of their brains working. Technical ability *and* creativity is required unless you want your sites to be banal, run of the mill sh*t with refried library code)
    * Screw Demand Media, source your own content
    * Learn to work the affiliate game
    * Be patient, put in lots of work with little return in the beginning
    * Market the hell out of your properties via social networking
    * Do something novel
    * Continue to generate content
    * Continue to market your social networking web
    * Let your properties soak for a long, long time
    * Build Rank
    * Attain relevance
    * Bootstrap back into your web properties to make them better or enrich your user/customer experience
    * Profit
    It really isn’t that hard- it’s dead simple. The only thing easier is registering a domain name and hoping someone wanders by to give you a lot of money for it. A fantastic model up until about 2004 or so. Today? There are better ways. Of course, some people would rather have free nickles than work for dollars, so whatever. Good luck to them.

  33. Petes

    rick said something on a previous thread about cents per click turning in to $30 or soemthing with frank..and in this thread hes talking about knowing the numbers re 60%..
    you’e a bullshit artist smart enought guy who got lucky with a few good domains early

  34. William

    Thanks Rick (and Frank), keep it up.
    Even if InternetTraffic doesn’t become the next big thing it will put pressure on the parking companies to change their ways and share more of the pie if it can add transparency to the business. That will be good for all domainers, even those not working with Frank.
    One thing I don’t get is – if these parking companies are basically just middle men between Google and us, why does Google Domain Parking perform worse than most parking companies……???

  35. Domain Lords

    Here is my bio that i thought you would enjoy!!!! Now you know how much of an amazing credible awesome person I am
    Also you can see a photo of me to see how i’m the hottest guy in the entire world here:
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Sollog (born 1960 as John Patrick Ennis) is an American numerologist, mystic, and self-proclaimed psychic. He is also a self-published author and a self-described artist, musician, poet, and filmmaker.
    * 1 Meaning of the name
    * 2 Background
    * 3 Activities
    * 4 Sollog’s supporters
    * 5 Predictions
    o 5.1 Methods
    o 5.2 The 911 prediction
    o 5.3 The SUSA prediction
    * 6 Sollog and his critics
    * 7 Legal problems
    * 8 Notes
    * 9 References
    * 10 External links
    Sollog refers to himself by what he calls the”religious name” of Sollog Immanuel Adonai-Adoni (the first name is sometimes fully capitalized: SOLLOG). Howard Altman, a reporter for the alternative weekly newspaper Philadelphia City Paper, has written that Sollog stands for”son of light, light of God,”[1] although Sollog has asserted that Altman is incorrect.
    Sollog states that the name is derived from”Sol” and”Logos”, literally”the word of the sun”. [2] The last part of his name, Adonai-Adoni, is Hebrew for”God (Adonai)—My Master (Adoni).” Sollog also provides an alternative explanation on page 29 of his e-book Jesus is Not God: “L LOGOS or the word of God in Greek is a Greek PI or word jumble of the word Sollog! Sollog is a hidden name that means the word of God!” [3]
    According to the alternative news weekly, Philadelphia City Paper, Sollog once worked at a family-owned pornographic establishment in Arizona[4].
    Posters on the Usenet newsgroup alt.usenet.kooks named him”Kook of the Month” for June 1998, and gave him the Victor von Frankenstein”Weird Science” Award for January 2001.
    Victoria Shannon of the Washington Post is one of only two examples of a reporter from a major media news source that has specifically mentioned the name of Sollog or Ennis in print. Shannon noted that the Internet can give Sollog the same exposure as Dan Rather, but concluded that in terms of resources, quality, and credibility the two are”at opposite ends of the spectrum” [1]. Also, Edward A. Mazza II, of The Daily Yomiuri, an English-language Japanese newspaper, wrote,
    In the lunatic file, a self-styled seer claims to have predicted all the recent air disasters at a site called”What’s Hot” [here]. Solog (sic) Immanuel Adonai-Adoni has even written a book about it. It seems that either”the government” or the number 113 is behind the spate of recent air disasters. Sollog has also predicted that Clinton will die in office, and the United States will come to an end by the year 2001.[5]
    The Temple of Hayah logo
    The Temple of Hayah logo
    Sollog operates a business known as Adoni Publishing, which sells e-books of his writing, CDs of music composed by him, and video material about him. His e-books explore a number of paranormal themes, including the Bible codes, UFOs, and Nostradamus, as well as creationism, religion, and numerology. Adoni Publishing also operates subscription sites such as that are only indirectly related to Sollog, containing such material as celebrity gossip, pornography, and pictures and videos of unnatural deaths (akin to the”Faces of Death” series of movies).[citation needed]
    Sollog is the founder of the”Temple of Hayah”, which believes that”all life is part of God and therefore God”. Since the mid-1990s he has been very prolific, publishing his beliefs and predictions in great quantities on the web and Usenet. [6]
    People acting as Sollog supporters have argued strenuously with his detractors on Usenet and other forums.
    It is possible that all the Sollog-supporting Internet accounts are simply Sollog; however, the person or persons using these accounts always claim to be separate individuals, and specifically deny being Sollog. ([2], [3], [4]).
    The Prophecies of Sollog, by D. E. Alexander
    The Prophecies of Sollog, by D. E. Alexander
    Sollog claims to have predicted a large number of major events, including the crash of TWA flight 800, the Oklahoma City bombing, the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, the September 11 terrorist attacks, and the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, as well as a wide range of natural disasters in the U.S. [6]
    On a map Sollog draws lines between cities in the United States, claiming a successfully predicted disaster for any hurricane that passes over one of these lines. For example, in 2002, he predicted that 17 particular hurricanes would hit 17 particular cities. [7] However, over half of these hurricanes had already passed without destroying any city, and the names will not be reused until 2010 at the earliest. Hurricane Katrina was notably absent from the list.
    Sollog has also issued repeated predictions of specific events, without tying them to specific dates. These are subsequently assigned various dates by other people. A notable instance of such a claim is the death of Pope John Paul II, for which Sollog’s claims had been interpreted as predictions for March 18 (without a year) [5], September 11, 1997 [6], and October 15, 1997 [7]. The alleged prophecies referred to in the links do not mention any specific dates. The pope died on April 2, 2005.
    In a more notable Usenet posting, dated 11 September 1998 at 2:00 a.m., someone with the pseudonym of”eLnIn” writes,”SOLLOG SAYS THAT ON 911 THERE WILL BE A GREAT EMERCENCY IN WASHINGTON DC ANOTHER GARAUNTEE FROM SOLLOG THE GOD OF ONE!!!!! READ IT AND WEEP MORONS!!!!!”[8] Sollog states that this is a specific prediction of the 11 September 2001 attacks.[citation needed] Xinoehpoel, either a follower or an alter ego of Sollog, also predicted the attacks in the same Usenet newsgroup.
    On January 24, 2004 a Usenet poster by the name of TruthSeeker submitted”THE SUSA PROPHECY by Sollog”. The text refers to American cities that are to be destroyed, saying”A Great Hurricane shall destroy New Orleans.” Given the geographic characteristics of New Orleans and the extensive history of hurricane activity in the Gulf of Mexico, the wake of Hurricane Katrina and devastation of New Orleans had been widely predicted by meteorologists and most civic leaders. [8]
    Sollog has complained about a few of his critics, including Howard Altman, an investigative reporter and former editor-in-chief of the alternative weekly Philadelphia City Paper; Robert Carroll, founder of the website The Skeptic’s Dictionary; Los Angeles Times reporter Kenneth Reich; Washington Post reporter Victoria Shannon; and Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia.
    According to Altman, Ennis responded to irreverent articles by sending faxes warning him to handle his mail carefully in case it included explosives, which Altman interpreted as mailbomb threats, while Sollog claimed they were merely predictions. Altman also claims that Ennis also reportedly threatened to sue him for $1 trillion in damages.
    Mug shot from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.
    Mug shot from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.
    According to the alternative weekly Philadelphia City Paper (Altman 1996), Ennis has had various legal problems, including an incident on February 5, 1988, where Sollog was arrested in Philadelphia following a drunken high-speed vehicle chase which ended with police officer Sam D’Urso being seriously injured. Ennis was charged with two counts of aggravated assault (including one charge of intentionally causing serious bodily injury to a police officer), one count of recklessly endangering another person, and one of driving under the influence. After he failed to appear in court a second warrant for his arrest was issued, but the authorities did not follow up on this and it remained unacted upon for another seven years.
    In September 1995, Sollog was questioned by the United States Secret Service on suspicion of making threats against the President of the United States. According to Sollog, this was related to a prediction that a plane crash would occur if President Bill Clinton flew to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Sollog was never charged for any crime relating to those alleged threats, which Sollog insisted were merely predictions. During his questioning by the Secret Service, it was discovered that he had two warrants outstanding against him. He was arrested and committed for trial on the February 1988 vehicle offenses. When the case came to court in May 1996, Sollog’s defense invoked conspiracy theories involving the President, the Governor of Pennsylvania, and W. Wilson Goode, the Mayor of Philadelphia. He dismissed his own defense attorney, calling him”part of the conspiracy”, and thereafter represented himself. Judge Anthony DeFino described the case (which Altman called the”God Trial”) as being”the most unusual case I have ever seen in my courtroom”. Ennis was convicted on all four charges and imprisoned.[9]
    Ennis was arrested again on March 3, 2005 and held first in Broward County, Florida for a May 31 extradition hearing [10]. By late August he had been extradited to Philadelphia to await trial on charges arising from violation of work release for the earlier DUI incident [11]. The scheduled date for the trial was September 5, 2006. [12].

  36. Dave Wrixom

    No it won’t make things better For everyone. It will simply seperate elite PPC from the SEo Mob. wheat from chaff.

  37. Josh

    I think your the ultimate proof that Rick doesn’t censor anyone…

  38. Domain Lords

    Hey Domain Lord — just curious if you are this multi-gazillionaire, then why do you live in a shitty apartment and have two beat up cars and look like you barely have a pot to piss in? or had a shower in the last 5 years.
    Also i was curious so i asked a friend of mine in federal law enforcement to look you up, congrats!!! it looks like the government is keeping a KEEN eye on you and EVERYTHING you do…. Supposedly the authorities are watching you right now…. I am sure you probably foresaw that being the modern day Nostradamus that you claim to be.. They are tapping your computer and watching your every physical move.. If you dont believe me, CALL THEM!
    They said it was only a matter of time before you were locked up again….. I hope for your sake that you are watching your back, you never know when the knock is going to come on your door with the authorities to cart you away, hopefully you can be incarcerated somewhere near where your wife is currently rotting in prison too for dealing narcotics.
    I hope this next time in prison is much more pleasurable for you this time!!!!
    Your Biggest Fan

  39. George

    Rick Schwartz,
    With all do respect. I’m not trying to pull any smart remarks or applying semantics or anything like it.
    I don’t understand all this”Discovering” about Parking Companies. I’m a very micro domainer compared to most of you people.
    In 2009 I did have several domains parked at Sedo and noticed that a particular domain was not getting any clicks. (I sold that domain later on for 1400.00 Euros.)
    So, I got several friends clicking in that domain around 200 times. You don’t have to be a genius to know the answer. No even 10% showed in my monthly report.
    I did pull all my domains and set up a very simple page. I made ever since at least $20.00/Month average per domain.
    What really intrigue me is how come you guys have not done what I did. Well, I guess that’s the way things are.
    I think I’m doing better than most and worst than few.
    I just have to keep learning and keep reading this forum because I did learn and/or got great ideas from all of you.

  40. Bill Roy

    Trying to get back on track of this blog post by Rick I think it is only to be expected that certain of the major entities in the parking business would react this way.
    Unfortunately I do not have anything like the calibre of domains that would qualify for even being on the same block let alone same building as Frank’s and Rick’s domains. My hope is though that the ‘WHOLE’ parking industry is shaken up by Frank’s actions so much so that new and better forms of monnietization is developed for those with much less qualified traffic, which is still traffic afterall. Perhaps a sincere and well thought out development process of small sites (I avoid the use of the term ‘mini’site’ here), perhaps some form of development by might come into play in the near future (hope your reading this Donny as this is actually a massive opportunity here).
    In the meantime I wish Frank all the best with his venture, he deserves the opportunity to succeed and I hope he does. I do though like the idea of you, Rick, pointing out some of the practices by some existing companies, so I for one am hoping ‘they’ do not heed your words! :)

  41. Dave Bhatia

    To call a spade a spade one needs to have a lot of courage – and you have tons of it.
    Normally I do not like someone using the F word but it is used by you in a very proper way. Any other word cannot describe what these parking companies are doing to the Domainers.
    Cheers !!!

  42. LS Morgan

    That’s *exactly* my advice to domainers who have no development experience whatsoever and are in need of a scalable, low barrier solution to get the development clock ticking in serps.
    Anyway, as far as everything else, too long, didn’t read.
    Instead of talking around it or asking counter-questions, how about just answering with a simple”yes” or”no” whether you’re willing to take my challenge.
    Ya see, you’re completely full of shit and I’d be more than happy to prove that. Matter of fact, you’re proving it quite well for me so far.

  43. LS Morgan

    Yeah. Not like it wasn’t glaringly apparent from the get-go, but in addition to being a pathological liar, he’s clearly insane to boot.
    Allowing the free exchange of ideas is great, but IMO, letting the blog become a soapbox for gigantic lunatics probably isn’t a good idea.

  44. mike summers

    Anybody know how to get a hold of mike cohen? I gave him 3500 bucks for web development in aug 2009 and he won’t call or email me back to do the job?? I even emailed heidi and nothing??

  45. Domain Lords

    Get a clue morons, I’m not Sollog
    From what I hear, Sollog has the largest FBI file in the history of the Net, the reason, he publicly predicted the Oklahoma City bombing, then 911, he sure guaranteed in GOD v. USA a US fed case from 1996 or something, that he was GOD and would DESTROY New Orleans with a hurricane. Sure happened didn’t it. Same with his I’m gonna destroy Japan with a 9.0+ quake ‘prophecy’ too.
    So when ACTS OF GOD hit where you say, the feds spend millions if not billions on you.
    Sollog said nothing for 2 1/2 years, then he came out last december with is ‘new years prophecies’, about mega quakes and a bullet in the head, then you have a US congress woman and Osama news with bullets in the head
    Sollog is a very famous psychic, and yeah, he’s a DOMAIN GOD and anyone spewing shit about him has no clue
    And I’m sure not Sollog
    Just look up Sollog and you see tens of thousands of web sites about him, he was front page news in der spiegel after 911, in the guardian, in ny times and washington post, for a psychic he sure gets a ton of press, and yeah, he owns a shit load of domains, so there’s the top psychic in the world and the only investment advice he gives
    so call him a nutter, that makes all of you nuts for following his advice, BUY DOMAINS it’s the only asset that won’t get taken out when terrorists start to lob nukes
    some Sollog sites
    then you have
    since some want to talk smack about Sollog and link to lies, theres the main SOLLOG sites
    and yeah, he’s a real deal msytic and the feds watch his every move
    so what, he does nothing illegal
    he’s a genius
    and yeah JUDGES CALL HIM GOD when he goes to court and he’s the one suing the fuck out of John Ferber and Domain Holdings
    So I guess you can say SOLLOG IS DOMAIN NAME NEWS
    he’s a domainer that fed judges CALL GOD
    he says he caught John Ferber’s Domain Holdings doing CRIMINAL PPC FRAUD on a former prosecutor in SFL
    so if you all want to spew smack about Sollog, that’s the low down
    major major dude in the history of the net, he knock a major back bone network off line after 911 with 12 servers that couldn’t keep up with the hits to his site when he made top 50 in yahoo’s weekly crap after 911
    he fades in an out of the news
    right now he’s ‘news’ I guess
    since he’s the one suing the crap out of domain holdings
    what a bunch of dummies, thinking I’m sollog, I’m not
    now pound sand biatchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  46. Domain Lords

    LOL too funny you guys point to a wiki article that doesn’t exist, the photo is not sollog, last time I saw him, he was in a lambo a short time ago with a hot 18 year old and wearing skinny jeans, 31 inch or so would be my guess. That bs article by howard altman, he was FIRED from that rag. Go find a real photo of Sollog. The only thing Howard Altman got was he had on what alligator or crocodile shoes (what they go for 3K to 5K right) and he was in a Hugo Boss suit, another 3K to 5K. So the bs article shows he had the top lawyer in philly for a 20 year old dui case, wow, he’s a major criminal huh.
    yet every lawyer was stopping by to see GOD on trial and he proved the whole thing was bs, he proved the case was settled civilly years earlier, so it sure seems manufactured to me.
    But he wiki article was pulled, seems Sollog threatend to put wiki in court for HATE CRIMES so they took down anything on him.
    And that picture, it’s not sollog from what I can tell, yeah he has long dark hair, but he’s pretty fit last time I saw him and he has more young tang than I do, so whatever, you see how he dresses, top shelf clothes, the top criminal lawyer in philly he fires at the trial, and the judge had to call him GOD
    I love reading about how he rolls
    Sollog is my hero

  47. Domain Queen of like, the whole World And Everything, Ever

    Mr Domain Lord, sir, you don’t actually own many good domains do you?
    You dont actually have any #1 rankings for any keywords with respectable search volume AND decent ppc. A client’s business would need serious rehabilitation after crossing paths with you. And the few that you might have are probably desperately clutching at straws.
    I guess you better hope to win the dick contest or its 3 strikes for you lmfaaoooo seriously entertaining thread thanks :)

  48. Domain Lords

    Wow another I hate Sollog thread. LOL
    Here’s his edict from 1996 time stamped by google from GOD v USA, he sued over nukes, and guaranteed the destruction of New Orleans by a hurricane. His publisher has a 1M guarantee the time stamp is real on google showing years before the hurricane hit New Orleans there was old Sollog in US Fed court saying GET RID OF YOUR NUKES or I will level your cities to force you to OBEY ME. LOL
    So go prove his edict is wrong. As to 2001 being the end of the USA, some say it was, since 911 struck in 2001 and Sollog defined that year as the END Of the USA. Things that make you go hmmm
    There was a cool 911 link too, but seems the feds had it erased, but all the articles all over the world exist still. Basically Sollog on 9/11/1998 laughing and saying EMERGENCY IN DC on 911.
    So, you all want to attack Sollog. LOL.
    You morons think I’m the famous seer Sollog.
    I’m not.
    SOLLOG RULES is what his fans say.

  49. Domain Lords

    So after pointing how many tens of thousands of ‘type ins’ what’s the new alexa for frank’s project. A joke.
    700K still.
    But he did peak near a lousy 30K yesterday
    No way he’s gonna top 1K, and if he does, the number to do what he wants is top 10 at alexa, maybe top 100, but top 500 or even 1K will fail.
    Low end free porn sites can pop 1K at alexa
    So all those tens of thousands of ‘type ins’ and no big spike in traffic.

  50. Domain Lords

    Domain Chick or is it another ‘queen’, a dude in drag.
    When I deal with a client, they end up with 4 to 8 pages on page one for their terms, that’s why I make so much per client. I take over page for them.
    And I’m sure not looking for ‘clients’ in a domainer blog.
    Just seeing who has some professional keywords if any to buy cheap, since all the domainers are broke. Their revenue all dried up from parking.

  51. Domain Grand Poobah on High

    I predicted you were going to say that (Im not divine or anything, it was just the obvious things you would say based on previous rants). It was also entirely predictable that you wouldn’t post any domains worth a dollar.

  52. Josh

    So whatever happened to that wager LS Morgan tried to make”the lord”, who kept pretending like he didn’t see it…?

  53. Domain Lords

    Let’s see
    Search for LS MORGAN fake or fraud or pussy
    What site is #1
    And another one bites the dust…
    That fast

  54. Lda

    Rick. What on earth are you doing ?
    Your blog has been hijacked by the far fringe and you are
    not bothering to moderate/reject this off-topic madness ?
    You’ve got a very long history of experiencing forums
    being wrecked by idiots. The results are always the same,
    regular readers being driven away, and not bothering to return.
    In this thread, where are the relevant replies to your theme
    from respected commenters ? Virtually none.
    MODERATE now please Rick.


    @Domain Lords (Re v LS Morgan)
    Hey, I just searched for”crazy SOB” and didn’t see you at #1 even though its a perfect keyword match…

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