PPC……PAY Per Click or PIMP Per Click? Which is it??

Morning Folks!!

There are folks that loan money and there are loan sharks.

There are reps and agents and there are pimps.

There are slaves and free people.

In each case it is the PERCENTAGE that is divided up that determines and defines things.

If you are a slave, you work and your master takes more than 50% of your earnings. Slave by definition. So the question to be raised is “Are you a slave for your parking company?” I don’t know the answer in your case. You have to decide based on tests and data and NUMBERS.

I think what is most interesting is how many domainers think that it does not affect them just because they may not use Frank directly. They are just flat out wrong. What Frank is doing filters all the way down and that forces payouts up. The other rants are just domainers that still feel a need to pimp for them regardless of any new information.

I like the idea of having the best type in traffic coming from one source and all other traffic coming from another source. Most of us would be using both. The only difference is we don’t have to mix gold and shit to come out with whatever. We can segregate the two. We all have both. The key is defining them and paying accordingly.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

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19 thoughts on “PPC……PAY Per Click or PIMP Per Click? Which is it??

  1. Bill Roy

    I totally agree that what Frank is doing with top domains will filter down eventually to us lesser mortals with lesser domain names. What will be interesting is who will run with running such for lesser domains, of all companies in the present parking business I can think of only one personally I would ‘hope’ picks up the gauntlet and hopefully achieves for us what hopefully Frank will achieve for the 5 star domain owners.
    (As an aside, glad you are reigning in on the posting rules a little.)

  2. Domain Lords

    The problem SCHilling is gonna have, is QS, google wants ads on content, period, end of subject. So they will cut off his pipe line soon, so then what, yahoo. If you want adsense you have to have content. The 2nd problem is, most quality buyers of ppc do not allow ads on content sites, so the sem managers will also cut him off. The deck is stacked against SCHilling. The way you make money with quality domains now is DEVELOPMENT and END USER money. Google doesn’t need content traffic anymore, their revenue comes from google users. Not from sites with google ads.
    Parking is done bro.
    Internet Traffic .com had a one day minor spike in traffic, just look up its alexa, it was a minor hit, 30K alexa, what one minor site does, so that tells you, all the SCHilling type in domains have very little traffic, he couldn’t even move alexa.
    Frank who

  3. ICANN Is Corrupt !!!

    Long live Frank and domain parking !!! :)
    @ DomainLords……parking will still be here 30 years from now, IMHO.

  4. Dick per Click

    it seems you’re a little confused by how google operates Rick.
    Your domains and your portfolio is being smart priced indipendatly of mine or franks.

  5. TLD

    There was always the need for transparency with the parking companies, maybe now they will be a little more willing to share information.
    I wonder how Frank’s payments compare to parking with Google. Any thoughts on this?

  6. Rick Schwartz

    New information provide new guidelines and rules and directions and changes. So what may be used as a standard today may be history tomorrow.

  7. Domain Lords

    google makes the rules for SCHilling now, his whole hype is look he has a google feed
    google is a monopoly, if they determine you QS blows, they yank your adsense and you have no recourse
    the way you control google is one way MONEY and it’s done via huge ppc budgets on keywords
    the ultimate way to monetize any decent keyword domain is as follows and parking and adsense have no say in it
    you own keyword.com (a profession as an example)
    there’s hundreds of thousands professionals in the USA alone that can benefit from the keyword
    you form a ‘coop’ kinda of end users
    each end user has use of the geo subdomain
    a real development company working with end users can then do this
    hit page one maps and organic for each geo they have under license/contract to an end user, one per city
    each end user agrees to having development company manage ppc on the keyword in that geo for them for X% of the budget
    the reason they agree to ppc, is the strength of the keyword gets huge QS scores and discounts to end user when set up with proper content
    end user now has financial commitment to google promoting the keyword in his geo, and now he’s HEAD OF THE LINE, in some geo’s you have 10 to 30 pages of professionals all trying to buy the keyword in that one market (for real)
    so the keyword moves end user to the front of the line, and at a discounted rate
    properly managed, his local map and organic seo gets a push now with google
    the right type of content gets huge response ratios
    end result, happy end users in 10, or 100 or even 300 geo’s just in the USA alone
    now that development company controls google, they have a ton of power since they buy the term in many cities, they set the table not google
    now domain owner has a ton of tenants all paying the development company for
    a. use of the name
    b. use of content
    c. ppc management
    d. seo management
    e. map management
    now where do you see adsense and parking in this formula?
    you don’t
    it’s obsolete
    that is the ultimate use of the IP asset(s) to the owner of the asset and the end user(s)
    now if it’s not a profession keyword, same thing, a global user agrees to the same thing, using the asset to get huge discounts with google and content and development
    in the past you sold these assets, and parked while you waiting to sell
    selling is short term cash, not long term residual income
    keywords are keywords, control of them gives any company a competitive edge in that industry
    so you can sell and make fast money, or you can develop and get long term residual
    parking was and is a short term solution and now it’s done
    so find a development team that has proven end users paying huge bucks to develop your assets
    become a DOMAIN LORD the new ‘land lord’ is a domain lord
    my 3 cents

  8. Dave Wrixon

    No actually it is SEO minisites that are done. What Google and Yahoo are looking for and willing to pay for is independently derived traffic. What they don’t want is to buy back stolen traffic from junk sites that destroy the value of their core business. And trickle down will only happen to those that offer quality traffic.

  9. John McCormac

    One of the problems that has hit the large parking firms is that their businesses have become somewhat cannibalistic. Not only do they provide PPC services for domainers but they also have their own domain portfolios. (These domain portfolios would need to be maintained and non-viable domains would have to be replaced with new acquisitions that are economically viable.) This means that they are, to some extent, competing with their own customers. Over the last seven years or so, there has been a very interesting shift in the characteristics of new TLDs. As the newer TLDs launched, the numbers of good domains available to small scale domainers diminished. The premium domains were either being locked up by the registries for auction or by large scale domaining operators. Much of what was left was dross that dropped within a few renewal cycles of the new TLD’s Landrush.
    What Frank is doing is interesting in that he has a critical mass of credibility in the domaining business – more so than the PPC companies. It is Frank’s leveraging of this credibility that scares the PPC companies as the PPC companies have always had an air of dubiousness about them when it came to revenue share. The only way that the PPC companies could counter Frank’s operation would be to publish exact breakdowns of revenue sharing and their own interests in the PPC market. Somehow, that may not happen.

  10. petrogold

    Hi Rick, On DOMAIN-LORDS
    Many long posts are seen in the past weeks from ‘Domain Lords’. And a lot attacks were made against. We did not hear anyting from you. I feel that we should not ignore his value of advocating Domain DEVELOPMENTs & as Google is controlling the majority traffic in USA & around the globe his ideas could be worth analyzing & get benefits under current circumsctances when PPC companies are closing their parking businesses.
    We would appreciate your comments on ‘Domain Lords’views rather than attacking him. Also if you understood his point please make it in easy language as always you did for your blog readers.
    What is his detailed idea to make money from domain names.

  11. Tommy

    You are all way off base. The pay per transaction model is coming. You are all lazy by just parking your domain names, unless you own 5,000 of them. The bad traffic and lazy domainers will be gone in 18 months. Our group happy because this will elimnate all that fake traffic and junk traffic that real people pay for.
    Why would you pay for a click when you could pay for a lead or a completed transaction. Sure it’s more but you know what you are paying. Your models are so old. It’s like talking with people that still us pagers that still park domain names. Yea watch your earning all go down about 50% in the next 6 months..
    Goodbye parking companies. You forget who indexes these things don’t you.
    Real traffic equals pay per transaction or lead.. Done and Done.

  12. larry

    please start posting all of the comments,
    this board is just propoganda without posting all comments

  13. Dale Ehrgott

    You and your blog are part of my mentors, even though I have not met you. Your wisdom has put me a step ahead of the competition. Thanks and I appreciate you saying it how it is.

  14. Lda

    > larry said…
    > please start posting all of the comments,
    > this board is just propoganda without posting all comments
    Most blogs don’t permit comments.
    Why should they ?
    A blog is not an open forum.
    If DL (and his probable clones above) want an open forum,
    then they should set one up elsewhere, and not be bandwith-hogging
    offensive parasites on other people’s threads.
    The anti parking argument could have been effectively and
    intelligently made in a few paragraphs, not the pages-long
    barely-literate sermons that DL masquerades as logic.
    DL has had his chance to be appropriate to these threads.
    He’s blown all available goodwill here.
    Time for him to move on to his next target suckers.
    Rick has no obligations to give a soapbox to the mad fringe.
    Rick can publish/delete whatever comments he wishes.
    And so he should, to protect his blog.
    I repeat … HIS blog.
    That is, http://www.ricksblog.com.

  15. Not so Dick

    I’m not sure where you got your info from Dick per Click, but having worked for a parking company that uses a Google feed, I can tell you that your statement is not correct.

  16. Jim

    Started with Schilling last week and I can say my earnings are up 60% over any and all the other parking companies.
    It makes me sad actually that the other parking companies have been stealing from us. We should have been working as a team, especially in these hard times, but instead they decided that screwing me (us) was in their best long term interest. Boy, did they let it go on a long time. Can you imagine how much money they took cumulatively from all of us over all this time? How dirty they have been, my God!
    Maybe they thought by paying us out little we would also drop some domains and they would be waiting there to pick them up at reg fee.
    Some of the parking companies will go down. Shame on them. It makes me sad, but they deserve it. It makes me sad because it did not have to be like this. How shi**y of them. This shows the bad side of humans.

  17. Domain Lords

    For the record, I’m not Sollog. In fact, he sues blogs and forums and stuff over libel. So if I were you DK, I’d remove all posts saying I’m Sollog and any comments on Sollog. If his lawyers find out you’re letting people attack him, he will sue you dude. So words to the wise, you need to lock down anyone saying anyone is Sollog. You see my posts, you see your readers, many commenting GIVE ME MORE. For anyone to say anyone is Sollog without proof, is asking for a lawsuit. Since you take on the role of moderator, the small publishing act does not exempt you from libel of what you fail to edit. Once you edit one post, you are liable for all posts. So, for the ‘record’, I’m not Sollog and he will sue anyone attacking him. He has suits on John Ferber, he has suits on a lawfirm in Orlando. He has suits on a seo firm in Orlando. He sues judges, he’s been to the US Supreme Court SIX TIMES bro. So you need to edit the BS and the attacks. My posts are my posts, I’m not Sollog and I know he will sue over this crap. So heads up. Ask your friends that do lawsuits in domains they know him, the big guys. He doesn’t play games, he goes for your nuts, will sue you and take your assets. So, since you do edit, the Fed act doesn’t protect you now. He will eventually find this thread and give you a C&D and he loves to sue. So beware bro, he’s no joke.

  18. Domain Lords

    Face it, I’m not Sollog. End of subject. Why are you writing about Sollog here, lying, saying I’m him. Why are you asking for info to be posted on him here. Why was your post ‘approved’. You can lookup Sollog info all day on google, thousands of pages. He’s not me, end of subject. When you see these threads disappear, the reason will be DK got his FIVE DAYS NOTICE OF LIBEL, that means Sollog is coming after him over posts like yours billy whoever, why don’t you post a site so Sollog can sue you. He sues all the time, and guess what, he even has his own court. So gets you first in his court, then he takes that judgment to your country and enforces it in your courts. You’ll be broke defending it before your courts even figure out what he did. Just use pacer and see all the US Judges he has in court, a group you can’t sue normally, yet, he figured out how to sue even judges. Read the articles from the judges he sued, they’re on line, the judges are all quoted as he’s so brilliant, yada yada yada. So go post a link to your site and your identity, then he can sue you direct. DK can ask Ferber’s lawyers, if he sues, and the dude in Orlando he’s suing wishes he never heard of Sollog and posted crap about him. So go ahead, post your site and see how fast you get hit with a libel action. Stating false stuff about people is libel, I told you, I’m not Sollog now you keep posting crap about Sollog in DK’s site and he’s moderating it, letting you, so now he’s liable for your libel, and the libel on DNF. Ask the guy running DNF how many threads he had to remove for libel. I saw some there, and withing a short time they’re gone. Now you’re posting more BS from DNF from what 10 years ago. LOL Why don’t you discuss domains and not Sollog? Why? Because you’re a troll.

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