How many Million Visitors Goes Through the Domain Industry on a Daily Basis?

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The power we have collectively is something that besides not being harnessed, is not even defined. As an industry we have tens of millions of visitors visiting OUR domain names every single day of the year. And if it is not tens of milllions daily, then it is more, not less.

But regardless of the exact number, they represent the single most potent traffic in the world. Now I refer ONLY to type in traffic. SEO traffic is not considered in this group and is really never the subject of what I see as traffic or what I write about.

How many Daily Unique Visitors go through,,,,,,,, etc. combined just for starters?

So how is your guess of how many million/tens of millions visitors as an industry do we contribute to the Internet on a daily basis?

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Rick Schwartz

10 thoughts on “How many Million Visitors Goes Through the Domain Industry on a Daily Basis?

  1. type in traffic is going up

    fuck sedo and brand development.
    pure type in traffic is amazing to watch
    while owen and morgan have 2 things in common last week on voice search, url bar concerns and branding, i am still enjoying my type in traffic. that commercial meaning to the domain name. what exactly does building a brand mean? the brand is the domain name! the type in traffic are the targeted customers. That type in traffic is worth money and thats the brand
    i can only imagine what the traffic is a day with type in. let the gtld confusion begin, go dot com!

  2. John

    No idea the number, but instead of speculating on numbers and powers have a day/week that domains use that power.
    The idea:
    Every domainer redirects their domains to one server/page for a week/day where there is a professional landing page and/or video which tells in a nutshell what a domain is and why it is important.
    Rip yellow page advertising. Rip newspaper advertising -“Hey advertiser, your ad is in the recycling bin in 48 hours”. In one simple page show why domains are comparable to real estate. Make businesses understand. Make real professionals want to enter the space.
    Of course, domainers would have to give up some revenue but could you imagine the buzz if for one week/day even 50% of domainers redirected their domains to such a page. Imagine the millions of people who would suddenly”get domains as assets”. A Yahoo, Huffington Post or CNN report would certainly pick up the story brining it further into main stream.
    Create a buzz. Show domains as real investments, real assets.
    Now, if such an event ever happened, domainers need to re-evaluate their pricing. If 46% of domain sales occur at under $500 (Sedo) the industry will look like a joke. If we are going to compare domains to real estate we need to start thinking beyond $500.
    You are right Rick. Domainers have the power. The question is, how can they come together as a group and use the power?

  3. Paul

    I think John is on the right path here. As someone who knows the value of traffic, it’s our jobs to inform the public in an easy to understand way.
    What better way then to show traffic arriving (in real time) with some kind of number counter for them to see. Anyone with half a brain should be able to realize the value.
    You will have doubters of course, but if they are serious, you let them experience the traffic for a day or so to help them fully understand what potential there is.

  4. Lucas

    How many visitors goes through the domain industry on a daily basis?
    Well a good approximation would be the 50 that come to my portfolio every day plus those of the rest of the domainers put together :-)

  5. Orangelo

    If someone would set a great info. page like Johns speaks of I’d redirect some real traffic to it.
    I think that’s a great idea.
    Our traffic numbers? Gosh, I have no idea how to start to estimate it.


    I have been reading Ricks blog for years
    and John’s comment is amazing idea.
    I have tons of traffic and would 100%
    forward my traffic for couple of days.

  7. Scott Alliy

    Once again today I reached out to thousands of industry specific end users on behalf of my domain names and all domain owners. Stay tuned for the results.
    I was thinking today that when you look at consumer behavior the iphone success seems to mirror the software success in the 90’s which is keep coming out with a new version.
    Relating that to domain names maybe the GTLD is the new version that will excite the consumer base? maybe not! I think that those who believe in repositioning the product are at least on the right thought path to stimulating sales.

  8. AustraliaHouses

    John – truly excellent idea; yes we are a crowd, so let’s use the power that Rick speaks of, and that collectively we know we have.
    Also, I’d like to add a spin to it.
    Maybe we could alternate; one time as you say ‘domain education 101’, one time for some worthy cause, (e.g. Avaaz,, Greenpeace, SeaShepherd) then back to ‘domain education 101’ etc.
    Power to the people.


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