The Worst Enemy of the Domain Industry Is……

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Everything in life seems to circle back to human nature. We spend a lifetime trying to control our emotions. A lifetime learning how to react. How to behave. How to adjust. How to get along with others. How to win and how to lose. Harnessing our emotions and our energy and having them work together is not an easy thing.

The Worst Enemy of the Domain Industry is not understanding cycles and history and sales and human nature and that all boils down to inexperience. There are many seasoned veterans of business in domaining. Most are doing just fine. They ain't sweating at all. But there is also the 'First Timers' that have built great businesses when things were going well but have yet to learn how to handle adversity.

Sorry, it shows. Large organizations struggle because of short term thinking, limited budgets, dwindling income streams, high overheads and that translates into fear and fear leads to paralysis which is the very last thing you would do in an emergency. But that is inexperience showing.

History repeats itself. There are patterns and waves and when it rains folks think it will never stop and things will never dry off.

I recalibrate things every day. But if I did not factor in the history and cycles to look back upon I could never calibrate effectively. Adversity is really forced opportunity. It's so damn simple and so hard for so many to get their heads around.

Progress is forced! You have to force progress. Progress happens when your back is up against the wall not while you are sitting in comfort. Adversity is the CORE of success and that progress!!! It's not the enemy! It's the window of opportunity that few see or understand or take advantage of. Why? Because it has never been presented to them in the way I just did.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


8 thoughts on “The Worst Enemy of the Domain Industry Is……

  1. rookie

    Thanks in the reminder. I still need to learn the ropes in this department for sure. For me, passion and drive is in domains. Kinda at the cross roads and I get distracted easily.
    Opportunity is out there. Which road do I plan to take? Hmm..

  2. Michael

    Another solid post Rick, as always. It’s funny, I preached those exact words just about (Progress happens when your back is up against the wall not while you are sitting in comfort. Adversity is the CORE of success and that progress!!) to someone last night during a discussion regarding”what it takes”. You couldn’t be any more correct.
    Humans, by nature, mostly do their best work when their back is against the wall and options are few. When someone is pushed/forced (not nudged) in the direction of chasing their dream, or working really hard to build a business, I truly believe- they do their best work and the real work animal comes out of you. I too warm these people though- stay proactive! Dont wait until your back is against the wall, come home from your sucky 9-5 job that you finance your domaining with and put in another 4-5 hours. Do that for two years, and as Rick says- calibrate! Adjust! Refine! Just do what it takes and dont be complacent or stagnant-those are the failure/excuse devil’s workshop tools.

  3. Uzoma

    We all know, or should know by now, domain name industry cannot survive with the cabal arrayed against it: from search giants, to parking companies with conflict of interests, to registrars; the domain name industry is a sitting duck, full of it. How can a giant search company take away revenues shares from clicks, by as much as 99% and nothing is done about it?
    Reminds me of the story of the cooked frog. The anecdote goes that the frog found itself sitting on a cold water in a pan; the cook raised the temperature ever so slightly, until cooking temperatures, without the frog noticing it.
    So, without me mentioning the name of the giant outfit, we are kidding ourselves if we think that domaining mean anything without Bing, or Yahoo giving a serious competition to the unmentionable monopolist; we will keep getting toyed with; nickle and dimed to death. Something needs to be done.

  4. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    I cannot disagree with any of your observations,they all contribute to Barriers to success for not only domainers , but all business men in cyberspace.
    There is something though that remains in my mind as the three levels deep, real barrier, that all Domainers face and in my opinion it is”Organized Advertising Media companies”. Their main goal is to completely homogenize and fracture Direct navigation.
    I will have to get serious and write a White paper and eventually a Book on this very subject. The yellow pages solution to finding products and services has very effectively been dismantled, causing people to be even more dependent on Advertising companies to be found in cyberspace. Creating a multi Billion dollar bonanza for those who play the game. Ad revenues enslave thousands and millions of online business owners through a system of Endless rerun commercials to find their targeted businesses. This is highly counterproductive and stymies online business expansion.
    You might call this White paper =”Endless reruns, Advertising Bonanza causes Suppression of Internet business Expansion”. The Creative Destruction of the advertising Machine will cause an explosion in Online business Expansion. This can and is happening at a slow pace, and could be accelerated with a little education.
    When you look closely at the .Com veins growth in Ad companies and Media companies veiled participation in the buying up of Virtual Business Foundations you may only start to realize that this trend is increasing under the Radar. Why do you think is diversifying into other businesses ? More to follow!
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  5. optomist

    You are promised an opportunity, not an outcome- M Romney
    From getting an education, to a job, to a loan, to perfect spouse, to the ticket you want for when and where you want it, a table at a hot restaurant, college for your kids, health and fitness, a home with space, privacy a view, good schools etc the same forces are against you. You can blame all kinds of people and privilege and circumstances for your lot in life,”You need a degree” is often heard. But then how can you explain Gates, Jobs, Turner, Kinko and hundreds of others who made it bigger without one?
    How is it that Apple downloaded 16 billion songs yet not a single one can be found in Google. In fact, every song played on YouTube or searched on Google offers an Amazon link to buy. As of June 11, 2012, there are over 635,000 third-party applications available, of which 225,000 are applications specially designed for the iPad Developers of these applications receive 70 percent of the income and free applications are distributed without charge to the developer. None are indexed in Google and none of these developers had this opportunity just two years ago. They couldn’t have afforded getting their product to market. 25 million apps and 200 million television episodes have been downloaded. And those who see the glass half entry cry that customers won’t pay for content.
    None of the obstacles you site above posed a challenge to these teen millionaires domain success:
    As they say it aint over till the fat lady sings. Take Grape,com for example. Until Welches, Mondavi, Kendall Jackson and every other prospect or person who could improve their results with that domain is called on and shown the business case by a skilled salesman, along with millions of other names that have never been”sold” to prospects who have no idea they exist, says no- game on!

  6. Uzoma

    I thank you for a well reasoned response, however, it is non-responsive to my concern above. I happen to agree with every single point you made.
    However, what I presented above is NOT up for a debate. It is a fact. I don’t argue facts. Nobody is entitled to their own facts. We all have to work with the same set. Fact One: PPC payments are manipulated to favor both the manipulator itself, and advertisers. The same company decide a-z of:
    Page views
    Page CTR
    Page RPM
    with no input from the owners of the website/domains. The manipulator then changes everything it wants at will, with impunity, as it pleases, as it benefits its interest, sometimes more times than it passes gas in a month! The result is obvious. It accumulates billions on its rear end, while its partners (us) make diddly squat. It’s a no-brainer.
    There is no debating it: monopolies are unamerican. Congress have fought it from day one. It doesn’t mean anyone fighting an illegal business tendency is against”lot in life”, or capitalism. To the contrary. If you don’t hold some people accountable, they will shit on you every time. It’s funny, the same culprits were crying a few years ago when Microsoft was the beast then. Now meet the new boss, same as the old. They are more than hypocrites. And, they must be held accountable too. You’d better believe it.

  7. Jeff Schneider

    The greatest thing any true leader can do for our country is to stop suppressing the Middle Class. Whichever candidate whose true agenda is this should be voted for in my opinion. With all the White Noise being generated by the Media, its harder to make this decision, than you would think.
    Maybe what we should all focus on is, who you would feel the most comfortable with of the candidates, in being one of your childrens classmates?
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)


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