Penetrating the Psyche of the”End User”

Morning Folks!!

As I stated in my last blog post the focus is finally starting to be sales and profit as opposed to how many folks come to your website. Would you rather have 500,000 visitors or 5 sales? In MY world it is not even close. Give me the 5 sales. Y'all can waste your time with the other 499,995.

The simple fact that we are even having a discussion about this and MANY won't even agree with me show just how messed up the web is and how far we have to go.

We always talk about the 'End User' as if we can wave a wand and have them show up and 'Get it'. They will show up, but it will be on their timetable. One that will take 20 years! That's the point of a 20 year plan. It takes a generation for the world to evolve. So if you think it is sooner and expect things to happen faster and on your timetable, you live in a world of anxiety, frustration and disapointment and that is the recipe for a disaster because the decisions you make are made out of emotions that skew things.

As we move forward, the sharp folks KNOW it is all about sales. All about profit. All about steady growth. So I beleive they are ready. They are ripe. They are receptive.

So how do you reach these end users? Well one way is to actually talk to the end user. In or newest version of the webiste I state the following:

'Our Domain Names create in excess of 20 Million visitors every single day of the year, almost all by 'Direct Navigation' or 'Type Ins' to the browser bar. It is the most potent traffic you can get. It is real eyeballs with an intent for something specific. Today they go to Yahoo! and Google for PENNIES only to be sold back to you for DOLLARS!'

There is a sleeping giant out there and it is time to wake him/her up and educate them so they see what WE see! When they see, the game changes.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

14 thoughts on “Penetrating the Psyche of the”End User”

  1. Orangelo

    #1 thing I underestimated back in the 90’s in how long this Net evolution/revolution would take. I thought by 1997 everyone would be trying to kick my door down to buy my domains. Turns out, only a handful of people understood the importance of domains in the mid-90’s. I was under the assumption EVERYONE would see it immediately. Boy, I was wrong. Even after seeing it many people just did not see the significance.
    It took many more years before any awakening started to happen, and even today, many people still don’t understand domains, but it is changing ever so slowly. Every year more and more people are waking up. :)
    It truly is a 20 year journey, Rick, maybe even much more. Time will tell. I do think that the new TLD’s, if ever launched, will speed up the awareness and value of our .com, .net, .tv, .org domains.
    As far as end users, I try to educate, but many are still blowing their winds of disbelief in our direction. If we can as a group eventually change the direction of the winds there will be much more gold to go around for everyone.
    At some point sentiment will turn and people will do ANYTHING to get the domain they want. It’ll be very fun period in our lives when that finally happens.

  2. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    We are already seeing Mass Media Advertisers buying up .Com Channel Foundations. The sorry fact is the B-School advertising mentality holds sway over most business entrants on the Web TODAY,at least for now. Businessmen are getting smarter about cutting out these very expensive capital destruction purveyors. Its through education that this awakening can grow legs faster. You have done much in educating and advising online businesses on how to cut these middlemen out.
    Much as consumers are cutting the middle man = out of the end purchase process by bypassing and just going to the source to make their purchases at Amazon. This is all a process of Creative Destruction that takes time. The good news is that we live in a World of Time Compression and things will happen much quicker now. sees the writing on the wall and their jig is coming up.
    The education process to make this happen continues. Cheers!
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  3. Martin

    Cracking open the nut of development has been a tricky game for me. I have worked on one domain name for 2 years now and finally think I MIGHT be on the right track.
    Honestly surprised people like Morton Linton are able to crack nuts open so easily [2 at a time it seems] with sites like , , and able to generate $5,000 – $10,000 a month and employ several people to boot.
    Not trying to rain on anyone’s parade [heck,..I am in awe of success] but does anyone understand the Morgan Linton phenomena and can explain to me exactly how it works?

  4. Krill

    @Martin….nobody understands what Owen is saying, God bless his heart. :)
    As far as Linton goes, I have no idea about his successes or failures, but as far as I can tell he comes across to me with a personality like a Multi-Level Marketing Guru where everything is always 100% rosy, glowing, and insanely positive. I don’t trust anyone that is like that all the time. I’m not saying he’s not trustworthy, but I learned when I was a boy to not believe people that use that tact. I was doing multi-level when I was 13 years old and know the personality required for it. I can’t stand it that always positive”show”. It just comes across as fake. :) I wish him the best though.

  5. Martin

    @ Krill,
    I always am trying to lose weight. Always.
    I have been using the spray butter for 5 years because it says ‘zero calories’.
    Today I found this:
    and this:
    The world is not always what it seems [apparently] and I am now forced to be a cynical person.
    RE: Morgan Linton,….I asked him on his blog to explain his business model because I cant seem to figure out how he is making $$$ hand over fist and he didn’t moderate my comment into existence and that got me thinking. That said, maybe he is only showing the world the surface and there are lotssa gears & wheels turning underneath? Its his wedding day…so god bless. Honestly just trying to emulate what works but hard to see what he is doing that is working so well. But yes…’The Morgan Linton Show’ is very very positive — and entertaining ;)

  6. Martin

    What are the sales for? If the sales are for $9.99 items,….Ill take the 500,000 visitors…and monetize with google adsense. :))))))

  7. Show us the money..

    Sorry Martin, your logic breaks one of the fundamental rules of domain physics. Advertisers through Google will ALWAYS mean you earn less than if you were making the sale yourself.
    On 500k direct traffic I’d hope to capture 10k regular buyers and 25k one off sales with an average buy price of around $10 and a profit of 10%.
    Now, if google were to pay me more than say 200k Pa for the traffic I seriously look at it. But it won’t in a month of Sundays, for my example I’d expect $0.1 on a .1 click through making me say $5k Pa.
    Thats really the leverage differential. Domainers are sitting on a lot of very valuable traffic.

  8. Show us the money..

    Sorry, got a bit carried away with the metrics there, probably I’d get more interested with google at the 50k+ level for the traffic.
    Nb: There’s far better traffic on a cost effective basis that google. Google seems to take too much for its efforts and consequently must be doing less advertising volume. They indicate they only take around 33% etc, but from what I’ve seen from both sides of the fence that can’t hold when they are asking $1 a click to advertisers and paying publishers $0.1 a click. They must be breaking even on certain large suppliers and then averaging against all publishers.

  9. Martin

    lolasaurusrex Show us the money
    just checking to see if anyone was paying attention..

  10. George Suakjian

    I agree
    sales are the king
    have a portfolio of 4-letter domain names ending in .com .
    be very happy if you can broker the sale of them as a group .


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