“Comment Whores” are robbing us of FREE Collaboration in an Effective Way

Morning Folks!!

In my last post I said this:

'The biggest enemy for domain investors is not the value of domains. It is not seeing and not understanding what is happening around us. The oxygen is in jeopardy of being sucked out if you are now keenly aware of what is taking place. If you don't understand the different sectors with different motives. What's worse, SOME don't play by the rules. They take a short cut. They LIE and CHEAT and FOOL to get ahead.

Just yesterday I went to a restaurant that was rated #1 and had rave reviews. Alina and I went to lunch there. The place was fine. No problems. Pretty strange menu. But ok. Just ok. I would be willing to BET that those reviews were PAID for. Paid for! Bullshit! Propaganda. Hook, line sinker. We took the bait.

There is even news out right now in 2 separate stories that 70% of both President Obama and Lady Gaga's Twitter followers are FAKE or IMAGINARY!! News like this has consequences. Change in plans. Change in how some might process this information.

So we are seeing that at every level. But in the domain industry if you don't see it, then your financial future is at stake. Just look at the 'Comment Whores' that are unknowns without a real name or email addy, spewing shit all over the blogs once anyone dare say anything not liked or are not wanted. Like barking dogs. Agenda driven drivel. But you are seeing some blogs like Elliot's that are rejecting that stuff and that's a good thing. Invisible voices, fake names and emails that are agenda driven and add nothing to the conversation should never see the light of day.'

They stifle discussion because who the hell wants to get caught up in the crap they see. Who can blame them? But it still takes a toll because people are intimidated and don't feel free to share an idea or something that they are doing that works in fear some comment whore will piss all over them. Usually to protect their own turf. Some tried to shut me up in 1996 when I first started writing about domain names. They did not want others to find out. They wanted to keep domains a secret. I saw a different path.

Acro Posted his comment:

'Rick, you hit the nail on the head.

I agree with you 100% and the issue is not what one says, it's putting their name and business behind it that makes a difference. A lot of nasty comments that attack you or others, I never allow through on my blogs, simply because they are from cowards with an agenda.

I challenge everyone that has the balls to say these things in someones face, to come to TRAFFIC and attempt just that. Domaining has been recently infested by fat-talking pu$$ies that parachuted out of nowhere, without even a single decent domain under their control.Keep fighting the good fight!'

Comment Whores are easy to spot. They usually come to protect whatever turf I might be talking about that day. They do it to try and prevent further FREE CONVERSATION and otherwise skew the conversation in an unproductive manner. They are many times the company themselves or their underlings. Not a big surprise. Many are just the 'Cubicle Whores' I have talked about in the past.

And make no mistake, they are whores and either they whore for themselves or they whore for their pimps. I mean bosses.

So on this blog, if you are not known, say something vile or personally insulting and there is no real name and no real email address, I reserve the right not only not to not publish your irresponsible comments, I reserve the right to compare what info I do have with other bloggers. I reserve the right to ASSUME that your real reputation on your real name is so bad that you have to go by a fake name.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz
'Some People tell me I have a short temper. I prefer to call it a swift and assertive reaction to BULLSHIT'


8 thoughts on ““Comment Whores” are robbing us of FREE Collaboration in an Effective Way

  1. Acro

    There’s nothing wrong with comment moderation in one’s blog or discussion platform. Holding the comments in a queue prior to publishing, ensures a discussion void of white noise commentary.
    When the trolls persist, I edit their comment and publish their IP, this way they think twice about posting crap next time.

  2. Anunt

    I admit I am a comment whore BUT posting with a real name and real domain.
    I got too much free time … I haven’t had a real job since 2000. … made my money early on buying and selling domains by sending spam emails to domainers … it worked out good … but doesn’t work anymore since domainers are NOT buying domains above $50k any more.
    Now, I moved on to a new game… Internet Sweepstakes Cafes … Casino type biz in Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio … making a killing.
    Anyways, YES, I am a comment whore!!!

  3. Michael Castello

    You bring up important points. You could have made this article about domain names. The trust factor. How do people know that a suggestion or offering passes the muster. Would I trust a comment from no one or someone? Would I be more inclined to trust Daycare.com or Daycare.to? These are the decisions that people make everyday. We learn from getting bitten or smitten. People are now looking at the URL more to make sure they are not being deceived by a scammer. I find myself doing this more.The trust factor is what makes a domain more valuable then others.
    What you are now doing with vetting your comment section is what we all should be doing with our politicians and. news and orher sources that we depend on. In doing so it will take more of our time but our future depends on it. Your name or reputation is golden or it is not. Actions are what define you or what’s behind a domain name and site.

  4. Show us the money..

    Rick, why don’t you, or in conjunction with DNjournal.com have high end .com’s listed for sale with an actual price against them. Once Great Domains performed that function before being wrecked by Sedo.
    Some of us more entrepreneurial types design businesses off IP rather than the other way around. Domains are IP.
    At worst it could be the ‘A List’ of quality .com’s that is emailed to those signed up so we can see what’s on offer at what prices. Charge each persons domain being listed a fixed amount and keep away from charging a % on any sale.

  5. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick
    As you know I make more comments on your Blog than any other, because you are willing to discuss the real issues facing Small business owners or Domainers. Our Industry has so many players with so many agendas its hard to keep track. Domainers loaded with .Whatevers, Registrars, S.E O. slimers, Alpha dog Engineers, Ad company slavers, Large players not wanting anyone in their prolific traffic stream called the .COM Channel, Oligarchs, Attorneys, Moles, Sabatuers, just plain jealous people ,and of course, Crooks.
    You usually find these types around valuable asset plays, and their choice of words are meant to protect their selfish interests. I myself being a prolific commentator on your Blog have felt their sharp little teeth. They think unwisely that they can spread their poisounous comments without reprimand and they often get away with it (THEY THINK).
    The universal truth is that those who spit venom, drink their own poison in the long run , and suffer inwardly for it. Their Dharma poisons their own wells as they think their targets are suffering from this ill well they spread towards others.
    So if you can find any comfort in this, so be it. You have done an excellent job in standing up to these bullies and I commend you for it. Keep on educating ,its effects are being noticed, through all of this Creative Destruction. You are leaving a foot print to be proud of.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  6. ScottM

    … and then of course there’s the main ongoing world wide convention of comment whores, trolls and other miscreants … Facebook!


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