On the Record For the Record. Changing the Dynamics of what We do. Submissions to Close!

Morning Folks!!

On the record for the record. That is why I post about things BEFORE I do them. I want the bar high, I want it public and I want it as transparent as can be. The SAME domain can make nothing or thousands a day. The same domain tied with a different circumstance. JointVentures.com is in charge of 'Circumstance'.

We are looking for the 'Top Under preforming Domains' in your portfolio. Defined is a great domain that is a simple commercial sector that you know is worth between 6 and 7 figures but does not earn you much. We want to take a domain making you $100/year and have you make $1000/month. But it is a VERY narrow and very select field. But it also works for category killer domains because you don't have to change a thing you are doing. Just let us find you THE deal.

Our goal for the first year is 10-15 high profile leases. That will fuel this and in the second year we can triple that and in the third year we have changed how domainers monetize their top tier domains.

Yes, you can do this yourself. But you haven't. You don't have the time to do it. Not with each domain. So as someone you know, I am asking for just 1 or 2 domains that mean something and have the ability to be leased. This is not theory. This is something done day in and day out by many. But we want to take it to a much higher level and we want to share in the success we create for YOU. Win-Win.

In the coming days Danny Welsh, my partner on this project will be able to articulate things I just can't. He has a better grip on my mind and what I am thinking than I do. Scary!

So where are we? As of today we have accepted 229 domains. We have decided to cap it off at 300 as we don't want to over promise nor overwhelm in the first months of this. We want to make a statement and then demonstrate successes to build on. We are not looking to tie up thousands of domains so we have 'Inventory'. We are looking for specific domains that fill a specific niche that we believe we can fill. We think we can present you enough options where you feel empowered and also make more money.

Tomorrow we will publish our initial list of those we have received signed contracts on and on Wednesday will be published on our website. Most of the domains have 'Range pricing' where the exact dollars and terms are negotiated by me. I need wiggle room to make a deal.

The marketing plan is very simple. We will demonstrate with one domain and one domainer at a time how we can take a $1 earner to a $1000 earner and we can duplicate that over and over again and it will get easier as we move into the future. Not only that but the lessee will find what he is looking for and finally there can be an end game that extracts the TRUE VALUE of you asset. The stronger the domain the better terms you can negotiate. But at the end of the day ALL parties MUST be big winners for all to succeed. I know and understand that very delicate balance.

So to the naysayers and losers mean what in this equation? This IS the future of domaining IF you understand what makes a domain fit in this category! It was the future 18 YEARS ago but I had to patiently wait for the laughter to stop. No laughing folks! This is SERIOUS business and time for you to realize that it is all in the timing! It is also in recognizing specific domain names that will fill a very narrow niche. That is why all the inventory in the world is meaningless if you don't have the proper domains that can be leased. Within the next 24 hours I will post our first list of 200 domains. That will help to define what we are looking for. Not all are one worders. Some are 2 and 3 words. It depends. We have a very aggressive marketing strategy planned but the people doing the legwork have to see something specific that fits the folks we will be contacting.

I will also be announcing another lease by me that will help to illustrate how you take a domain with limited earnings and transform it into making $250,000 without selling the domain name itself.

It’s pretty simple. Do you pull out $1M cash out of your pocket or do you pull out $1000 out of your pocket? The result is the same. You get the domain name to use. One you are all in and a lot of cash with it. The other, if it does not work out, you walk away in a few years. It’s just a smarter approach. It opens to doors to a wider audience and lowers the bar. I will give an example of how I used a Car Lease as a model to base my lease on and made it 2x as attractive as that car lease to the lessee.

Until tomorrow........

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz