Man’s Best Friend is a Great Domain Name™

Morning Folks!!

Sorry Freddy!!

The world is changing. Status symbols are changing. What is important and what is valuable is changing as well. The beauty of history is learning to see history in the present form. We may live in the 'Present' but our actions are based on history. Maybe only a few seconds ago. History.

Many reading this have had a front row seat to history as we have watched YEARS whiz by like they were days. The journey has been one with ups and downs and now that journey ends in one sense of history as a new and different journey begins.

Our small little wagon train going from east coast to west coast has been fairly intimate. That stage of the stage coach ride is about to be over and we will all scatter in different directions or we will be drowned out as our merry group of 500 gets overrun with the soldiers of 1900 armies. Make no mistke about it. Seeing HISTORY in FRONT of us is how you make fortunes. Predicting history is predicting the future. They are one in the same. For a split moment anyways.

So imagine what history will look like after the future takes hold in the months ahead. I spent about $7 million buying all my domain names. Just a rough estimate I did at one time a couple years back. But last night I was thinking......I could drop $7 million in just registering a few hundred thousand .whatevers and wait for the second coming. I could do that with $7 milllion. Or I could buy 70 .coms at $100k a piece with a proven track record. One seems smarter than the other. But who knows.

1900 voices coming to market all trying to carve out their little niche and it will only become harder and harder and harder. The 500 can't support the 1900 as the 500 have supported 1 roll-out at a time for the last decade. So the foundation of the other LOSERS are not even present for this go around and then divide by 1900. Collapse and consolidation will be the FIRST ROUND of their history that is in the future that nobody can see but those that see the future as history.

By this time next year you can refer to this post and see just how true this is going to be and the year after even more so. This train will be very crowded for the next couple years. Enjoy your current solace!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz