Many domainers say their options are “Sell, park, or develop”: PLEASE. Don’t make me laugh!

Afternoon Folks!!

By Danny Welsh

Most domainers have all tried self-development and most failed to get
much traction.

Don't even get me started on so-called ideas for 'scaled
mini-development' or 'automated' development or 'outsourced
development'. The problems with these are too numerous to mention.

It's SO obvious for a guy like me to see, who was an
to this thing called domaining until 2 years ago.

When you look at the VALUE of a domain name at it’s HIGHEST possible value…It’s
NOT about the “website” you build on a domain property (and it never has been).

Domainers have tried WAY too hard to “fake” a business with smoke and
mirrors, CPA, CPM, CPC bunch of BS you do not find as part of the “money-making
plan” of a real business
run by a real CATEGORY leading end user corporation (or a start-up company with
plans and aspirations to use the domain as a launch pad to BECOME a real
category-leading business).

Exceptions like you see with an,, or etc where a great domain name was developed
into a great business through the sweat and persistence and passion of a
dedicated domain name owner operating as a domainer second and an entrepreneur
FIRST are the stuff legends are made of, aren’t they?

But why are these exceptions?
I’ve said it before and it bears saying as many times in as many ways as
is necessary to reach John Jones, CEO, with the message.

Because for the most part, the most
valuable domain names aren't
in the hands of a company dedicated to making that domain name alone a part
of a great business. They're 'parked' in rows of hundreds of BEAUTIFIL CARS sitting on the
showroom floor “for sale”, and no one
who’s interested can even get a test drive!

The internet of the future I believe will merge great companies that have great
ideas with domains owned by about 500 people currently. These marriages will provide Harvard Case
studies for a century or more in MBA classes.

Because the experience of many domain investors attempting to develop
their best quality properties themselves often looks MUCH different when a quality domain name ends up in the hands of a passionate end user
business capable of exploiting more of that domain's advantages than a domain
investor ever could.

Through focus, resources, relationships, existing products and
services, and so much more among intangibles…in 100% of the cases a Melville
Candy Company is a better steward of a property than ANY domain name

Rick Schwartz has been saying this for years.

Some heard, most didn’t.

It’s not about SELLING a domain name.

It’s not about PARKING for pennies.

It’s not about DEVELOPING a website.

It’s about what’s the highest and best use
development of any given property in any given area.

And the “domainer” will NEVER add the other inputs
into the equation for the output to be the highest and best use of the domain
name without being a BUSINESS OWNER FIRST.

Sell, park, develop? That’s all? Shhh

What would you call it when the domain is of obvious value
such as but unused with little income and has untapped
beneath the surface the potential for millions when paired with the right ideas
and monetization strategy SPECIFIC to that domain itself?

What about licensing like the Castellos with
Or direct sales of highly targeted advertising in the 7 figure per year with
great destination sites/businesses they sweat to build as END USERS like I don’t know those guys yet but I hope to meet them soon,
having devoured their writings when Rick asked me to immerse myself in your
all’s world. They provide GREAT value in the marketplace and the companies that
pay them to advertise on those sites get a BARGAIN.

What happens when a company leases a domain simply to use it
on their TV commercial and redirect to their own lead capture page because the
direct response % of will out-pull to grab a higher
number of eyeballs you can turn into customers?

[[ASIDE: If you own a chain of
retail jewelry stores that sell rings among other jewelry products, is that a
bet you’d be willing to make me? You can find my email address pretty easily.
We’ll split-test it and bet real money on the results. Your existing TV
commercial. ONE tiny change = more money in your pocket every damn time you run
that commercial. If you win the bet, you walk with the cash having tried
something DIFFERENT to increase SALES. If I win, we can talk about maybe
rolling your cash from the bet into a deal for the domain.]]

What happens when you sell email addresses for
$10/year and then you make a success of it with 100,000 fans becoming
customers? Could you thereby create a market segment and a windfall that allows
you to use the SAME infrastructure and head-start also then in a JV to offer
email addresses for and to tens of millions of MLB
fans WITH the MLB’s blessing since they’ll be getting a cut for you to license
a dormant resource within THEIR domain names?

If someone thinks that somehow the
options to monetize a great domain name were “to sell” or “to park” or “to
develop” and now are also “to lease” or whatever, that’s baloney.

Not a single person reading this in 2013 will live long
enough to see ALL the creative and lucrative options to monetize a great domain
name. Even “domain leasing”, which people are trying to say is somehow
revolutionary is NOT. It’s evolutionary, and many domain owners have been doing
it for years.

THIS is the year, however, that Rick Schwartz and I have
teamed up to show the model to Corporate America with enough wind at the back
and empirical examples to show ANYONE doing their due diligence on domains to
know WITHOUT DOUBT that if money was no object and your business is in
“category” then is the game you want to play online in the 21st
century going forward.

*shakes head*

Sell, park, develop…or lease?

Which one of those simplistic monetization models is Rick’s
deal for

Rick told me this was risky…that some people who are domainers would
read this and think we’re belittling them, and many domainers try to hide the
facts to business owners about what they paid for that great domain name as an
investment you want to buy as a real tool.

If we can help the early .com domain name investor “SEE IT” that it is
perfectly OK not to have the resources or knowledge to develop even one great
domain name into a great business, then that’s a WIN. If we can help the
ambitious business owner who already has a good business and is looking for an
EDGE to make it a GREAT business “SEE IT” that it is perfectly OK not to have
realized 20 years ago that the asset you want today was once available for
$100, then that’s a WIN.

WIN-WIN joint ventures that put a great domain name in the hands of a
business that is or wants to become GREAT is what we are all about with—through WHATEVER creative joint venture deal that got the
parties together, whether it be lease, license, equity share, cash with
royalties, or other.

My role in what’s coming down the pike is to make it IMPOSSIBLE for the
end user entrepreneur in ANY business category to ignore the fact that is available, and present a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY for a limited time
to ONE COMPANY to grab that strategic advantage…before their competitor wises
up first and takes a test drive on the Ferrari available only for lease instead
of buying the skateboard in the window.

RIGHT NOW there is an entrepreneur business owner seeking to
use and own a that’s no longer for sale for cash alone AT ANY
PRICE, and he’s researching and reading the story -- and many like
it-- for the first time in 2013…

RIGHT NOW there is an entrepreneur who is in an entirely
different business than anyone reading this except maybe his competition…and
he’s doing his due diligence on branded domains online vs generics online,
doing his due diligence on .whatever vs .com, talking to people he trusts,
getting in his marketing team’s face and demanding answers for how to increase

RIGHT NOW he has followed the yellow brick road of research
and been ATTRACTED from the world wide ocean of commerce somewhere on the globe
and he ends up RIGHT HERE., a river.

Then, the pond.

And once he realizes the IRREFUTABLE TRUTH of what Rick
Schwartz already knew in 1995 that guy will write an affordable check every
month for 10 years if need be to get that kind of growth advantage that is not
offered for sale, but lease only to a qualified company that may buy later with
ongoing royalties to the previous domain owner.

That business owner will hand the a great domain name off to
his marketing team and his web development team with a high-level plan to
increase sales of the products and services they already have using little more
than the notes he made while reading and an existing
infrastructure that is fully capable of MAGNIFYING and MULTIPLYING every
benefit of a great domain name once it’s paired with a GREAT business instead
of lying unused or underutlized…

That guy will say “GET IT DONE”. And that CEO will succeed
to grow his company like gangbusters, in multiples of millions and will likely
never read this blog again.

All while so many “domainers” squander the same advantages
that guy has on ONE domain and they have dozens just as good and they’re
parking for pennies to monetize the trickle of traffic coming in without any
effort or trying to build a website in a category niche to sell products where
they don’t already have a business or infrastructure.

The best domain names are not just about websites and never have been.

Think highest and best use.

Think real business.

Think “I don’t have to do everything myself” because the
other guy is there…and he needs me to profit more than he is now, just like I
need him too.

Think WIN-WIN.

Think Joint Ventures and never look back.

Danny Welsh

You see it DAILY for YEARS. It’s obvious once you see it. Will YOU See it? Will you See it First?

Morning Folks!!

Bare with us for 4 more days as we put the finishing touches on our foundation. And yes, part of that foundation resides right here and the words here will be read many times for many years. Less by domainers and more by end users. The 'Bleacher Seats' I have talked about are now turning into box seats. On the record for the record! If you are too busy to read this, find the time. I promise you it is that important. I promise you the more you look, the more you see. Many of you will know this. Many of you will not. Everyone will understand it even more in a few minutes.

It’s obvious once you see it.
But many don’t see the ‘way forward’ in front of their face DAILY for YEARS

BY Danny Welsh,

I’m not the best or most recognized joint ventures specialist in the world in
2013, but a domain name lease deal and partnership with Rick Schwartz to
operate WILL give me a chance to grow INTO that in 10 years
if my ambition is that big. We’ll see how things unfold.

So I hope folks that consider themselves “domainers” will
forgive my bluntness here but a domain of quality will RARELY if
EVER earn what it could in the hands of someone that is a domainer first and an
entrepreneur in a specific category of business second.

CATEGORY,LLC with “category” resources, experience,
contacts, passion, products, services, ideas ETC is a better operator of than Mr. Domain Owner and his portfolio of hundreds of domain
names sitting around earning nickels with the potential for millions buried
underneath could EVER BE.


I’ve said it before and it bears saying as many times in as many ways
as is necessary to reach John Jones, CEO, with the message.

Because for the most part, the most
valuable domain names aren't
in the hands of a company dedicated to making that domain name alone a part
of a great business, you have MISSED this opportunity . These ASSETS are
'parked' in rows of hundreds of
BEAUTIFIL CARS sitting on the
showroom floor “for sale”,
and no one who’s interested can even get a test drive!

If you believe as I do that that above paragraph is true…

And you believe that intrinsic earning asset VALUES will
follow historical parallels of increasing PRICE for the BEST OF THE BEST such
as the real estate BUSINESS analogy I gave here: LINK

Or the baseball BUSINESS analogy I gave here: LINK

Or the oil BUSINESS analogy I gave here: LINK

Then whether you call yourself a “domainer” or a business
owner, you MUST understand that to say that a domain name can only be “parked”
or “leased” or “developed as website” is incredibly short sighted, a simplistic
definition and frankly incorrect.

“Development” is
webmaster talk
. The guy or gal
whose company is the highest and best use of ANY of the best generic .com
domain names in the world likely doesn’t know HOW to build or develop a website
because he hires the specialists that can do that
. Even if he can do it, he
hires someone else.

The guy who knows WHY to do something pays the guy who knows
HOW in capitalism.

At a certain level of
domain name ASSET valuation, “website development” as so many “domainers” talk
about it is IRRELEVANT in my opinion -- and that of Rick Schwartz if I’ve read him correctly.

The highest and best use value of a domain name ain’t ultimately
about only the WEBSITE you put on a domain name, folks,
and it never WAS…and it never will be.

It’s about the BUSINESS that
can best occupy that premium space,
and that business’s products and services that can be sold to
real customers for a real exchange of value.

For every BUSINESS developed by a “domainer” that gets
it right as an entrepreneur to make that great domain name just simply a PART
of a GREATER BUSINESS, there are dozens
of eRealEstate internet properties in Rick Schwartz’s portfolio alone that
COULD be a success…
if it were in the hands of the right
company (and that company is emphatically not
Rick Schwartz, LLC) with the right person in charge (and that person is
emphatically not Rick
Schwartz, the domainer).

And for me, personally, getting a full understanding of the true intrinsic
VALUE of premium category dot com domain names (as opposed to the PRICES of sales we all see catalogued by Ron Jackson
and others who serve the still NASCENT domain name industry with their reports
education in learning this stuff has hinged on the obvious-once-you-see-it parallels and analogies I’ve been sharing in
these blog posts to help the BUSINESS OWNER of 2013 see what the DOMAIN KING
already saw in 1994

What do I mean by


you see the way forward in that logo on the left?

you see the arrow? Most don’t until it’s pointed out to them.

Many people see that logo multiple times per week on Fedex trucks and
on Fedex TV commercials and on Fedex brick-and-mortar store signs…and
they’ve never seen the “way forward” hidden in plain sight

When it comes to the MASSIVE difference in value between
and, or vs., 90% of business
owners don’t yet SEE what the smartest entrepreneurs who are also “domainers”
have seen for YEARS in plain sight.

When it comes to the 1000x difference those who’ve been investing in an
ASSET class for 20 years know exists at the highest levels between an asset with the standard
domain name extension that will give you so many benefits that MAKE YOU
MONEY vs www.GENERIC.crap commodity for
$8.99 with a made-up domain name extension that will cost you money every day
even as you grow your business
…many entrepreneurial business owners in
the MAINSTREAM of 2013 that are just getting their feet wet and taking their
brick and mortar stores online to compete simply do not yet “SEE IT”.

They don’t know what Rick Schwartz knows. What “the 500” knows. What
most every long time reader of this incredibly wisdom-filled blog--
increasingly becoming less a living room for the few who know and an auditorium
for the many that don’t-- has known for years.

They who are totally NEW TO THIS

they know they sure as hell found their way here to this crappy looking blog

(sorry, Rick)

after following the Yellow Brick Road from a domain name like
or or hundreds of the other best domain names in the
ending up on and finally SEEING IT.

they’re scratching their head and only after they know what they want to BUY
(the domain name they first typed in to visit itself) are they going to a
search engine and doing their due diligence and finding themselves here and
wondering, is all this for REAL?

Yep. It is. And starting 2/1/13 the focus for Rick Schwartz and for Danny Welsh
and for the team we are building will 180 degree shift. People will claim
differently but the last few weeks of us launching ain’t
simply about convincing “domainers” to do business with us, and never was.

The end users are reading this news increasingly too. When they do, the
smart and ambitious ones are going to SEE IT FIRST. How real it is, how raw,
how undeniable. What we already see and Rick Schwartz saw 20 years ago. Just
like if that was the first time you saw the arrow and the way forward in the
Fedex logo, in the future YOU won’t be able to NOT see it.

Increasingly this next few years, once the mainstream of business around the world knows the difference between an $8 domain and an 8-figure domain…they won’t be able to NOT see it.

The biggest question for you if you’re a business owner who followed
that Yellow Brick Road is if YOU will SEE IT first in time to get your hands on
a multi-million dollar asset for $xx,xxx per year…before your competitors sign
the long-term domain lease/license contract and send their money to

So please, by all means…Do your due diligence. But do it fast.

In 3 years the cars on the showroom floor will simply be gone, on the
road, with a DRIVER at a great company in the front seat of each propelling
forward at 200MPH with the wind at his back.

Take too long to make the decision to grab this advantage, and never
again will you have an opportunity to drive a Ferrari that makes you money and
increases in value for the price of a that will cost you down the
road when you simply should have grabbed the keys and said “Let’s Go!”.

Offering test drives…

Danny Welsh