My Business Plans NEVER Includes Google!! Never!!

Morning Folks!!

When I look back I can say I have NEVER had a business plan online that included Google in any way, shape or form. Google is a bonus not a foundation.

When I talk to folks online about every 10th word is 'Google'. Every thing they do dependant on Google. All their numbers revolve around Google. Every 3rd word is Google. The minute I see folks do that, I RUN!!!

Google is the LAST thing I think about. Google is the LAST resort not the first. Google has its place in the food chain and in my mind it is at the very end of that chain.

I just see other ways to market. Other ways to circulate. Other ways to build a business and not be dependent on a company that can shut you down on a whim with no recourse.

Google is a plus for your business but it is FAR, FAR, FAR from a trustworthy foundation. It is an ADD ON! It's great to get extra traffic from Google. But that is exactly what it is. Extra traffic.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz