What is the Value of Cowboys.com NOW???

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Rockies.com sold for $1.2 Million this week. Nets.com is up for grabs at $5 Million and pokes fun at the NY Nets. Cowboys.com now has a value somewhere in between. Except for one teeny weeny problem. Cowboys.com is now making money! We now have this dating site and it's making money!! Who knew this was such a big niche in th heartland?

So now it is not about a domain, it is about a business. A business not a domain and that changes everything IF we wanted to change anything at all. Now I am writing this as an individual, not as a member of the group that bought it. So I am only a minority stake holder in all this and don't speak for anyone but myself.

It's no secret we are getting quite a stream of traffic. Most of which is type ins and Alexa can't measure type ins. I'll get back to you with how many stadiums worth we get. But it's impressive.

Who knew there were so many gay cowboys? It would lead one to believe that if you were to go a certain stadium in Texas, you might want to be just a wee bit cautious. There have been rumors swirling around there for years as I recall.

Not that cowboys.com have anything whatsoever to do with that football team with a very close name that their attorney/rep thought they were buying for $275 instead of $275,000. They actually won the bidding at a LIVE major industry auction, but when it was all said and done they backed out of the deal and our little group ended up with it after that HUGE FUMBLE at a cost of $370,000.

A fumble that has been written about and laughed about for years. Come on?

Anyways, no point here. Just some random thoughts over 5 years later. Shows human nature and how tough folks make it. In football you can recover a fumble. Here too. But then again I am sure noting has one to do with the other etc. etc. etc.

I guess that would establish the value of Cowboys.com domain only being worth somewhere between $1.2MM on the very low end and $5MM today. And just like salaries, who knows what the value will be in another 1, 2, 3 or 5 years as we move into this new orbit. Different markets command different values. The more comparisons, the more you can demonstrate value. The more our business makes, the harder it is to herd cats and have agreement between all owners to do something different.

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Rick Schwartz

Real Estate Developer Turns $1 Million Investment Into $150 Million

Mornng Folks!!

THIS is what it is all about. This is the parallel I have followed. This is the parallel I won't abandon. This is it and why something so simple is so hard for MOST to get their heads around. Been happening for a THOUSAND years!!!

This guy made a 150X return in 33 years by saying
'No' a lot!
But my most recent sale was much more than 150X.
Now I would much rather have his larger sale with more dollars.
But with that said, the last domain I sold was $150,000 with
a cost of $70 and took about 14 years.

THAT is the parallel. I got a little over 2000X. But I still like his DOLLARS a bit better.

M equation is better and I can duplicate many, many, many times. Plus the domain earned in excess of $25,000 over the course of 14 years.


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Rick Schwartz