Headwinds and Tailwinds and into Orbit

Morning Folks!!

The most common question I field about leasing domains is 'Why now?' 'What do you see Now?' I am now prepared to answer that. First of all this was a business that caught both Danny and Myself off-guard. Danny did not even know about it until it evolved right here after a few days. So I had to explain what and why to Danny first and that was not the easiest job I ever had. I just kept saying we had 'Lightning in a bottle'.

So now back to the question. Why now? Now because 18 YEARS of headwinds SUDDENLY turned into tail winds. For the first time there was more resistance in selling a domain then there was in leasing a domain. The resistance level changed and it changed virtually overnight. Here was the MOMENT and I shared it right here to some laughter. But something happened during that post and this moments.

Anyone can easily read what I started writing starting in November. It will have taken 90 days to paint as vivid a picture as I could so it would always be on record. Folks can read the evolution first hand. An evolution that is not new bit the time is t=right to revolutionize what we all do.

Look what has happened since. The industry is starting to follow our lead. We have bent the direction of where we are all heading in a significant way and fear has turned into optimism and confidence. If I counted right, 3 companies announced Leasing programs this WEEK. We have articulated a message over the last 12 weeks that you have been witness to. It's STUNNING the impact IDEAS have! The power a well thought out argument makes. This is pretty sensational.

Even folks that did not send domains or we turned down their domains are rooting for our success. The best way to insure our success, your success, is have the best domains in the world to go to market with. There is no other way to do this and be successful. I looked at a list of some 100 six and seven figure domains. Each and every one. But only 2 made it over the 'Leasing' threshold. The lens I use may not be understandable to all domainers, but it is understandable to an end user in the field we target. It is understandable to those that are following our lead and see what we see. It is understandable to domainers that already lease domains and have been doing it fir years. Now it is about to be industry wide!

You folks have 2 more weeks of this as we completely articulate what we are about to do. Then we are going underground and the real work begins. Pretty cool to have moved a mountain like this in front of everyone. But this is just the start. I think we have demonstrated this is a serious effort with serious folks that are looking for a seriously INSANE outcome. A long overdue outcome. An outcome that you will all be witness to and in the front row of the future.

Have a GREAT day!

Rick Schwartz