It’s Called”Shaking the Bushes”

Morning Folks!!

2013 is the year WE will make things happen. WE will shake things up. WE will take back our own destiny. WE will do great things in 2013. We are going to 'Shake the Bushes' and that means put FEAR in the market. FEAR that it won't be business as usual. FEAR that the comfortable road could have some turbulence. FEAR that YOUR success will not help their success.

In every industry there are folks preparing and trying to disrupt business as usual. Put a sense of urgency in the equation. Make a bold and daring move that their industry will recognize and reward them for. Shaking things up. Shaking those bushes. And when you do that you would be amazed what shakes out. Opportunity! Opportunity is what shakes out of those trees when you rattle those bushes. FEAR likely drives some business out of the woodwork.

Fear comes in many forms. For some fear is a call to action. For others fear means go hide under your desk. But either way fear causes a reaction and a reaction is what you need to do business. To move the needle. To shake the fruit out of the tree that is ripe and who knew until fear enters the equation.

Like I stated before, 2013 won't be boring. There will be big change and those that are gullible and easily swayed will be confused. But there is no need to be confused or even fearful. We fear what we don't know. But if you do know then you can turn fear into power and opportunity. 2013 is such a year.

We will see utter collapse at points and we will also see a new breed in every industry coming to the game with a different angle, a different view, a different way to play the same game.

2013, good or bad, who cares? We are stuck with it and we should do great things to look back on. This is a period of great opportunity because there are talented folks sitting on the sidelines with no jobs and some cases no careers any more. They have a clear and more contemporary view of things and that just may turn out to be a very good thing.

This is a time to recruit an ARMY of great talent and worth and have them all do big things. Passionate folks looking for an avenue to direct that passion. What does this have to do with domaining? More than you may ever know! Something we can come back someday to discuss after the fact.

But from here on out it is about getting one 18 wheeler over the crest of the mountaintop with the help of like minded folks that understand the concept.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz