There are only 35 Questions to Ask about .Whatever and I’ll Ask Them Right Here!

Afternoon Folks!!

If you know the right questions, then you not only know the right answers but you may also know the outcome. So let me show you how simple it is to figure it out.

So we have 1800 .whatevers coming to market.

Question #1...What happens if they are all a success?

Question #2...What happens if they are fail?

Question #3...What happens when some succeed and some fail?

Question #4...How many will succeed and how many will fail?

Question #5...Which ones will succeed?

Question #6...How long will that success take to be known and achieve?

Question #7...How many of the 7 billion people will go there?

Question #8...How many of the 7 Billion will be confused?

Question #9...How many new .com millionaires will be made by the .counterpart?

Question #10...How much more will a great domain name be worth regardless of extension?

Question #11...How much will it affect the overall landscape of things in the next 12 months?

Question #12...How much will it affect the overall landscape over the next 2 years? 5 Years? 10 Years?

Question #13...Are there any examples already out there that could give insight?

Question #14...What are the other similar examples and how long have they been around?

Question #15...Which of those have been successful?

Question #16...Which of those have failed?

Question #17...How many predicted success at the beigining?

Question #18...How many enjoy success today?

Question #19...Do you know the difference between a successful registry and a successful domain investment?

Question #20...How many NON .com domains have fetched over $1 Million? $750,000? $500,000?

Question #21...How many .com domains have fetched over $1 Million? $750,000? $500,000?

Question #22...What exactly is the NEED, WANT, DESIRE that is actually being demanded by the consumer?

Question #23...What is the NEED, WANT, DESIRE from those wanting to market .whatever and why exactly is the consumer going to respond and embrace?

Question #24...Is 800 synonymous with the phone? Is .com synonymous with the Internet?

Question #25...If .TV can not breakout in some 15 years and .TV seems like a natural extension that would be easily adaptable, why would .whatever have a better shot?

Question #26...If we agree that .mobi has virtually no value after 6-8 years and all signs point south, why would someone RISK building their empire on something that has the power to become a GHOST town?

Question #27...What do folks do when they are confused?

Question #28...What do you do with the unintended email you as a .com owner WILL get when folks make be sending sensitive information?

Question #29...If you are the .com domain owner and you receive constant email addressed wrongly and you are both in the same business would you use that email to benefit and grow your company or pass it on to the .whatever owner?

Question #30...If you are the .whatever registry or the .whatever owner, are you gonna be pissed at the .com owner when he/she negotiate like deuces are wild and they have 4 of them in hand?

Question #31...If you are an end user and you spend $10 million on an advertising campaign and then learn that over 60% of all your efforts are going to the .com owner and his business is thriving and yours is not, what would be your next move?

You guys can ask the other logical questions 32-35.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Unlocking the True Value of a Category Defining Domain Name with a Custom Formula

Morning Folks!!

When I approach a business I approach it in a deliberate manner and long term. I know the difference between urgent and who gives a shit. Prioritizing may be my single greatest strength. I know what has to be done first, second and third and by then usually the other things just fall into place or there is more than enough time to address them.

I have watched many a company come and go because either the timing was wrong or the formula was wrong. My companies have many things going for them whenever I start one. Most importantly, I am not dependant on the entity to eat and survive. That allows me the luxury of taking my time and playing a different type game.

The audience I am targeting may be the single smallest group in domaining and thus in any other sector of business of any industry in the world. But that small group understand what they own and the potential they have when matched with the best partner. They have patiently kept their portfolios in tact waiting for the future. My vision MAY be their vision and I am banking on it that it is.

Unlike a broker or others, I could care less if a deal is made. I only want to attract the smallest of audiences. The ONE person or business uniquely qualified to pull something off that is very big. I don't waste my time or the time of others with undervalued offers or folks that don't see what I see.

Now I am not dissing brokers. I am showing the difference in mindset in this particular game. I would be dissing myself if I was. Selling a domain via a broker and turning it into cash is a great thing. What we are trying to do and is instead of the immediate cash, which some may need, we are looking for long term revenue streams. Long term upsides. Long term participation in the assets WE DISCOVERED and are somewhat attached to. We want to share in what we initially saw and THAT is the difference and where I come into the equation.

I have never made public all the moving parts in the deal. 1 part cash, 1 part finance, 1 part interest, 1 part royalty of 2%. I tried like hell to get 10% of the company through the entire negotiations. I was able to get nothing in the initial deal. But in the years that have past I have been able to acquire 7.5% of the entire company. I also just exercized an option in December for an additional 2.5%. So I got 10% AND 2% royalty.

But here is a part I don't think I have ever made public. If were to sell at some point, I get to share on the upside of that sale to the tune of 20%. Total payouts in 2012 will be $250k. That is before we get to my 7.5%.

Yup, Could have sold it for $500,000-$1,00,000 when I got it. But I look at the world differenty. My mission is to build LARGE revenue streams that last a lifetime. Being patient for a return 10x-100x or more.

Meanwhile I see folks sell their assets much below what some domains are actually worth. I measure domains in a way my target group does. As a unique piece of a very important puzzle that has the ability to unlock millions of dollars in added sales and to hurt your competition while doing it. IF you have category defining names. Basically one and 2 word domains that define a category or product or service as I have defined over the past 30 days right here on this blog. deal was largely based on the deal. It took nearly 2 years to make that deal a reality. Some of the 'Moving Parts' are different but the starting point was the same. These deals take months and sometimes years to negotiate. Especially ground breaking deals with formulas that are much more intense than selling a domain for less than the real future value of the asset. and also come with future upsides.

These deals only work on certain domains that I have defined over the past weeks. And of course it is not an easy process. But it is getting easier with each passing day and the coming rise and fall of .whatever will seal the deal for leasing great .com domain names.

Not all deals can get done like this. But each case requires a custom formula that incorporates the things most important to buyer and seller. I am a 'Chemist' when it comes to these formulas because they are always multi-dimensional. But finding the right partner, with the right mindest, with the passion and energy to do something BIG is really the game. Really the big hurdle. But they are always out there. Their ideas bigger than their wallets and are willing to share the prize to get their shot at reaching the stars. It's much more than selling a domain name. It's getting your shot to hit the big time.

I simply realized that I could be one of those moving parts if I can bring to worlds together and hammer out a deal not only agreeable to each but each party walking away excited and satisfied because a seed of the future has been planed and the chances for germination are quite high. Many of you have much better domains than I have. I'll be blunt, I want to share in your income of that domain for the rest of my life. I am willing to invest my TIME to that end. Simple. I see that big an updside by bringing those two wrold's together.

At the end of the day my job is to transform a category defining domain name from making $10/day to making $100/day, $1000/day and being part of a blossoming business and not just the ower of the domain name. This is not small ball looking for 10% or 20% increases. This is about transforming your domains, ONE BY ONE, into long term leases, businesses, joint ventures and other options I am able to negotiate on your behalf with you setting the boundaries. I just need you free listing and you don't have to do a single thing different with your domain name. Just wait for an email from me.

So 2013 marks the start of a long journey that will change how many of us do business in the future. I wish it was a formula that would work universally. It can only work for certain domains. So instead of trying to sell a valuable domain to domainers, transform it into an annuity. Into a long term or even permanent income producing asset. I can only use the best domains out there to do this. The more category defining, the more leverage.

The future is not about chasing the past but being way early for a future present. Plan for a future day and be there before others know that they too will be there. Not rocket science. Just a shortcut to the future. I am uniquely qualified to pull this off because to me it is simply repeating what I have done except with even better domains than mine and the patience and passion to negotiate like it was my own.

I am fishing for big game. It means we go home empty handed MOST of the time. But when we return with that BIG ONE......the whole town turns out and a new day dawns.

Have a GREAT day!

Rick Schwartz