Shaq: When you Defeat a Legend, You Become a Legend

Morning Folks!!

So Serena Williams gets defeated by a teen named Sloane Stephens.

Shaquille O'Neal tweeted 'When you Defeat a Legend, you Become a Legend.' That is really a very powerful statement. I really like it. Aim high my friends. Aiming low is so yesterday not to mention pathetic.

Sometimes the legend may not be a person but an obstacle or a monkey on your back. Remove the obstacle and you can achieve the same thing. So simple but so powerful. 'When you Defeat a Legend, you Become a Legend.'

Adversity really does unlock your inner strength.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


Preparation is the Key to Success!! Many are in in a Hurry to FAIL!!

Morning Folks!!

If you want to succeed you need to prepare. Preparing usually takes a LOT longer than the actual goal or the actual hunt. Olympians prepare for years for a 50 yard sprint. A race lasting seconds and they prepare for YEARS!! WHY??? Because they want to succeed!

Danny and I WANT TO SUCCEED!!!!

So what you have been seeing is preparation. Not only for the hunted, but for the hunter. You! Understanding why leasing is to your benefit whether you do it via, yourself or the DOZENS of others that will be offering a leasing service or option.

The entire industry is moving to a lease model because it has been around for a very long time and it works! Ask any top tier domainer. They ALL have leases or have had leases. I have not met any saying they never leased a domain. We are just bringing the model out into the open in a big way. Educating domainers is the first part of all this. So folks can see what we see and why we see it and why NOW??

This is the loading the truck stage to go to market. This is how we prepare not only the end user but the domainer. Maybe it helps folks pick better domains.

Next Friday we will release our entire 2013 domain leasing collection. We do many things each and every day to prepare and move things forward. While others go home we still work. While others sleep we still work. We accomplish many things each day. But we also pace ourselves. So we are 1 full week ahead of schedule. That allows us to prepare on other fronts and do it early.

Each day we accomplish hundreds of tasks. Interview people. We are building a complete infrastructure. But we both need time off and breaks and other outlets.

Domainers are reading this but more importantly end users are coming here more and more each and every day. I bet some will even begin to identify themselves in the months and years ahead. There is nothing I would not say here that I would not say to an end user. That's the definition of transparency.

I have no problem letting a customer know I paid $100 for a domain he will lease for $1000/month. Why? Because who cares?? If that is their focus we won't be doing business anyway. I want smart people that want a domain for their own self interest. That's why it is a winner for all.

So while some may see this as a waste of our time I can tell you it is part of our preparations. It is part of our plan. This is my soapbox and I will tell you that the crowds HERE will grow as folks look for REAL ANSWERS based on a REAL HISTORY. End users ARE reading this. End users are contacting us every day now. We are priming the pump. THIS is how you make something from nothing.

So sit back and watch the 'dance' we are going to do that is going to change the destiny of HUNDREDS and then THOUSANDS! In the next 90 days we will demonstrate what we intend to do. We are building something. It may not be the way you build things, but you are sure as hell going to see how *I* build things.

First you gather the ammo materials. Then you load the ammo into a case. Then you put it in the delivery mechanism. Then you carefully aim. Then you aim some more. Then you pull the trigger. The deed happens in a split second. The prep is what it is all about. Getting it in the right order is what it is all about. Soon all will see what it is all about.

So be patient as we take you on this journey with us. We will all roll into Las Vegas knowing our destiny is owned by US once again!!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz