My Domains Receive Record Christmas Week Traffic

Evening Folks!!

Been a lot of Christmas's for me online. In 1996 and 1997 I would watch my traffic decrease by as much as 90% on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Eventually it went where the 2 days combined would equal one full day. So a 50% loss. Then in the last few years it has been about 15%-20% down.

It was 15% down this year for those 2 days. But the days following more than made up for it. Record traffic levels more than made up for the Christmas decline. First time I have ever seen that in my years. I think a lot had to do with the snow across the USA. I LOVE WHEN IT SNOWS!!

Anyways, just thought you might be interested in my findings.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz Releases First Set of Domain Names.

Morning Folks and Happy New Years!!

While the rest of the world is getting over last night, we are already busy preparing for what we expect will be a very successful project in

Here is the first group of domains we are releasing publicly. What we are looking for is a very narrowly defined group of domains not only capable of being leased but attractive enough to be leased or partnered with.

Great Idea + Great Domain Name + Energetic and Passionate Partners = Best Chance at Great Success

Great Idea + Confusing or second rate Domain Name or extension + Energetic and Passionate Partners = Who knows and maybe who cares.

Just this one variable has the POWER to change the destiny of ANY project.

This is our first group of about 100 3rd party names as well as about 100 of mine. My success is YOUR success. We don't get to pick which ones pop first. We get to offer what we have and the vision we see along with our partners that are nearly 100 strong and comprise some of the most seasoned domainers in the business. A virtual Who's who of domainers because they too share my vision and want us to succeed. Their success is OUR success.

We will release the next group in the next days and by January 31st we will have announced all inventory and we will close further submissions so we can focus on the next phase. We know we have to demonstrate deals and we know we have until TRAFFIC in May to produce some results. That gives us about 100-120 days to move mountains! So when we hit 300 third party domains, we are closing it off. We are not out to tie up inventory. We are just looking for enough inventory to be meaningful and to create a winning formula between domainer and end user.

Is it a perfect list? No. But it is a starting point and the market will grade us. As we demonstrate deals, good deals, solid deals, BIG DEALS, then I am sure things will cure themselves. The next list of 100 is quite strong so wait to see everything we have before making judgements. Once we have the signed contracts we can list publicly. Some we can't make public for another 10 days but I PROMISE you they are top notch.

As we choose the last 50 domains we will be EXTREMELY Picky. So while we won't be able to take many or even most of the submissions, we have decided to make a database of submitted domains that did not make the cut but have obvious value. That way if we do have a call for that sector we don't have to say no.

Some of these domains are to be leased while others will be looking for solutions. So like I said, we look at domains through a different lens because we are trying to do something different.

For example Our end user formula and marketing strategy for calls for an amount of money each year to go towards buying soccer balls for disadvantaged youths in a third world country. There is more than one way to climb a mountain.

We have other domains that are just more favorable to leasing. Either way there is an opportunity for Joint Ventures between the domain owner and us as well as the owner and end user. We are out to transform domains earning $100-$500 a YEAR into making $1000-$5000 and more per MONTH. To take domains making $1,000- $10,000 per MONTH and transform then into long term relationships with an exit strategy based on a creative formula that I personally create PLUS earn at least 10X more than they do today.

As you get to know Danny Welsh, you will know why I have put my trust in him to pull this wagon far beyond what many of us thought possible. This is an impressive fellow with a great work ethic and in it for the long term. He makes nothing unless we make something! Even the deal with Danny took many months to hammer out. It is a long term deal because we have a long term vision. A vision that we both share and everyone should be wishing us great success. Our success really is YOUR success. The chance to finally empower us again and take our destiny back in our control.

Happy New Years!
Rick Schwartz

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