Domainers! LEARN About Domains You Sell. Stop Being so Desperate to Make a BAD Deal!

Morning Folks!!

Domainers! LEARN About Domains You Sell. Stop Being so Desperate to Make a BAD Deal! I just had to repeat that. Domainers are like Diamond miners except a diamond miner knows what a diamond looks like and the fact that some are bigger and better than others.

Most domainers do not know the difference between a $500,000 domain and a $5000 domain. They don't know it on either side. The overvalued pigeon shit and undervalued rare diamonds. WAKE UP!!

I don't know why 'Domainers' don't think it is important to know the difference. All they know is fast sale. No research, no understanding, just set a price and away they go. No rhyme or reason.

And speak about reason. I can take you on a journey on any given day and show folks domains selling for $2000 that have a 6 figure value and ones selling for $2000 with absolutely no value.

Stop treating unique assets that can NEVER be replaced as just 'Inventory'. It is NOT inventory unless you only care about volume. But that's a different game. Many games in domaining. So there are multiple paths to great riches but they all start and end with understanding why one domain is worth 1 million times another domain. Don't ya think???

Having patience is really one of the big keys to domaining. I am not sure why so many act as if they are a cat on a hot tin roof. More deals are lost from just being impatient. They want things right now and when it does not happen right now they get all antsy and frustrated. Take a doggie downer. A REAL deal takes TIME to negotiate. Weeks, months and even years.

So go grab the $5000 now because you don't have the patience to wait for the $500,000 that may only be months away. Instead you will work your ass off, make $50,000 and you will continue to let half million dollar deals just keep slipping thru your hands. Doing NOTHING makes a lot more sense than doing something STUPID.

Think twice before you sell. Think if it is the highest and best use. Stop being desperate and your incomes will skyrocket. GEEZ!!!

Still a bit miffed? Confused? Upset? And? So? If you want to relieve those negative feelings, then I suggest you read the next post that Danny Welsh has authored. It will make some of you VERY SICK! Those of you that left BIG money on the table just to score a dinner out! But it will empower many others who have not made that mistake!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

----- Releases Second Set of Domain Names!

Morning Folks!!

The domains below will join the domains we announced a couple weeks ago. Any outstanding and un-executed contracts will be null and void after next Friday. That will allow us to look at some others we have been holding back on. All submissions close on the 31st. will also be announcing some changes that will not affect the 103 that have already signed up. You are grandfathered in regardless of the terms we change. You believed in us and we owe you!!

In 15 more days we hit the streets and you won't be hearing much from us. The only thing that is changing are all the companies now jumping into the lease game. But we have a different business plan and I have a different play book and different goals. Follow the leader.

Again, we will be representing only 300 3rd party domains. That's it!! We do not want to dilute our efforts or tie up everyones inventory. That is not what we are about. The other 300 million domains can be leased by everyone else. ;-) And remember, you can keep doing whatever you are currently doing to monetize your domain. We simply list and go hunt down end users with a TEAM that we are assembling that will change how we ALL do busness. For the first time in years, 2013 will be the year that your PREMIUM & Category Defining domains finally break out and we are here to make that happen!!

Rick Schwartz

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