You Can’t Lease Sh*t!! 2013 IS the Year of the Domain Lease!

Morning Folks!!

The domain game is not changing. The world is evolving. Domains are exactly the same. You have two basic types of domains. Ones with great FACE value and those with NO FACE VALUE. Face value domains are just easier to develop into a business. When a domain has no face value and is pigeon shit on the surface,then the idea has to carry the day.

It's been about 2 or 3 years since I started defining pigeon shit domains. But now it is time to define the very best domains. The domains that mean something. Domains that can transform a business. Even a 37 year old local candy company in New England.

So now we are talking about lease quality domains. As I have been saying...a very narrow field. A long time domain player has also made the plunge into leasing as have others and by the end of 2013 LEASING will be all the rage with domainers for a simple reason. It takes a $10 a month domain and transforms it into a $1000 a month domain. Domainers will RUN at that opportunity.

Each time a company announces their leasing program it will just reinforce what we do at and why we do it. The difference is the 'How'.

I have poured thru over 30,000 submitted domains and have found 250 that will fit that narrow pipeline. will distinguish ourselves by the deals we do. Of my own domains I have identified 750 out of 6000 that are what I would call good leasing candidates. So just 15% of my own portfolio would qualify after I let 1000 more names drop in the next 12 months.

Folks don't think they can do BIG things. Well I think in 2013 I will demonstrate when you have a big idea and others see the wisdom in that idea then folks will jump on board. Domain leasing IS the way of the future for domainers. Don't take my word for it. WATCH! Watch what happens and what is happening. It is the way today and it was the way in 1995. How do you vault over all those years?

People talk about branding. I can safely say that in basically 60 days we have branded Maybe not to the world. Not yet. But to the domain community. We have branded ourselves and it cost pocket change to do. It was the idea and the domain and the track record. A record that is about to be broken each and every time a new domain company announces their leasing plan.

Leasing has come of age. It is acceptable. It will become more and more acceptable. And it will change lives in a very dramatic way if used wisely.

So congrats and cheers my friends in Turkey and to each and every domain leasing company to come to market! In business the key is staying one step ahead.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz