Breaking: It’s Official, Exciting and Unbelievable. Seeing it for the First Time!!

Morning Folks!!

Everyone is in a rush. There is not enough hours in the day for some. Your time is accounted for from the minute you get up until you crash at night. You keep repeating the process. That squeezes out quiet thinking time.

I spend hours a day thinking. That is my #1 job. I am blessed that I have the time to think. But I constructed that blessing when I was 20. I might have to drive from El Paso to Los Angeles for example. 1200 miles. There was no Sirius radio back then so had a case of 8 tracks. Plenty of time to think. LA to San Fran......400 miles and more time to think. San Fran to Portland and Seattle.....more time to think. Seattle to Denver a load more time to think. Denver to Kansas City and St. Louis And so on. Loads of time.

It gave me time to figure out some of the simple equations of life. Thinking and planning not only save time it helps to insure success. My #1 job is to look for all the pitfalls and see if they are deal breakers or is there a work around. So I think about it. I sleep on it. I forget about it and then come back to it with a fresh set of eyes. It could take even weeks or months. But it is hard and deep thinking figuring out a way forward. Figuring out things before they become a problem.

So if you are in 'Go mode' all the time how are you really setting aside the time you really need to think?

With that said let me tell you what happened today. For the very first time I felt the 'Winds' from my 20 year plan. Don't laugh. Serious stuff.

We have entered the gravitational orbit of what I have seen since 1995. Look back at all my years of writing. Never once have I said that. Matter of fact, it just happened. I just saw it, felt it and realized it this morning and I came running to this keyboard. I can't explain it to you. I had this feeling only one other time in my life and it was the day I drove through the end of the rainbow that I posted about in 2009 during one of these trips in about 1980.

Wow, that was INTENSE!

But I had to share this moment with you. The universe has turned the corner and they are headed our way and we have turned the corner and we are heading their way!!! Time is the ONLY thing that separates us and while we are not in the eye of the hurricane we have entered the gravitational pull of the hurricane I see. I do see evidence of thunder and clouds and we are entering that orbit of winds that I knew would happen and this baby is right on time! PINCH ME!!!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Domain Name Submissions for Coming to a Close for 2013

Morning Folks!!

As of the morning we have accepted 240 domains from nearly 100 different domainers and we have made 100 of them public. Danny and I have decided to close submissions for the first half of 2013 when we hit 300. We believe that taking on a larger amount of inventory will not be in anybodies best interest and will just dilute our efforts in your behalf at this point. We would rather concentrate on a smaller group and demonstrate 10-15 maybe even 20 deals during 2013 that we can build on for the years ahead.

Just a heads up. We MUST be very picky with the remaining 60 domains. Once we get to 250 we will operate like Studio 54. Your domain better be knock out gorgeous for us to take on. When we finally release the full list of 300 names I think you will begin to see a picture of what we are trying to do.

I want to thank folks for giving us some great inventory to work with. To go to the market with and demonstrate why we can help all parties do more business and make more money. When everyone wins nobody loses!!

Just for the record not all GREAT domains are leasing material. Of my 6000 domains I was able to isolate perhaps 10% that I would accept to my own program. So when we decline, it is no reflection of the domains themselves. For the most part we have seen some really nice domains that just were not leaseable.

Thanks for the very widespread support. I know even if you have not submitted any domains you are rooting for our success because you know how important it would be to break things wide open. It's gonna happen folks!!

Have a GREAT day!

Rick Schwartz