Music Man is Coming! An Army of 1800 .mobi’s on Parade. I Mean .Whatever’s

Afternoon Folks!!

Can you even imagine the NOISE we are about to hear from every tom, dick and .whatever coming down the pike? Each are going to tell you why THEY have the extension that will be the second coming and 1790 of them will be absolutely full of shit.

So brace yourself for this avalanche. I don't know how things will ever be the same. A flood of crap is coming our way and nobody reading this can escape it. It may be deafening what goes on. How do these folks compete let alone do it at virtually the same time? We could see about 20 new extensions rolling out EVERY WEEK for 18 months. HA! I have a headache just thinking about what is coming.

The cubicle whores will be magnified by 1800 x who knows. What we will see will be kind of ugly. It's one thing to offer and do business. It is another thing to fight for turf as these folks will be FORCED to do and we will be the poor victims watching this mess all unfold.

The noise oh the noise. Please be ready. They will yell loud and wide and they will get pissed at the mere mention of Mr. Johnson. But the freeway will be so crowded with .whatever's elbowing other .whatevers that we may just have a ringside seat to a demolition derby as this bottle neck heats up.

The 21st century coliseum may be coming right before your eyes. Oh the carnage to come. Big boys could go down hard. Others may hold their fire for 5-10 YEARS waiting for the fire to burn itself out and they can have a better shot. But we are going to see a blood bath on so many levels. And mixed in with that blood will be gobs of money. There will be hundreds of different marketing plans and hundreds of ways to take advantage of their success or failure.

I wish the all luck. I really do hope we have a repeat. If that happens everyone reading this will be just fine.

Just know that wishing and hoping is a fools game. Knowledge has the power to get those $$$. Smart dollars will end up in one place and most of us will be waiting and enjoying the show. Because what comes after is the light of day that will mark 20 years and this derby will be in the history books.

That is what I see and that is how I would describe it. Folks, start you engines! We will be there every step of the way and if one breaks out we will be there too!!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

The Sky is Falling. Domain Values are Falling and a Sucker is Born Every Minute!

Morning Folks!!

They say it is all in the timing. Something I subscribe to. I wrote this post on December 21st as you will easily see below. What was your take away from one of the great events of the era? Maybe the single biggest event of 2012. Advertised for centuries!!

5000 years ago a Mayan salesman was looking for a gimmick. So he came out with a calendar with an ending date and while he died 4960 years ago, his marketing plan was a success. He should be very proud.

Now let's talk to the nuts and suckers that bought into this shit. Yes I know, the day is not over. Of course it is minutes from the next day in certain parts of the world as I write this. And man may have enough technology and evil to actually accomplish that task at some point. We are probably doing that very slowly.

Let me say that Mr. Gimbel, Mr. Macy and Mr Walton would be damn proud of the achievement of this salesman. Did you know that Mayan salesman I invented has a LOT in common with a lot of 3rd tier domainers? They may see something, but if that something can't occur in their ACTIVE lifetime, what value does it really have??

Just add 40 years to your age and see how old you will be and then ask yourself if something that happens in 40 years really going to help you as much as something happening in the next 5 years.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz