Why I Write and Why I Enjoy it.

Afternoon Folks!!

I am approaching my 1300th post in 6.5 years. I average a little over 1/2 post per day during that period. That's a fraction of what most other daily bloggers do. So I would say I get pretty good bang for the buck. I enjoy writing. I use it as a cathartic exercise when I am wronged. I use it as an outlet for me to deeply think about any given subject. I use it to interact with peers and see what they think about this or that. I try to hit a nerve. Move the needle. Do something to disrupt your thought process to provoke you into a discussion.

Sometimes I play the devils advocate. I find it easy to do. It's called being able to see both sides of an issue. Or maybe even 3 or 4 sides.

Sometimes I don't write at all. Sometimes for days, weeks or even longer. But I would rather sit at my keyboard in the morning and have something of interest come to me that I can share. And "Share" is the keyword in my writing. I share what is on my mind. I share how I see things. I share what I believe. It's much easier to do today then when I started in 1996.

Now if I added all, those posts together, well it would be in the many thousands. Some even sound as if they were written yesterday. Those are my favorite ones. The ones that stand the test of time. eRealestate.com was just like a 1996-1999 summary of things that I could assemble. Things have changed so much. Much more to come.

So thanks Mrs. Hall and her "Creative Writing" class.

I have a great post coming tomorrow that I think you folks will really enjoy and one you can get a lot out of. So look for it early tomorrow.

Rick Schwartz


The Government is Closed and How it Won’t Affect You!

Morning Folks!!

The Government is closed. My question is was it really even open?

I don't know many government agencies that work well. Who cares about sending folks home that don't care anyways?

So 800,000 are home today. Maybe they can watch the Price is Right. Better yet, they can go to a government agency that is still open and experience what we do every day.

If it were private enterprise running those agencies they could probably do the same with 8000 people and get better results. The last time there was a shutdown the stock market went up not down. Efficiency is a wonderful thing.

So enjoy the show. So you can't go to the Statue of Liberty today. Big deal. It was closed for many years for renovations.

The Washington Monument won't open today. It was closed for 2 years after that earthquake.

It won't affect a single thing you do today or tomorrow or next week.

Let them all go home and let's just start again.

Rick Schwartz

Domains to Flip and Domains to Keep. Imperative to Know the Difference!

Morning Folks!!

There are domainers that really play the game well and do well. They can spot a $100k or $1MM domain from the Goodyear blimp. Yet others are so busy flipping that they are unable to distinguish the domains to keep. These folks will always work harder. But if they slowed down just a bit, they could work smarter too.

First of all the domain game will never be over until the Internet closes down. So you can get into domaining on any given day and make your fortune. Now I said GET IN on any given day. I did not say GET OUT. Investing is a time game. And you don't need money. You need to buy time. You can get the rights to a domain of great value for a period of time and focus your energy and make some $$$ when you flip. You can target specific domains to flip that you don't even own. There are so many ways and so few have the time to think about that. They always have time for a knee jerk reaction. But going deep. Thinking it all out. Having a plan. Forget about it. Some folks are in too big a rush to fail that they look down at success.

What gives a domain  value is when OTHERS have a need and use for it. When MANY OTHERS have a need and use the value is even higher.

Keywords are important because so many folks have a need, want and desire for them. The more words before and after the keyword is what limits that need. However it could also increase that need if the other word is the perfect match. The extension counts. Gold vs Tin. And folks, Tin, does not just overnight turn  into gold.

Domain game for me is kind of seasonal. I go out, grab my domains and then like a bear, bury them for the winter or winters. I gather and collect. The last thing I think of is eating them. I want to plant them so the fruit it bears can feed me forever. If you pick right there is one mere thing between a $1000 domain and a $100,000. It's called time. Plant the seed. Germinate the seed. Water the plant. Tend to it as needed. Be amazed when it grows into a huge tree and un-amazed when there is a forest. Read that one again!

You have to get out of your comfort zone to change your life. You have to challenge yourself and not be afraid to be challenged. You have to be courageous enough to dare yourself to do things you have never done. Thoughts have to be married with action. Action has to be made by well thought out and good decisions. We all have opportunity crossing our paths each day. Most don't see it so they can't seize it and it drives me crazy sad for them.

Rick Schwartz