Domain Name to be Auctioned off at T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

Evening Folks!!

Yup, that's right, domain name will be auctioned at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. on October 21st in Fort Lauderdale.

Should be very lively bidding as the reserve is less than half of what sold for a few years back.

Wonder who will show up??

Here is the entire list of domains at auction. Silent auction started today.

Rick Schwartz


If You Own the .Com You Can, and if You Don’t, You Can’t! Sorry.

Afternoon Folks!!

If you own the .com, you can use any domain or any gTLD you like and not be hurt by it. It can even help.

However, if you don't own the .com, you will lose traffic. You will pay a penalty for all your ad costs. You will pay a penalty for customers lost.

You will pay a penalty because your business growth may be stunted or not even there. They have been sucked up by those extra costs that would generally be used to grow your business. The money you might have actually put in your pocket as profits.

If you get you MUST own You must! At some point you either will own it or go out of business. The guy that owns is gonna make more than you with no expense. YOU are paying for HIS advertising. THAT is why the .com will benefit from .whatever. Folks can argue the point, it won't make them any closer to being right. It is so obvious that anyone doing this as long as we have should understand it. I am glad the end-user won't. That will make me a fortune and you too!

Do a test. Tell 100 folks by word of mouth and see how many get it right. You will be stunned!

So hope Madison Ave buys into .whatever. I hope they all do. There is no downside for .com but there is a HUGE upside. Huge!

Put in a Superbowl commercial and will have a record day. Guaranteed! He is growing for doing nothing. Getting advertising he could never afford. It is going to be a windfall for .com the likes of which you could only dream about.

Every startup wants their .com when they grow up.

So here is my next prediction. Most of the domainers that lost in .com will try .whatever and see it is even harder. They will get angrier and more frustrated and will lash out in ways we have never seen before. Why? Because they still don't get it. They still don't know the difference between tin and gold, glass and diamonds, water and poison. They will get angry at me for their own shortfalls instead of learning and grabbing their share of the pie.

Rick Schwartz

Picking a Proper Business Name and The Problem with Initials

Afternoon Folks!!

I have watched this for many years. People are always in a rush to choose a name and then they don't choose well. And then they tend to change the good ones. I think the name is a key element of any business. A friend sent me an article from about how companies just gloss over when it comes to their name.

The problem with initials
The latest marketing trend is the use of initials to make a brand seem "hip."

  • JCP instead of JCPenney.

  • DQ instead of Dairy Queen.

  • RH instead of Restoration Hardware.

But just like diet and regular cola, an "initials" name is forever locked with a "name" name.

When consumers see initials, their first thought is, "What do those initials stand for?" JCP only had meaning because consumers associated the initials with JCPenney.

There are many successful brands known by their initials. "AT&T" for American Telephone & Telegraph. "IBM" for International Business Machines. "HP" for Hewlett-Packard. "AARP" for American Association of Retired Persons. "KFC" for Kentucky Fried Chicken.

But name one brand created from scratch with initials only that eventually became a big, successful brand? I can't think of any.

Then why in the world would Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Jack Dorsey, three of the most successful entrepreneurs in America, launch a Silicon Valley advocacy group called ""

  • Mark Zuckerberg founded Not

  • Bill Gates founded Microsoft. Not MS.

  • Jack Dorsey founded Not

Sure, "FWD" is slang for "Forward." But think about this: That's true for every set of initials. They stand for something else. Why not use that "something else" as your brand name?

That is just one of the points made in this article and it is a very good one indeed!

Rick Schwartz

Two New Internet Spammers and Scammers added to Hall of Shame

Morning Folks!!

Two more companies have been added to our spammer and scammer section at Hall of Shame. Is it YOUR company?

First we are going after the obvious folks that have been spamming and trying to scam us for years. These have both been submitted by domainers and we have all been targeted by these scam artists. They try to fool, mislead and then gauge! Our job is to expose them all!

Rick Schwartz

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The Drowning Domainer…..Anchor or Lifeline?

Morning Folks!!

I hate to hear domainers are drowning in their renewal bills. But they are. Many of them. More than we could count. In fact, MOST domainers are probably drowning in renewal fees.

So what to do?

Well if it were me, I would cut my losses and start over armed with whatever new knowledge I might have.

Rick, are you suggesting we drop all our domains?

Yes, that is exactly what I am saying. Pick out your 10 best if there is such a thing and start again without the burden of paying for pure pigeon shit that has no value now and won't have value in 1000 years from now. So just drop it! Drop the crap. I see so-called "Portfolios" without a single domain of value. Hundreds! Sometimes thousands and not a ONE worth even a registration fee.

Sorry, but just because you have domains does not make you a domainer. As I have said before, it resembles more of a Pigeon Shit Farmer.

Now I don't say these things to hurt your feelings. If your feelings are hurt, get over it! My words are more valuable than somebody patting you on the back and telling you what you want to hear.

All I can say is this: There is no reason whatsoever to buy crap. NONE! There are so many great domains that are a fraction of your renewal fees. But you can't buy those cuz you are stuck with shit! Let it go! Start a new path right now. You have that power.

Just remember, less work getting good shit than buying pigeon shit. And believe me, there is no other word or phrase for it. Your domains are meaning challenged. Meaning your domains have no meaning. And if they have no meaning, they have no use. And if they have no use, they are a liability and not an asset.

So you need to learn two things. The difference between a liability and an asset. The difference between a domain name and pigeon shit.

If you are not willing to do that, go look for a job. Nobody can help you until you help yourself.

Rick Schwartz Appoints “ShameMaster”

Morning Folks!!

So "Mr. T" emails me and needs a user name for something on I think about it for a minute and then it comes to me. I invent a new phrase. The Perfect user name. "ShameMaster" a play on both webmaster and toastmasters.

So I am now the self-appointed "Shamemaster" of All I need is a hat and a badge!

And yes of course I registered, and and

Rick Schwartz, ShameMaster