My Little Secret. My True Job Title: Efficiency Expert

Morning Folks!!

If I were really to describe myself and my single greatest strength I would say I am an Efficiency Expert. That is my overall gift. I start from a point of complete inefficiency and work my way forward until I am totally efficient in whatever project I a working on or even life itself. Now I am also sloppy on things that don't really matter. I ignore those things. I don't add them to my clutter.

It is funny how I see things and the parallels I make and the historical point of references I use. I can see through the eyes of a farmer but I have never farmed. I can see through the eyes of a plumber and I have never plumbed. I can see through the eyes of different groups even tho I have never done what they are doing. But I stole certain elements and principles that they live by and have been able to apply them to other things to make parallels that guide me.

Some folks start from the inner sides and work out, I work from the outer sides and work in. I start with the answer and look for the question. I start at the back door and search for the front door. I start at the top of the pyramid not at the bottom corner of it.

All of this just allows me to look at things completely opposite of most others and when you do that it is so easy to pick out what does not belong or find what is missing or whatever you need to do. Then when you add human nature into the mix it gets even more complex but easier to spot the pitfalls. See things going south before they do go south. Some are like neon signs.

It is why I knew in 1996 that the .com name would replace the 800 number as the lifeline of every entity on earth. Certain of it to my core. Like everything I had ever learned was so I would realize that one piece of information that would become life changing.

I was certain of that fact to unfold and that was the only thing that mattered. The result. The end game. Setting up the umbrella on the beach because they even knew they would look for the beach. That was working from the end and working back. That is taking one parallel and applying it to another medium to finding and EXACT ANSWER and then betting the farm on it. I have the start and the end. You all can QUIBBLE about the middle! I start with the answer and look for the question and here I sit waiting for others to do the same and they are. So I know their destination and their need, want and desires when they get there. Before they even know the question. Before they ever even enter the race. Before their journey begins. That is called a 20 year head start. And when you know exactly where they are heading, the hardest job is patience and that job is over.

I try and triage life at every point. Jump right to the end and then look for the masses at the starting point.

Rick Schwartz