Schwartz vs Schilling. The Big Showdown! Rumble on the Beach!

Afternoon Folks!!

We are less than 24 hours away from what could be an important moment in domaining as Frank and I will go toe to toe tomorrow. Is that a headlock Frank has me in below from earlier today?



All kidding aside, should be great banter as we agree on many things but see some of those things completely differently.

11:30AM tomorrow.

Rick Schwartz



It’s Showtime 2013 in Fort Lauderdale!!!

Morning Folks!!

Well, if there is an award for "Last man standing" I think TRAFFIC has the inside track! Today we start our 10th anniversary year and we have a great crowd about to gather and move their businesses forward.

Last night Adam Dicker hosted his 2nd annual dinner at Shula's and it was a blast!! I am sure Ron Jackson will post this year's portrait later today. The gathering was top-notch and Adam brought his Father-in-law "Dave" for his 3rd TRAFFIC and brought his 2 kids to their first TRAFFIC. I dubbed them the "Two little Dickers". I don't think they were too thrilled by the reference. But it was still funny. :-)

There is no higher compliment than to bring your family to TRAFFIC. So thank you Adam!! Look forward to chatting with your sons over the next couple days.

Today we have another full day of Cabana Networking before the official activities begin at 5:30.

So for those here, WELCOME to TRAFFIC 25!!

For those that could not make it, we miss you and hope to see you all very soon.

Just know one thing, the era we are now in is absolutely golden and regardless of the setbacks you may have had in the past, the future is bright if you employ what you have learned. The recession lasted 5 years and we will suffer the effects of that for at least another 5 years. However that period is now over. Money is flying like it hasn't in years. Not everyone is getting their share. Must of that will change by this time next year. We are in for ROARING times. World currency has been devalued, money is looking for new investments to keep pace, so let the party begin!

Rick Schwartz

You have to Overpay to Win!

Morning folks!!

I have said for many years it was okay to overpay for a great domain name. You should want to overpay!

See, by definition, if you win an auction, you over paid. You over paid the market. You out bid the market. You were willing to pay more than anyone else. And my friends, that is a GOOD thing. You are buying the future not the past. Think about that.

And it is better to overpay in a market than underpay where there is no market. But if you do choose to underpay, then just prepare to be patient and wait.

The single greatest validation of value is traffic. Not the amount of traffic, just ANY traffic. 7 billion people and it you think differently than those 7 billion while picking domain names, you may find yourself stranded in space. How many days do you think could go by without one single person out of 7 BILLION not thinking like you? 1 day? 10? 100? 365?

A domain with no traffic can still have great value. But if you are not making ends meet, start with type ins. They are still being born every single day of the week if you are aware. And FIRST to think of it! But if not, then overpay for domains that have value until you hone your skill. To this day, I overpay. Not because I want to, but because this is all time sensitive and being cute is the best way to lose a great domain. You don't always have to bargain. Sometimes better to just pay the asking price.

Rick Schwartz

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