Do you want to Control an Empire or just a Single .whatever Domain Name?

Evening Folks!!

This post may not be as meaningful without reading my first post earlier today. = empire.

.Candy= empire

BUT,, = unlimited variations =


hard.candy, chocolate.candy, dietetic.candy single domain names that are difficult and may be impossible to expand and compete with each other. They are likely owned by hundreds of different folks. That seems to divide a market not be able to take over one.

So the latter you have to win all 3 variations and the hundreds of thousands of others to take control but with you get them all as add-on.

So I as the .com owner compete with the registry not with the single domains. I already own those. All the others compete with each other. I have EVERY variation and combination they can come up with. EVERY single one and the confusion all those folks combined will cause will also cause to grow and expand and become bigger and more powerful.

And the owner of the whatever.candy owns ONE! He controls ONE! And he expands how??

My value is DESTINED to skyrocket and I just demonstrated  ONE reason why. Just one. There are many. It has taken me 2 YEARS and dozens of blog posts right here that examined this issue from top to bottom and side to side.

And tomorrow I will be posting the video that will be watched from every corner of this industry and beyond. I hope it plays as well out here as it did inside the conference room. We kicked things around and everyone made their points and the future tells all.

Rick Schwartz


And the Big Winner is??? Sub-Domains!

Morning Folks!!

At the end of the day I believe it will be sub-domains that will be the most triumphant of all. When it is all said  and done, sub-domains have more of a chance to bring order and clarity to the Internet than all the .whatevers.

There were no skyscrapers before room ran out and they had to build up. So if their argument is right, they have just as good a chance to build up, as build on .whatever. But it will be the headwinds of .whatever that will drive the building of skyscrapers. These fortune 500 companies already have their skyscrapers and since they are about branding why would they want to sheer away their power and stature by their own hands?? Makes no sense to me.

So I look at my 404's and sub-domains are #1. What are they looking for there? How did they get there? Why?


Point is as the .com owner I have ALL variables and they don't. They have 1.

Test it yourself.


Which do you think would be easiest to teach the masses? Look what happens below. Are those links? Typos? Huh?

If is your root, then pretty easy to go left of the dot and insert any and every product.Now I know you can do that with Sneakers.Nike.But what happens when you forget the space.Is that Nike.But.I am very confused because I am not sure if it is a typo.But probably not.I am sure it is something else. Of course .com denotes internet and a little less confusing.But choose your poison.

And a sub-domain can be divided again and again.

.com says Internet.

Why not take the 800 off of the toll-free and add something else?? There is a reason. 800 number means telephone. It means free call. It means easy. It meant in the old days that you did not need a dime in the phone booth to call an 800 number. Convenience.

.com has the same things instilled in us. The masses. Nearly 20 years of constant advertising and constant hearing of something.

The future is nothing more than a casino. But that casino works on historical and empirical evidence to tilt things one way or another.

Rick Schwartz


100 Year Old Parking Lot

Morning Folks!!

If you look to the center right in the picture below you will see a parking lot. Pay Per Park or Pay er Click. SAME THING! I took the photo earlier this week from my Room at the Ritz.

The lot has been there for decades. Maybe it was something else at one time. Maybe it was once developed. Maybe not. Fort Lauderdale is 101 years old. He pays hs taxes and he has a nice lot a block away from the ocean. That's all we do. And once in a while somebody may come along with a larger  and grander plan. Maybe a hotel. Maybe a skyscraper. It's been the way of the world for a very long time. The perfect parallel. Don't ever second guess it!


Rick Schwartz