So What does a Clusterfuck Really Look Like?

Morning Folks!

Yep, hide the kids. No asterisk today.  Today I get to ask a real question.

So what does a Clusterfuck Really Look like? Seems clusterfucks are the new normal. Got insurance?

But I'm not going to get political.

So what does a Clusterfuck Really Look like?

"In the event a Fortune 500 company network infrastructure fails to work because of collision, the damages that just one company  could suffer could easily exceed all of ICANN assets."

First of all that might be a breath of fresh air.

But what happens if this untested .whatever results in collisions and crashes?

"Paul Rosenzweig, Esq from the law firm of Chertoff Group & David Fagan, Covington was on hand to tell everyone the consequences and potential liability that ICANN, new gTLD’s registries,  backend providers and even registrars might face if all new gTLD’s are allowed to go to delegation without any attempted mitigation for collisions and collisions actually occur resulting in large corporate networks to go down or existing domains to stop resolving.

To summarize Mr.Rosenzweig comments now that the collision report is out ICANN and everyone else in the food chain of likely defendants are on notice that this issue may cause damage to companies, ICANN cannot sit by without taking some action."

Now I have said Berkens is like having your own research staff.

The motivation came from this post he did yesterday.

So in case you want to know what a clusterfuck looks like, we may still be on the verge of seeing one. Chances are not high, but then again, this is a TEST!! If it goes south, it's a clusterfuck.

And guess what. This may only be one of many possible clustrfucks coming to an Internet near you.

Y2K? Maybe. then again, maybe not.

Rick Schwartz


Dot Brand or Dot What?? Afilias gTLD report released

Morning Folks!!

Afilias conducted a recent survey and .gTLD owners may not be encouraged. Tho I believe those numbers will change in time, what remains to be seen is will those numbers eventually climax and then back off? It measures things like awareness, trust and reaction. Worth the read for sure!

"89 percent of women in the UK and 86 percent in the US admitted they were not aware of these new TLDs, compared to the 68 percent of uK males and 78 percent of American men who were unaware of these changes."

Rick Schwartz

You Need to be Provocative to Provoke Debate!

Morning Folks!!

So for those interested in .whatever it will spark a debate inside their kitchens, offices, and boardrooms. Don't ya think? Even if it is the entrepreneur thinking about it in the shower.

So then please follow the yellow brick road. They ponder between .com and .whatever. They weigh the pros and cons.  They discuss various issues. There is not a straight line nor is there an either or decision to be made. See the path will start as a volley between .com and .whatever. It will quickly morph into a discussion about .net, .org, .info, .us and other alternatives. So anyone that believes that won't be happening are completely miscalculating.

So from that the debate it is no longer about .com vs .whatever because all those variables just came on the paying field and .whatever went from a 50/50 scenario  to one of many alternatives. and then divide the 50/50 debate on one side by 700. 700 splinters perhaps?

THAT is how people really think IF they even get that far. Most don't care. Will never care and you can't do a thing to change their ways. We saw it. We did not plan it. I was just as surprised as many of you. Some did not even believe it. I was shocked in fact. Well not really. We may have come a long way in 20 years but for them, the race means nothing. It's a horn blowing in traffic and they could care less. Most could not care less. Their reply will be, "we already have a domain name".

Remember, I do a lot of talking with store owners and I know their mindset. It's sad. Its shocking. But it's also reality. The proof? Go into stores and ask. You will see that what you saw is a pretty good and accurate representation of what is out there. It was funny, but it sure made our hearts sink to know we have that much more to do. Even the young guy in his 20's or 30's said his site was under construction and he uses "Facebook".

All I can do is urge you to find 10 store owners to talk to and you will see the mountain we still have to climb. Do I lean against .whatever? Yes. But that des not mean I am going to be blind to opportunity if I see it. But at this juncture, there is no there yet. People can throw all the numbers around that they want. But at the end of the day, go see how many view Schwartz/Shilling had so far. Bet it surprises ya. I can do an entire post about that. 800 after 3 days on top of That's it!! Not thousands....hundreds!

We are told that most people are not online and that is what many hold on to. However when we show that video, everyone laughs. Well don't laugh, THOSE are the folks YOU are relying on. Good luck with that. That is what motivated me to write this post and now I think it makes more sense. "I want to teach the world to sing" because you can start right there on Las Olas and I got news for ya, they ain't gonna change their minds or learn to sing.

Now it will affect domainers. If you own a lot of pigeon shit, it may turn into pigeon diarrhea as these worthless names become less valuable. lol Sad but true. Now it won't affect domains that mean something even if it has several words in it.

Rick Schwartz