HallofShame.com Watch List Updated with QLP.com!

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The Hallofshame is becoming a busy place and once again we will be expanding. But that is for another day. Tonight it is to announce another case on HallofShame's Reverse Domain Name Hijacking watch list. QLP.com and the suit brought by Quality Logo Products, Inc.


Now just because they are listed does not mean they will be found guilty.


On the other hand, the evidence may point strongly to that outcome.

YADAY!!! LOL!!! TOO FUNNY! Just my personal opinion.

Rick Schwartz


Rick’s Personal Picks for the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Auction

Afternoon Folks!!

Below are my picks for the 2013 TRAFFIC Auction. There are some bargains and as I have said before, a domainer starting with the portfolio below would be in better position than 90% of all domainers. And any domainer that can't see a domain of value on this list, well draw your own conclusions. For me to see a list of a 100-150 names and say there are a few that I would like to have in my portfolio is a good list in my book. I can see thoud=sands of domains until my eyes bleed and not find one that would make this list. Not every domain is for every domainer. But when you have one word domains with no reserves, it's worth paying attention to.

So my picks are all of them in each price level because I picked them. These are the best domains available during our submission period. And there are enough good domains at terrific prices that I think you will see our biggest auction since Howard and I started producing them ourselves a couple years ago.

Under $100k



Sold as pair:






Under $75k



Under $50k




Under $25k





Under $10k






Under $7500

Package of three:











Sold as pair:









Under $5000





Group of "Polo Domains"













Under $3000














Under $2000









Under $1000












No Reserve













Sold as pair:





































MagicChannel.com, MagicChannel.net, MagicChannel.org



Headwinds of .Whatever Illustrated in Real Time with .Me

Afternoon Folks!!

I like the .me extension. I own 1/3 interest in some of the best .me's (Date.me, marry.me, and love.me) and was 1/3 partner in the sale of Meet.me.

But the problem with .me is that you can not just stick any word in front of it and expect value. It is SCREAMING for  a VERB but at least a NOUN! But verbs are action and that is what .me needs. Action! Or a personal nam that has limited value in many cases. Once you get out of that realm, there are few naturals and naturals are what any .whatever is going to be about.

Right now Cax.com is running an auction of over 800 .me domains. probably the largest auction of .me's I have ever seen. But after a week or more, only 3 have bids. They are all VERBS! And only one of the three has commercial value in my book and that could be limited.

So here is a real world example of the headwinds to come with .whatever and a little look inside of the elements that are missing in many of the gtld's. And if those things are missing that means fewer people use them. Fewer people advertise them and fewer people know of them. Some gtld's are so limited that their hopes of selling enough to support themselves is also limited and may be a complete challenge. They throw around these big numbers and I sit here and wonder how they made that leap. They ain't sold shit yet and they are in the millions and hundreds of thousands. The first 1000 may be more challenging than they ever expected. And some will smother their own extensions by hoarding the best keywords. Sex.mobi is still owned by .mobi. It probably could have garnered $500k if they sold it when the iron was hot. How much is sex.mobi worth today?

I use actual past events to support my position. Those events hold the answers to those events yet to unfold because those that walk the same path are likely to end  up in the same place. Or same ditch.

Rick Schwartz


A Meaningless .com Domain Name vs Meaningful .whatever

Morning Folks!!

A meaningless .com has no value. None. I would rather have a one word .whatever. Worthless is worthless and a risk beats worthless. Did I just change my view? Hell no! Just gave a starting point comparison. I will go into it much deeper as you read on. I just described the POINT where .whatever comes into play for ME and maybe for YOU too.

As I said this morning on DomainSherpa, if you pick crappy .coms you are not going to be able to pick better .whatevers.

When I buy a domain for $10 I don't count it as a $10 purchase. I count it as a $100 purchase because I am buying and looking at it as a 10 year purchase. So when I see a domainer with 1000 worthless domains and he is broke and does not know what to do I just wonder why he does not dump every one of them. Keep your best 10 IF you really even have a best 10. But a portfolio with 1000 domains to me is a guy with a $100,000 worth of spending power and he does not know how to use that power. How to make a 10 year deal with that $100k. Consolidate to 1 domain or a handful of them. Pay them off over time.

When I ask somebody to tell me their 2 or 3 best domains and they can't, guess what? They can't for a reason. That's sad.

A $100,000 domain can be bought TODAY and with the same $$$ you would pay on registration fees for pigeon shit, one can actually buy something life changing. So many ways to climb this mountain and find gold but folks have weighed themselves down with aluminum foil and dirt.

And for folks that go after .whatever. you better be focused on 1 word domains that actually mean something. If you play it the way you are today with 3 and 4 unrelated words.....not going to happen in 1000 years! If the left of the dot has no relation to the right of the dot, then what do you have? A recurring bill is what you have.

What happened to all those guys with a million domains in their portfolios? They are gone! That game is over. Few survived. That's about to happen to those with crappy domains. Even with a .com. Today I gave an example of a crappy domain. Something I seldom do but on DomainSherpa, that is the job description. EcommsConsulting.com was the one I picked during the show to talk about. What do you want me to say? It's worthless from where I sit. And it is worthless for a number of reasons. If you want to debate the point, don't. Just go buy it from him instead. But I give solid reasons why it has no value.

Folks are wasting tens of thousands of dollars by not taking the time to do it right. I keep saying how sad it is. Especially when the market is filled with bargains. Great domains at bargain basement prices all over the place and probably for the very last time. By this time next year, THAT game will be over as well and there will be plenty of .coms dying on the vine.

Worthless was worthless from the get go. But events move even worthless right off the table to oblivion.

However it is still a false choice whether anyone is really forced to use a non .com.

See for $500-$2500 there are GOOD domains that would serve the needs for ANY business. Some are really good domains. They are plentiful. Just because folks have yet to make the mental leap of the real world parallels I have talked about for all these years does not change the facts of what is coming and the mental leap that they will eventually make. That takes EXACTLY 20 years to change that mindset. I ask only one question"

"If you open a store in your town today wherever that town is, how much does it cost?"

Please you MUST add up each and every expense. Yes, garbage counts. Yes, insurance counts. Yes the furniture counts. Yes the employees count. Yes the electric counts. Yes the RENT counts. Yes it ALL counts. How many thousands is that on an annual basis? How about over 10 years? How big is the radius of your service? Is it worldwide or only as far as a few miles. Could it be worldwide? Can you expand? How much would that cost?

Your damn store SIGN alone would cost you more than the domain name.

This is all almost primitive that so few have connected the dots. But as you see the sales going up, they are starting to figure out just how powerful a great domain is and how inexpensive it is to maintain over the years. Expand over the years. I mean that alone should do the trick.

40% of business is "Word of mouth" and few on the Internet have gotten that memo. If you know that 40 cents of every dollar you make is word of mouth then you would think folks would focus on what might be the biggest pool of customers they have. So .whatever has to do one thing and one thing only. It MUST be memorable and easy to communicate to 3rd parties that you do not communicate directly to.

If that communication is confused and they end up somewhere else, then you lose. And if that somewhere else is a competitor, then you feed him while you starve. You grow HIS business while destroying your own. You work for him as his slave and he laughs and you don't even know you are that slave.

I talk about the foundational elements that make a domain have great value to multiple parties as opposed to domains so isolated and out there that it is like waiting for a Greyhound bus at the North Pole. Good luck with that.

Rick Schwartz

The Cubicle Whores are Coming!

Morning Folks?

What is a cubicle whore? First off "Cubicle" can be spelled 2 ways. Cubicle or Cubical. Tho cubicle is the commercial cubical we are talking about.

Home sweet home to the cubicle whore.

Well there are several types. The most common cubicle whore is the guy or gal or guy disguised as a gal that have a mission to try to stop reality from running them over like a steamroller. They are folks that are paid to rebut comments I might make that are not good for their business. The worse things get for them the more desperate they get. Some companies hire 2 people to do this and other companies get it done right at the top. CEO and President because they have everything to lose. But generally a cubicle whore works for a company and what they are doing is approved by the company or at minimum they look the other way.  And of course they are generally unknown and use fake names because if you found out who that little whore was, he/she would be drummed out of the industry like a Serial Reverse Domain Name Hijacker would be.

Now cubicle whores are not intellectually honest so they have to hurl insults at you. They don't get PAID to have a debate and discussion and find answers. They are paid to PREVENT that debate from happening. See people are not stupid and they won't willingly eat shit. So what do you suppose happens when they get discovered trying to serve up that shit?

Now there are also the renegade cubicle whores that work for themselves as "Domianers" and since they have had such a bad time of things they take a general post personally and go off the deep-end. They enter a 10-20 year game and get frustrated when things don't pan out in 20 minutes or 20 days or 20 weeks. They seldom make it to 20 months. I mean haven't we been doing this long enough to know how many folks just disappear.

Life is about revenue streams. Those that have streams are generally happier than those searching for them or frustrated they don't have any. Nobody ever said it was easy. But if you spend one second of your energy going after me, then by definition there must be something ill in your life. I love when people take their anger and frustrations out on me. I spend countless hours trying to share what I see, when I see it and why I see it. And for some that is a threat more than their poor fragile souls can handle.

Motives and agendas are going to make a triumphant return. There are many millions of dollars at stake and some are not prepared to lose those millions but the reality of the market might get in the way. It will be my fault that they fail. Just ask them.

Fight the idea to the bitter end is fine and great and as it should be. The moment these cubicle whores go negative and personal they expose themselves. The moment they refuse to give you a point when a point is made they expose themselves. The moment the debate turns from rational to irrational they expose themselves. The moment they can't argue the facts they expose themselves. There are other tell-tale signs of these folk. Sometimes they have a butt-buddy to help them. They leave fingerprints like a racoon. They close their eyes and think they are invisible. And when they get exposed, they coming CRYING for another chance or they just disappear and get a new fake name.

So while there have been months of healthy respectful debate. An era of calm. That will be changing in the months ahead. Like I have been saying, there will be a lot of elbows flying. Some against me. Some against you and some against each other. It is a natural phenomenon. It will repeat itself every single time. Go read or watch Lord of the Flies right now and then you will understand how I can see before it unfolds because it happens the same every single time. Get a group of 10 people together and they will experience harmony and challenge and leaders will emerge and there is always struggle for this and that. A democracy turns into a battle.

That is why history is important as it DOES repeat itself and I can tell you the EXACT stages that are coming this being one of them. It happens in every single time. You have all seen this movie before so don't be surprised when it happens again.

Legit companies will debate with facts and evidence and be able to demonstrate things clearly. The others all have to be magicians. They have to invent. They have to use sleight of hand and word. They have to resort to all type of antics because they can't stand toe to toe with ideas and the facts to match them. The reality to back them up. The evidence needed to sway and persuade. So they act more like thugs with masks on and they sit where they sit. But my illustration is a cubicle whore because that is as far as they are going when they waste their energy on nonsense.

So however you want to spell it, these folks are coming in numbers that are going to overwhelm our small community. As I have been saying, many companies in our space now have and will have more people working for them than all the surviving domain investors in the world. That means less and less qualified voices speaking out.

Rick Schwartz