Final TRAFFIC Agenda now Posted. .Kiwi Joins Team Schilling

Afternoon Folks!!

The final agenda and list of speakers for TRAFFIC, beginning this weekend, is now posted. It's wall to wall with content and it will be great fun as well. If you are a speaker, please check the online schedule as some times have been changed.




Lastly, we know that our attendees and sponsors have paid substantial sums to attend and participate in T.R.A.F.F.I.C. We therefore have a problem with those who feel that they can come to the area and meet with our attendees at no cost to them.  This is not fair to those who came in the "front door".

If you want to come to TRAFFIC, please do not come through the "back door". If you have a financial hardship, let me know and we
can work something out.  Just so we are clear. This is a sore subject, but I like clarity and hope this does not become an issue.

Please travel safe and we look forward to welcoming you and your families!

Rick Schwartz

Need, Want Desire According to Business Insider and KFC

Morning Folks!!

Need, want desire are things I cannot stress enough. It is at the core of any and all business and unknown to most.

When I see it there, I see a winner. When I see it not there, I question the premise.

Now you can create need, want and desire but that takes some work.

In an article that just came out in it may help you understand just how important this really is.

"I believe great innovations evolve from studying products that already exist in the market, thinking about how they can be improved and asking: What do consumers need and want?"

I will continue to validate this, write about it and how it is key to what we all do.

Need, want , desire, value =sale

Rick Schwartz

You Either Have a Keen Eye for Domains that Others Want or you Don’t.

Morning Folks!!

You either have a keen eye for domains that others would want or you don't. Isn't that the heart of domaining? Picking locations others would want to build on in case you don't build on it first.

You can't think the way YOU want to think, you have to think the way that THEY think. Who is they? They is the market. They is the market that assigns value. Value happens over time. You can use comparisons to a certain degree. But it is based more on the other "C" called "Circumstance" and that can not be measured in this market or in any market.

Need, want , desire drive a market and value makes a market. Value is subjective because it is based on a need. That need has different levels of value. That need to a lemonade stand has one value. The need for a car manufacturer has a different value and probably greater value. So if you don't distinguish the two, you are leaving dollars on the table.

Rick Schwartz