My Favorite Domain Name Thrill.

Morning Folks!!

It may sound funny, but this is true. One of the real thrills I get is when I get an email. In the subject of that email is a domain name. One I instantly like! One that I want to buy and own. I get a thrill from that.

But that is not the thrill I am talking about. The thrill I am talking about is when I realize that the domain in the subject line is one I already own. That my friends is a thrill!

Rick Schwartz

Team Schwartz vs Team Schilling at T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

Morning Folks!!

Each day the gTLD rollout gets a little clearer to me. Last night was the first time I ever went down the list of those hundreds of extensions. Some of these folks are going nowhere. Their extensions are so limited, I have no idea what they are thinking. Selling hundreds of thousands? Millions? I think maybe they will get a few hundred. Some of the extensions are that bad.

I am still musing over .accountant and .accountants. No confusion there!

In less than 2 weeks Team Schwartz vs Team Schilling will rumble at TRAFFIC!

This tag team match will toss it all around. We will debate gTLD's and Frank and his team will tell you what they see and me and my team will tell you why they are looking at it wrong. It will be fun. it will be lively and it will be packed!

I have not picked my team yet. Contact me if you would like to joining Team Schwartz or Team Schilling.

Frank will be joined by Monte Cahn from, Jeffrey Sass of .CLUB and 1 other operator. I will be joined by just 1 other domainer still to be named.

There will be a boxing ring placed in the middle of the seminar hall.

Just kidding about the boxing ring!

Seriously, this is going to be fun and exciting and it just may STEAL the show! The byproduct may be clarity!

Rick Schwartz

The T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Halloween Party

Morning Folks!!

The countdown is on as the last few days before TRAFFIC and our 10th Anniversary year begins!

For those Early Birds that will be coming to TRAFFIC next Friday, you are invited to be our guest at the Full Moon Halloween Party hosted by the Ritz-Carlton.

Last night the hotel still had 5 rooms left for Friday and Saturday nights. So this is the last call for those rooms.


Rick Schwartz