A Personal Note to all the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Speakers

Good Afternoon Folks!!

As I have stated previously, our sessions were among the best attended ever. The content was real and it was unvarnished and it was stuff you can use right now. But that would not happen without the speakers. The speakers are golden and they are all willing to share. They don't agree on a lot of things and that is why we can hear both vistas of opinion and come to your own conclusions.

So these speakers come to TRAFFIC for a few days and I rope them in to appearing on stage and helping me out. I literally could not do it without them. They give of their time, energy and thought process and I don't thank them enough for what they do to make TRAFFIC such a great event. YOU are TRAFFIC.

So thanks to each and every one of you. Your testimony in the future will be even more important than it is now.

And of course a special thanks to Frank Schilling and Adam Dicker for each holding great dinners. Memorable dinners. Vivid experiences. Plus appearing on panels and Frank participating in a fantastic debate over gTLD's. A debate that I expect to post right here this Friday that was so much fun and was just so cool. So thank you guys so very much. Adam's seminar was worth the price of admission. Schwartz/Schilling was worth the price of admission. Berkens says Meeting of the Chiefs was worth the price of admission .

Thank you to all speakers. Lonnie, thanks for being on Team Schwartz. Ron Jackson, thanks for chronicling the event that is so well done you feel like you are there.

Andee Hill who enlightened us and played a key role in the auction with the help of Escrow.com.

Ammar with his spiffy wardrobe and fantastic taste in robes and the "Toga Party" that followed at Gregg McNair's suite. No details available.

Finally the Michaels. Michael Berkens for all he does throughout the year. The Domains.com keeps me posted on the things I need to know. The guy is like having a research staff on payroll. Michel Cyger, just doing a great job for the industry and a tip of the hat!

Now if I keep going I will never finish this post. I just can't thank the speakers enough. The most knowledgeable people on the planet when it comes to domaining.

To everyone else, my deep gratitude and if I were not so exhausted I would go on and on and on. I will have more posts about what I saw as a result of this show. Clarity for one thing. But I have to save that for another day and another post. We are a special business fraternity of forward thinkers that are happy to welcome new folks and have deep regard for each other and their accomplishments. Salute!

Rick Schwartz

Industry “Mood” Very Upbeat

Afternoon Folks!!

What was the takeaway from TRAFFIC 2013? The mood of those coming to TRAFFIC was more than optimistic. It was almost giddy! I don't think we have seen such excitement since 2007-2008 and I think everyone attending knows we are about to blow the doors off of business. What is coming is what I have been saying all summer in post after post on subject after subject. I wanted to be CRYSTAL CLEAR about the BOOM that is HERE! Here! Not coming. HERE!

A culmination of many years brought us all to this point and from here I see nothing but great things as far as this business is concerned. Now if you are not getting your fair share, change your game and how you approach it. Revise. Clean and clear away previous misconceptions.

Nobody says it is easy but the opportunity is there and with a little effort and thought and planning, you can seize that opportunity. We had a house full of folks at TRAFFIC and they were there for a specific reason. Seize opportunity and they did!

Like I said, you will hear about it as time goes on. You will hear from not just me. But I always want to be on record. And on record early.

As I have said for many years, Howard and I simply facilitate things so you can do months worth of business in HOURS.

So these are THE most exciting times in domaining to date. While some domainers tanked because they played a short-term game, they can still regroup, rethink and try again. It's not a horrible thing to start over armed with what you have learned.

The most surprising thing? The sessions were some of the heaviest attended ever and it was far from our largest show. Very interesting dynamic. Folks were on their game and very cordial and it was just a great week overall.

TRAFFIC does one thing that I think is priceless. It recharges your internal business battery and outlook in a way that is very helpful and meaningful.

The next 12 months will be what dreams are made of. An avalanche of deals are being done. Stunning deals. So all I can say is don't sell yourself short. You have unique assets that have great value.

Rick Schwartz


TRAFFIC 2013, One for the History Books!

Morning Folks!!

TRAFFIC 2013 is winding down and from all accounts, may have been one of the best TRAFFIC shows to date.  I even enjoyed it.

It was fun, light, serious, passionate and LOTS of business was done. Business you will be hearing about well into 2014.

I want to personally thank each and every attendee for coming and not only hope we met your expectation but exceeded them.

And of course I want to congratulate all the award nominees and the winners for each category. Well done!

I expect by Friday to post the Schwartz/Shilling Tag Team Match right here.

Rick Schwartz