It Takes 20 Years to Germinate the Seed of Change. Here is How I Picked 20 Years.

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Some think I just pulled the 20 year number out of thin air. They would be thinking wrong. It was a calculated number based on more factors than I have time to list. But it starts with 18-36 months that most any business needs to germinate. It includes population, human behavior, parallels and other timelines throughout history.

So when I considered all the variables and the enormity of what was about to take place and how long that adaptation would take, it came out to 20 years. I looked at it from several different views and each of those views yielded the same answer. 20 years. And when I wrote about this crap in 1996 you can imagine the even bigger crap I was met with and a chorus of laughter. Laughter that I used to reinforce the course I could clearly see and nobody else would even look at.

Along the way I had to prove certain things at certain points or it would all be blah, blah, blah. And so I did. And now on the eve of year 18 I am going to savor and enjoy and relish in what is at our doorstep. The crystallization and the reality of it all happening exactly as scheduled.

For years I have talked about mile markers that marked the way as proof of where this was all heading. Here is a post from December 201o entitled:

"My Annual Post 2010, The Viral Social Mania and Now….The Home Stretch 2011-2015"

What is the difference now in 2013? The difference is what I have been saying and seeing are now within sight for many. Those mountain ranges can now be seen. It is not a 20 year plan any longer. It is now merely a 2-3 year plan. A manageable plan. That timeline and time range is within sight and I am just going to enjoy the hell out of it! Hope you enjoy it too.

In 2003 $1.32MM sale was a rarity and made newspapers around the world and even on CNN and other broadcast media. Today a 1.35MM sale is not a big deal at all. There have been more 7 figure deals done in the last 90 days than perhaps the preceding few years. More are coming. Many more. An avalanche of these deals are coming. It was need, want, desire that could be seen nearly 18 years ago when they were a value few could see or understand.

Rick Schwartz

.Biz Screams “Fly by Night”. Why Perception is Everything. I Review Current Extensions. Good, Bad and Ugly!

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Ok, this post is gonna piss some folks off. It is not meant to and I hope my explanation stands on its own.

I never talk much about .biz as an extension because for whatever reason, my perception of the .biz extension is "Fly by night". I can't help that. It is how I think each and every time I hear a .biz. Call me prejudice. I can't explain it in words other than to say I know the type folks that bought into .biz. Another "Second coming" that never materialized. The "Z" crowd.

I hear .info registrations are down. That is not surprising. Domainers registered some of the worst domains I have ever seen under .info. So that accounts for the loss of domains registered. However, I still see .info as a viable extension when matched up correctly that might get a second look.

.TV is still a powerful extension matched with powerful end users. It is nt universal like .com, but it allows everyone in the world to broadcast their own TV shows and have it designated as such.

.Me is a nice extension when matched with a proper verb or noun that fits the extension. Again, limited but powerful.

.Org is for charities and non-profits and works best when match up to help the human cause.

.Net is an orphan that may get a second look with 700 .whatevers but still tough to build your main identity on without losing traffic/customers to the .com. Confusion sucks.

ccTLD's all have their purpose in their home markets. The minute that market spills over their physical borders, it is time for the .com

.Mobi is just a loser But with .mobile coming does .mobi get a second chance or do we have Loser #1 and Loser #2?

.Co, is simply confusion central and when the end-user or start-up, grows up, they will want the .com. Why? It will be cheaper and more rewarding to harness those already looking for them than the expenditure of advertising for new hit and miss business.

.US, don't write it completely off just yet. See if the 700 new extensions unfold the way each of these operators believe, than there is little question that the extensions already existing will also get a second look during that decision-making process.

.Com, King of the hill. An empire that will rule for the lifetime of every domainer and end-user reading this. It is just starting to gain traction not the other way around. But as always, marginal domains are worth marginally less today. When you buy slum property, prices don't go up easily. When you buy oceanfront property, you set record sales after record sales. The asset goes up and up. Simple parallel.

.Whatever, I will review each as they come to market. Most will be one word reviews. MeaningFUL or meaningLESS.

.Web, I would say the biggest open question at this moment is will .web be another .net or another .com? This is the most universal sounding name. This is where we get back to perception. Domainers won't judge the outcome they will simply BET on the outcome! HUGE difference! So if you don't look at it right, hard to get it right.

The best will rise to the top naturally. It won't be forced. The extensions will either be universal or limited in scope of combinations that make sense. There is an infinite amount of ones that don't make sense. Matter of fact, domainers have cornered the market on worthless domains. Sad but true.

.Aero, .Travel, are not even on the radar at this juncture so nothing much to say. I was seeing some .travel commercials last year, but have not seen them in a very long time. Indicating that the results were not stellar.

Rick Schwartz


BREAKING!!: Tata of India Becoming a Serial Reverse Domain Name Hijacker? May Prove it!

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These folks at Tata are not learning. They are poised to be the first SERIAL Reverse Domain Name Hijacker with their latest attempt of taking over that is parked at RDNH

Tata and their LAWYERS are already a TWO TIME LOSER when it comes to Reverse Domain Name Hijacking and are now going for the trifecta!!!

They are featured on the banners and site!

Rick Schwartz

Rick’s 5 Minute Sales Lesson Can Make you a Pro! Right Here! Right Now!

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It makes me uneasy when I say I have been is sales for 40 years. But I have. 42 to be exact. I was very lucky to meet some great folks early on that became lifelong friends. I also was lucky to meet some folks that I never saw again but I was able to take something of value from them.

The Great Gratz taught me a few things. Never cross the street unless there is a reason to do so. The difference between leaders and assholes. Think big and move mountains! So what exactly does the latter mean?

It means think BIG. Dream BIG. Do BIG things. Don't think small.

So let's start at the most basic. Sales is overcoming objections of the would-be buyer. No objection, no sale.

Problem is most people who are supposed to be in sales go off the deep-end when you raise objections and questions and challenges. See their job is to answer them not be upset by them. Not be surprised by them. But actually welcome them. yes welcome objections. The more the better. See the "Objection" is at the heart of every sale. An objection means you are interested not the other way around but MOST salespeople get ANGRY or frustrated when they should be calmly answering the question at hand like you actually know what you are talking about and not being defensive but being confident. That is the foundation of it all.

Now you can't even get to an objection unless there is need, want desire. Because at that point, they don't give a shit about what you are saying because there is no interest on their part and you as a sales person have done nothing to spark their interest. Then the really bad sales folks start talking about price. Not value. Price. Well why would you talk about price when we already established they don't give a shit about what you are selling?

So I can spot a sale a mile away and I can spot things that will never lead to a sale from an even further distance.

When they walked in the door of that mattress store I worked at when I was 19, they already made it clear they had a need a want and a desire. We were some schlock house and they already went to Sears and Penny's and Macy's and they were still looking. You know what that meant? They were ready to make their purchase and go home. Wish I would have realized that back then But I did not. The owner did. He closed every single customer that he waited on in the entire time I worked  there. Every single one and he explained why. So simple. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

Now that I look back, I understand it. Customers walking in his door had need, want and desire and what was probably missing was Value. So they were shopping price and comfort and benefits and when it could get delivered and they just wanted to go home.

Sales is a universal art. Some sales are hard-hitting. Some are a slow smooth mild pitch. Some sales involve no selling at all but just showing overwhelming value. Sales is an art and a science. I can spot a real sales pro in minutes and a faker in seconds. It is nothing more than a series of questions and answers and building a confident relationship. The questions are objections and objections are the path to a sale. But MOST get frustrated with questions. Mainly because they have no answer and when you have no answer, you LOSE! You lose because you are not prepared and you lose because you did not go out of your way to find the answer. You may have even been bothered by the question.

Now on the other hand there are questions that say I am serious and questions that say I am just going to waste your time. They are easy to spot. But you have to know human nature. You have to be able to interpret something. For example, when somebody says it is not about the money, they are generally not being truthful. It is always about the money. Always. 99.9%. The more you argue the point, the less I will even listen. There are some truths you just learn over time. It's always about the money.

So as long as you are getting pertinent questions, you are on the road to a sale. And as long as you answer them completely and confidently, you will be making that sale. And you may even have to ask for it. However if you do it really well, they will tell you they are ready.

As a consumer I have choice. You have choice. We all have choice. That is why sales is key. It is the subtle difference between eating and starving.

We are all in sales. All of us. We start out as kids and we whine until we get what we want. That is sales!

I love when I meet a CEO and he tells me he is not into sales. Wow! That's like a runner that does not like running. It is part of the job description whether you like it or not and if you are no good at it you are going to have a rough road.

Sales is a combination of human nature and all the other things I have mentioned. Sometimes one of the parties even get pissed. It's okay. Don't take it too seriously. It is all part of the human show. Just laugh it off. Think of a good comeback. Touche.

Sales is a thought process. It is a challenge and many times you don't make the sale. Or you may not make it right then. But if you did your job well, that sale may still come. You got to know when to back off and when to go for the sale itself. That old thing TIMING once again. If you go out on a date and you expect something too quickly you will probably end up with nothing. But if you go with the flow and don't push or rush it, much more likely to unfold the way you want. Same thing in sales. You are romancing. romancing a vision or a product or an idea or a service or whatever it is you are trying to sell. And if you are a good romancer, you can CREATE, Need, want and desire. You can illustrate value and benefits. But to do all that, you need to overcome all the objections. You can't ignore them. Once you ignore the objection, you lose. You may be able to skirt the issue once, but if it comes up again and you have no answer, Go home. You lose. No sale!

I know when we talk sales the first thing most think about is a Used Car Salesman because they are the worst and the lowest on the food chain. Most have had their job for days and not years. It costs nothing to hire them and most get fired within 6 weeks. That is not the sales I am talking about today. I am talking about a much more sophisticated type of sale where there is a common goal and the sales person can be your guide to get what you Need, want and desire. Like a concierge for example. They are in sales, but it is a soft sell. Time shares are a hard sell.

Sometimes you only get one shot at making a sale so you have to go for the fences pretty quickly. Other sales take months or even years. That is a very sophisticated sale with lots of time invested.

Sales is an art. Sales is a science. Sales is your ticket to eating for as long as you live. Sales is nothing more than a meeting of the minds with a reward.

Rick Schwartz