4 reasons why .Brand will NOT Replace Brand.com in the Foreseeable Future

Morning Folks!!

Here are 4 reasons why .brand will not replace brand.com in the foreseeable future. This was an email sent to me today by 
Guoliang "George" Hong and I think it is very insightful.

1. Setup time.

It takes a few minutes to register a .com domain. It takes years/months to get

.brand application  approved by ICANN. In the future the approval time period

will be shortened, but it would be still easier to use the brand.com they already

owned or register a new .com

2. Cost and efforts

It costs 6 figure and lots of efforts to apply for .brand; it costs money to

maintain and operate .brand every year. The costs and efforts will be less in the future,

but they will never match the $10 yearly fee for .com

3. Usability

To use .brand, people need to remember two strings. Leftofthedot and brand

To use brand.com, people just need to remember one string: brand; .com is

already embedded in people’s mind.

2 VS 1, human beings are lazy, Simple is better. Less is more.

4. Confusion caused by Left of the DOT

.brand owners are creative mind owners, which means that their left of dot's will have

tons of varieties.  Tv.CBS, news.espn, drink.coke, enjoy.pepsi. The endless left of dot's will confuse users.

Also assuming that CBS is running tv.cbs and abc didn’t even apply for .abc.

When people type in tv.abc, they got an error. The next time they will think twice about typing in tv.cbs.

Users will go back the brand.com urls that always work (in this case cbs.com and abc.com)

Thank you George! See you tomorrow!

Rick Schwartz

TRAFFIC New Pricing Structure for Las Vegas Includes Hotel Rooms at Bellagio!!!!

Morning folks,

So this is how I can balance things out that helps everyone the most. This isn't written in stone yet but by the end of today, it might be.

This is what we are planning.

The early bird will now have a price of $1495. However that included 3 nights at the Bellagio less tax, fees and personal expenses.

So if you sign up next week, your ticket AND hotel room cost you less than if you wait a few months as you will see below. However we have to limit this to 50 tickets at this level or October 31, which ever happens first.

The next cutoff is on December 31st and the $1495 price remains the same but you only get 2 nights at the Bellagio. We have 50 tickets at this level.

The next cutoff would be February 28th. The $1495 price remains the same but you only get 1 night at the Bellagio. We have 50 tickets at this level.

The next cutoff would be March 31st. The $1495 price increases to $1595 the same but you still get 1 room night credit. We have 100 tickets at this level.

The next cutoff would be April 30th and the price goes to $1695.  But you still get 1 room night credit. We have 100 tickets at this level.

Tickets sold from May 1 would be $1695. No hotel room included but you do get our $175 group rate.

So we do what we can to tackle the issues I described in yesterday's post. The result is lower ticket prices and better values for a longer period. Plan early and save!!

Rick Schwartz