Spouses, Sons and Daughters, Mothers and Fathers

Aftrenoon Folks!!

When It comes to feeling good and benefits one of the best feelings I personally get from TRAFFIC is when domainers bring their spouses, their sons and their daughters and their mothers and fathers. That is truly the highest compliment you can pay us. That means something special that you would include them.

It's the truest stamp of approval I can think of. To share the TRAFFIC experience with the ones closest in your life. And when we look back they are also the most memorable moments I can think of. So I just wanted to take a moment to let those folks know how special it is for US, when you include your family.  Thank you!

I also know when they come they get to see what you do and that is the foundation to support your efforts when you go home. That is priceless and that support can be very rewarding as I have been told.

Rick Schwartz

Mark Cuban: Does Not Matter How Many Times You Fail

Morning Folks!!

Don't listen to me and all I have said about failing over the years. Listen to what Mark Cuban says: “It doesn’t matter how many times you fail—you only have to be right one time.”

Bingo, Bongo!! So simple. Yet MOST people on this earth are SCARED of failure which means they are terrified of success.

Here are my posts with the keywords, "Fear of Failure". I write about it a lot because it is so true!

“It doesn’t matter how many times you fail—you only have to be right one time.”

That really is the key. So those yapping on the sidelines are so scared to even get in the game all they can do is what they do best, just make noise.

So those idiots pointing their finger at failure may as well be pointing their finger at themselves. Pointing to their own failure to even try.

A true failure should include a leap of knowledge as the residue of that failure.

There is a fork in the road and there are 2 paths.

80% won't go down either path as they will be stuck, confused and unable to make a decision.

20% will try one way or the other. 10% will get it right the first time. That leaves 10% and 8% of them will try one road and give up and the 2% will go down one road, see it is the wrong road, turn back and correct the mistake. That 2% even trumps the 10% that got it right the first time. They may have gotten it right by sheer luck The 2% that failed, actually learned something that led them to a success and they know WHY they succeeded.

I did an entire post about this:


Rick Schwartz


The Internet Skyline Illustrated, Exposed and Defined

Morning Folks!!

20 Years ago things were different

ebay, amazon, priceline, google, travelocity, yahoo, facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube, pinterest, paypal, craigslist, were yet to be born with most of the rest of the net. But now, 20 years later they are the backbone of not only the Internet, but far, far beyond.

Just 20 years ago NONE of these folks existed yet today they lead the parade into the future.

Apple, Dell, IBM, Microsoft and many others from the mainstream  were all there. They still are. Some have lost a bit of their luster over the years. Some have more luster today then back then.

1995 was the start. So really only 18 years. But that is why we are in the gravitational pull of this new era. You can benchmark it now. You can look back now. And when you look back, it should get you to look forward as well.

Think about that when you own a domain name, they offered it to 7 billion other people and they all passed. You saw something others did not. And that something had a monetary value. Do you go out and enjoy for $100 or do you "Waste" it on something you see that few others do?

Do you see that SKYLINE forming above? It's a virtual skyline. ebay, amazon, priceline, google, travelocity, yahoo, facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube, pinterest, paypal, craigslist, etc, etc. etc. It's the NEW Times Square.

It's a hard thing to see until you are 20 years out and look back. Now conclusions can be drawn. Long term plans can be made. A roadmap is in place and the Internet is no longer a threat. It is the lifeline. The heartbeat of all business. Of all commerce. It is much more understandable than 20 years ago and the days of CompuServe and dead ends.

The Internet was something business tried to kill. How stupid was that?? It was a threat. Facebook was a threat. The Internet threatened broadcast TV to the core. Beat them or join them. They spent years trying to defeat them before they joined them. Now they are desperate to use the net. It is the thing their futures are built around and depends on.

I have sat here and observed all the antics. Been entertaining but also very sad to watch so many fail without understanding why.

What should happen overnight, generally takes 20 years. That is why you hear the phrase "An overnight success after 20 years". Circulation takes a long time. If you are not prepared for that long journey, then you will have a lifetime of disappointments simply because of timing. Timing is key. Key to nearly every sport. Key to all things. Key to life itself.

Rick Schwartz