It REALLY is time for “Domainers” to Start Again! Some Examples from Yesterday!

Morning Folks!!

When I first suggested that 90% of all domainers should DROP 90% of their domains and start over again most laughed. I have now suggested it multiple times. People aren't laughing so much anymore. Now they actually see my point and some may be considering it.

During the last days I have asked for domain submissions to sell and then appraise. Do you folks understand now?? What is posted is better than the ones I get emailed to me. I see crap all day long. What the hell were they thinking?

Even worse, you guys got some really ugly domains! The value is just so limited. Let me give you a couple examples of that limitation. First, one commenter yesterday wrote this:

Hi Rick,

Here’s my best old-school domain: – Is it worth anything?!

Similar name: was sold for 760 USD in 2009-04-25 on NameJet

Thank you.

So Let's break this apart and look at the flaws in thinking.

First thing that jumped out at me was comparing a sale of nearly a decade ago for a measly $760. Really? That's not aiming very high.

The next thing is his domain actually has MORE VALUE than the .net. Albeit marginal. In this case the .org is superior to the .net.

The next thing of course is the dash. Obviously without the dash the domain would have some real value and be very meaningful.

So then I investigate and it's basically "Coming Soon" so that does not help the value. That hurts the value. I go to UnitedStates .com, it's a redirect. I go to and it is a holding page from Godaddy.

The ONLY thing that can make that domain valuable is an IDEA! Content! Something real. Or if "Dashes" become popular. (Longshot)

But I keep getting back to that $760 comparison. Why aren't you looking for a $76,000 or $760,000 comparison? How many years do you want to wait for chump change IF you can find anyone to give you that chump change?

And the worst part, this domain was better than MORE THAN half of the others posted!

Then we have the brandables. I like brandables. But that's a really tough game to play and there are way too many variables and choices. I have brandables in my portfolio. But they are more like a topping and not a focus.

ALL Domain appraisals are a SCAM! PERIOD! ONLY FOOLS and DOMAINERS believe them. The only appraisal that counts is your own. If you want to show your rookie status, just go waiving one of these appraisals around. Not worth the paper they are written on.

There are ways to relaunch a domain portfolio. If you have 1000 names that's $10k a year or $100k over 10 years. Go make a deal and buy a $100k domain with 10 year financing and you would be in better shape! 1 GREAT domain has more value if you are not making it than 1000.

Most so-called portfolios are not portfolios at all. They are recurring bills. Recurring bills put more folks in bankruptcy than any other thing. You and ONLY you can decide which domains are assets. But I will continue ti maintain that most domain portfolios I see have no value whatsoever. NON! NAHDAH!

Let's take another domain posted.

So here are the problems.

  1. Trent Bridge is a tiny town with 47,000 population. Never heard of it before yesterdays post.

  2. Trent Bridge only has a handful of hotels.

  3. The domain with value would be the singular and that would only be valuable to Trent Bridge Hotel if there is one. That value would have limits. Maybe a few hundred or a couple grand at most to only ONE potential customer on EARTH. Not a good investment!

  4. itself has low value and is listed for sale. So a superior name w/o much value.

  5. Point is if you do this, focus on larger cities that actually have a lot of hotels.

  6. It's all about population centers. This domain has virtually no value for the reasons listed. It's a liability not an asset!

Yesterday I listed the  6 categories of of Appraisal for domainers selling me domains. Today you have it defined!

  1. Laugh Hard!

  2. Laugh Harder

  3. Laugh Hardest

  4. I can't get off the floor

  5. I am dying to catch my breath from laughing way too hard

  6. ok, deal!

Rick Schwartz

12 thoughts on “It REALLY is time for “Domainers” to Start Again! Some Examples from Yesterday!

  1. Pablo

    Nice to see you posting content often again! Was very certain that you’d post again today, so I visited now- and I was right.
    Nothing interesting on the other “blogs”.

    Look forward to more and more posts from you.

  2. Sigma

    “Go make a deal and buy a $100k domain with 10 year financing and you would be in better shape!” ~ Domain King

    How does one know for sure they are purchasing a $100K value domain versus one that is priced at $100K? How does one know for certain what a $100K whole buy looks like? Can we see some examples of a $100K domain that could be purchased wholesale and sell retail for at least 3x the amount?

  3. Mark Thorpe

    I adjusted my domain portfolio late 2015/early 2016.
    I saw how China entering the domain market changed the domain Industry, forever.

    I looked past the CHIP and number domains craze are realized that shorter .Com domains were the future. Two-word domains being the longest.

    Texting has also effected domains, with shorter and abbreviated words being texted.

  4. John

    Folks, also don’t forget that the last time I checked, only days ago, Estibot was still appraising for only $48k.

  5. rick

    Rick is correct in that most domains are slop.
    Who wants to own slop? In my many asset categories I have mostly followed the theory of “buy the best and forget the rest”. There is always someone who wants the best. This can be applied to property, collectibles and many other areas and also domains. Also, “sell the privates and keep the generals”
    The domains I saw on this blog yesterday were a joke. No offense to the owner of “” but I would not want it for 2K.
    It is impossible for Rick or anyone to “appraise” a domain.
    What does that mean? I assume any of you would pay 20K for the domain I mentioned yesterday, There is no better for what it is AND golf is one of the most played activities there is. However if you owned it I assume like be you would want six figures. So what do you appraise it at?
    Have a nice day!

  6. Jose

    I think you laugh hard at us because you think you have something valuable and in your opinion is worth nothing.

    I send to you domains that Twiet a year ago give your opinion differently, I think you know the world market better because you are more informed than many of us, because the cryptocurrency lose value due to thieves who want to get rich at night In the morning, investing in Cryptocurrency domains is not good.

    I believe that this is the most immediate future and those who have domains like the ones I have if now they give me $ 5K not to sell and if another offer is $ 50K or 100K to sell the one that I will buy in time to be able to resell for 10 Sometimes more, I at my age with the retirement go very well this gross money after taxes to be a good economic backup.

    That I have dove shit in domains if it’s true and sell for 49 USD and if I do not buy, I let them expire.

    Although always the little known in this market we can give the bomb with a very important sale and I hope that you and the other domainer can read and see in the news of this domaining market.

    I have worked very hard to get what I got to have right now unlike you, I have a broker to negotiate.

    Happy day.

  7. domain guy

    This is the mentality of domainers…none and small thinking.It’s easy to understand when the reading level of american’s has fallen from a 6th grade level to a fourth grade level. Lets start with a simple question what is a category? You could easily study this and learn this. Up next would be what would be a large category? Then the next question would be how would you own the category in fewest words. and use a .com extension. Can the category be monetized?
    It is not rick’s responsibility to educate an entire niche of entrepreneurs. Each domainer should be reading marketing books for free at the library.Rick has outlined his position very clearly for almost two decades and few if any domaniers have comprehended this industry. Not only that rick wastes his time and energy trying to educate people that lack common sense.
    You could analyze dnjournal how many names sell with dashes? What is the price of .org vs .com? What this clearly shows is people are on fb and cannot spell that’s why wp uses the red underline.


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