Bing Changes Search in a BIG way! Google Scrambles. Facebook Flexes Some Muscle!

Morning Folks!!

Did Bing do something that puts Google on their heals?? Youbetcha!

Bing has made an announcement that might prove to be the biggest blow ever dealt to rival Google.

'In short, search for something on Bing and, if you have activated Facebook results, you will see which pages, products and websites your friends like and recommend -- very high in results, no matter if that website routinely ranks first or dead last..'

So for those that did not believe Bing could make an impact, please read my 3 posts on Bing since their inception in 2009 and see who got what right.

Also just came out with their take on things.

Tis is just the first of many new changes and challenges to come for Google by the likes of Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Groupon, Living Social, Twitter and a host of others. By the Fall you will make no mistake the war these folks will be waging.

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Rick Schwartz

17 thoughts on “Bing Changes Search in a BIG way! Google Scrambles. Facebook Flexes Some Muscle!

  1. Coder

    Bing’s also Facebook default search engine. Try searching for a name on facebook that doesn’t exist or a business name and see what you get.

  2. Bill Roy

    Big changes indeed. Hell, you have to love this business, something new and provocative every day, and full of opportunities! :)

  3. ScottM

    Also Bing is the default search engine on Blackberry devices now too.

  4. andy kelly

    Anything that lessens Google’s stranglehold on search has to be applauded ! Let’s hope this clever idea starts to have an impact and soon, I figure it will but time will tell I guess.

  5. Mike

    @ Bill Roy…..agreed. I love this biz b/c it is always exciting.
    The craziness never stops.

  6. John McCormac

    I don’t know yet if this is a Googlekiller but the guys in Google must be getting some idea of what it was like to be Netscape. Jimmy Wales tried to do Social Search with his Searchwikia venture but didn’t get it quite right as he was trying to do both the Search aspect and the Social aspect. Microsoft left the Social side to Facebook and concentrated on Search. The market reaction should be interesting.

  7. bungalows

    agree with everyone above
    personally a rocket being placed up Google’s arse has to be agood thing
    they have too much say, importance and money and need far more competition and to be knocked down a peg or too
    now if only Bing could offer a rival to google adsense
    yahoo were such failures in this area, beggars belief how they sat on their hands in possibly the biggest area of potential revenue

  8. Uzoma

    I’m for promoting the king to Domain Prophet soon. You keep up this track record of constantly calling it, sometimes 3 years before it hits, and you are on your way to this promotion. Great call again.

  9. Tom

    Fun times. Don’t blink or you might miss something. There’s rarely a dull moment when you’re playing in the shadows of history making companies and technology.

  10. Domain Lords

    BING, a joke bro, absolute JOKE.
    You know how long billy goat gates (aka satan himself some say) has been TRYING to get a legit SE?
    Since 1995 bro
    Absolute JOKE
    What’s the latest at yahoo about their joint venture with ‘bing’, DISAPPOINTING
    Two losers getting in bed, LOL.
    Gates STOLE the only thing he made money on, you do know that right. He STOLE MS DOS, look up Q DOS you see the origin of MS DOS, and the billy goat had to pay MILLIONS to shut up that fact before he did his IPO in 1986
    So that’s your ‘god’, a common thief
    Here’s the real HISTORY of SE’s
    The first one to do major traffic, INFOSEEK, it was powered by AV, then Yahoo gets some angel seed money to buy ads, YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    Over night the first legit SE
    No way to make money though, but they did try to sell 100 or 200 buck a pop DIRECTORY LISTINGS for yahoo local
    How many of you even know that?
    Now some dudes came along and said, we like what double click is doing, PAY PER CLICK ads
    So put our search box on YOUR BUSY SITE to use our SE and we will split the revenue with you
    over night they become THE KING
    then after they realized PPC to END USER was the real way to make dough and the minor traffic affilates were ALL FRAUD, they went public and become THE KING
    bing, yahoo, NOTHING is coming at them right now on the horizon
    they’re a damn verb
    until the movie facebook was a crap age bracket, kids, NO MONEY
    so they pumped up bogus stats due to newbie joins
    the older people are not using FB bro
    it’s dead
    it’s a kiddie playground absolute garbage like groupon
    the ONLY place you buy ads today and SEE HUGE ROI
    case closed by a domain lord that is PAID huge sums to manage SEM/ppc for tons of clients
    google is 80% of the market
    yahoo/bing, they can’t even get the ads to show right
    it’s crap
    so what they have a facebook whatever on it
    you want to sell pimple cream and video games and low end fast food and soda
    you target facebook users
    you want to sell a ferrari or bmw or a boob job or a private jet ticket
    you use one word
    until something comes along that changes radically how 25 to 65 years old surf in the USA when LOOKING for a need, no one or thing will unsit google as the king of ROI in SEM
    NO ONE
    just read the financials on yahoo
    one word sums up their relationship with bing
    I guess you all don’t read financials do you
    ever hear of an edgar report?

  11. steve

    Only I could have outplayed Facebook but Google wouldn’t pay my 1 billion asking price.

  12. UFO

    Must agree MS doesn’t have a friggin clue. High end technology and street wise marketing don’t go hand in hand.
    If so many people are using bing then why is there no traffic? Sure they might have defaults to it… but they mustn’t have much repeat business. Look at their crappy MSN site that you default to after signing out of hotmail… click on their articles.. lol… often just link through to their SE so you have to find the real article yourself.
    MS, Cheap and tacky, don’t have a clue. The best thing they could do with their 50b is return it to stockholders because they’re incompetent with marketing development.
    If MS had a FRIGGIN CLUE it would have had the equivalent of Skype embedded into its browser, maybe they have on 9. Fu%king useless in every way.

  13. andy kelly

    Seems one guy in particular doesn’t like MSN lol
    Well if I could spare an hour (I can’t) I could”go to town” on Google’s methodolgy since their inception.
    MSN / Bing does have major flaws but MSN are finally making strides with Bing, and this latest initiative is cever. PS there are 100s of millions of $s in pimple cream lol
    Google however are not only behemoths but the ultimate hypocrites.All that”Do no evil” BS.
    Tell that to the Chinese folks Google sold out to keep the junta happy. Then the big G pulled out and tried to save face over some total BS about them being concerned about the Chinese governments policies ie they G that is realised they were getting”shafted”
    Gates is the anti christ? wow I never knew Satan was so generous, hell his charitable foundation is merely a front. Thanks for the info.
    BTW I’m no great fan of MSN, but I’m even less of a fan of Google.
    Search needs competition. Google are inventing new ways every day to manipulate search even more, a walled garden where only Google exists. And one where Google make 99% of the money ! To hell with that.

  14. Domain Lords

    Funny, I know a others with a ton of dough that did just like gates did, they set up NON PROFIT FOUNDATIONS to shelter their wealth for the generations to come. Just look up satan and bill gates, it’s been known for years, he’s a chosen disciple. His wp is called WORD, like the bible. His how to books are THE BIBLE on Word and THE ACCESS BIBLE etc.
    The dude is a thief and in his mind he is god of his universe. LOL
    I’ve seen 4 major shifts of power in SE’s so far on the net, and I’m not expecting bing/yahoo to do the next one. The next shift is done due to one thing, major traffic sites pushing a ‘new thing’ in SE technology, IF it ever occurs.
    The last shift happened for one reason, Google was the first to SHARE REVENUE with major major traffic sites.
    TRAFFIC is what can establish a new SE, but who and what and how are up for grabs at this point. FB is a joke, and I don’t see it ever being a SE and no one saying let’s go to FB to look for a boob job doctor or a lawyer. NO WAY
    I think the FB average user numbers are now garbage, for years FB was what it was, a young persons site, no major buying power for any major products. Good for low money crap, yeah pimple cream, and McDonalds ads
    FB is a forced ‘join’ site, it had a ton of free press over the movie, so a whole new group of users went to FB and HAD TO JOIN to see what it was about. None most of those older folks use their normal sites NOT FB
    You want to hit the next generation of pimple kids, go where the 13 years are, it’s not FB and they think FB is a joke, they’re all on xBox LIVE and Steam.
    You want to sell something of value, you need to hit a real group of older users 25 to 65, and that group is all on GOOGLE looking for stuff everyday of real value, homes, insurance, cars, restaurants, etc.
    I work with companies all day getting them results, they buy GOOGLE, some throw money too at yahoo/bing (against our advice).
    NONE buy any content sites or even partners now at google and yah/bing
    FB has zero ROI for most companies, it’s for garbage mass market banners that skew towards a just out of puberty crowd
    The baby boomers are not on FB looking for massive money products, not in any real numbers
    REALity check boys and girls

  15. ScottM

    Bing appears to be gaining in succesful search and important metric …
    Bing success rate highest for December 2010
    Bing and Yahoo! Search achieved the highest success rates in December 2010, meaning that for both search engines, 81 percent of searches executed resulted in a visit to a Website. Google achieved a success rate of 65 percent, up 1 percent over the previous month. The share of unsuccessful searches highlights the opportunity for both the search engines and marketers to evaluate the search engine result pages to ensure that searchers are finding the information they are seeking.

  16. andykelly

    I never stated anywhere that Gates is of an”Angelic disposition” I just got irritated by your complete defence of the big G!
    Truth be told they’re all assholes but some are bigger assholes than others.

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