Is This The End of the Road for Domain Industry PPC Companies? Earn More with Frank Schilling

Morning Folks!!

What happens when you are a refinery and all the oil is pumped out and all you are stuck with is mud? Well the Domain Industry may soon find out. Frank Schilling now has a new Parking Company with a direct Google feed to make you more money IF and ONLY IF you have PURE TYPE IN TRAFFIC. Oil, Gold, the best traffic. HTFJYRTZYSXW

'A no-frills domain monetization platform, for experienced type-in traffic operators.'

I think for the FIRST TIME we will see what happens when you really filter the traffic to have only the best. No domains where the traffic could be anything other than PURE type in traffic. It took the crappiest payouts ever for the BUST to really happen and now we are witnessing it in real time.

If you have that pure type in traffic we all know and love, then you will soon be going thru Frank and his new venture at I don’t even have to pitch it for him. He does not even have to pitch it. He just has to do it and he has and this is a really good thing for a lot of us.

'You WILL make significantly more money here.' Frank Schilling

Congrats to Frank for breaking away in a big way and perhaps turning the tide as this may significantly change the industry landscape in the coming months and years. The NUMBERS will tell the rest of the story and the NUMBERS may disrupt a lot of PPC companies in our space and how they do business. Especially WHEN folks find out that they have been getting hosed!

Be patient, there will be a floodgate of domainers lined up to open their accounts this week and start earning 'Significantly more money'. Each account will be pulling their traffic away from another parking company. The BEST traffic! The most profitable traffic. How much business can a parking company lose and still be viable? And remember, they won't be 'Bleeding' traffic. There will be a mass exodus and more of a rupture.

And it does not stop there. There are more options and other solutions coming our way. I know folks that are quietly working on big things. All I can say is in a few months things are going to be very different around this industry and you will finally get a BILL for your friendships when you see the difference in earnings. Then maybe folks will understand who pays for what and wise up. How much does YOUR friendship cost? I'll be your best friend too if I was making 50% or more on YOUR payouts!!! On your traffic. On your BACK!

And let's hope the takeaway from this is that Yahoo and Google finally see the difference between Mud and Oil and pay out accordingly. I think we can agree that Frank can represent the best interest of domainers and our valuable traffic better than the likes of some companies in the space that may have driven a wedge between Yahoo, Google and domainers in the past.

This is a really great day for old line domainers that have and believe in Type in Traffic. It may be a really bad day for some others that try every trick in the book to get more traffic regardless of the quality and pretend both are equal.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


19 thoughts on “Is This The End of the Road for Domain Industry PPC Companies? Earn More with Frank Schilling

  1. Chris

    Google is the problem, so how is a Google feed the solution? Wake me up when Frank Schilling signs an ad feed deal that doesn’t evolve a PPC monopoly.

  2. Rob Sequin

    Frank has always been a Yahoo feed guy and had been very loyal to them. I guess Microsoft screwed up that relationship.
    I wish Frank well and admire him for starting up a parking company with PPC revenue in the toilet.
    I guess he is going to pay out more than Sedo or Domain Sponsor? Probably not hard to do and that’s why he is making that bold statement that his customers will make more money.
    Furthermore, I hope he has more courage than Sedo does to fight back against Google’s”fail listing” of domains.
    Sedo admits that they have no recourse against Google when Google fail lists any of their customers’ domains. So, Sedo is satisfied to throw their customers under the bus and be subservient to Google when Google fail lists a domain.
    Sad but true and I know this from first hand experience.
    I am no longer a Sedo customer for parking or sales for that reason.
    I hope Frank has the ability and courage to fight for his customers against Google’s flawed fail listing policy.
    Good luck Frank. Sounds like a lot of work.

  3. Rick Schwartz

    I think when folks see the SIZE of the increased payouts they will be happy, then they will get pissed for getting screwed for so long.

  4. Uzoma

    I own the shorter name version in .CO
    If anyone wants to give Schilling, or Google a competition, contact me.

  5. Domain Lords

    Frank holds crap bro, absolute crap, nothing with any relevant ppc value, NOTHING. No major insurance terms, no legal terms, no major medical terms, that have huge cpc terms. His ‘traffic’ is worthless bro, WORTHLESS. There’s a reason his sites are all dumped from googles index, they are JUNK. No development. Frank Schilling. He’s a failed commodity IOP, junk. Six years from you all will be saying FRANK WHO.

  6. David

    I’m sure he puts gas in his jet with worthless cash too. Haters gonna hate… i think in 6 years its more likely we gonna be saying”domain-lords who?” lol

  7. Chad F

    PPC is a good solution still for some domains but domains have much more value then just parking your site. Building user base, direct sponsorships, tools and features that bring back users, etc. PPC is great Short term revenues but no long term value so opportunity value is lost in PPC and your just taking the least path to profits with little effort which is nice but not maximizing the true value of the domain. PPC = short term profit with little effort but not long term value and technology coming out soon will be bring domain owners a system that will power your entire domain portfolio which includes franks feed, in one total solution. I park 70% of my domains right now, through DomainPower, which is on franks google feed, but by years end will be at 50% ppc and end of 2012 will likely be 30% ppc. Millions of domains on one business model is not the complete solution and looking at the total solution package, which I hear, DomainPower is building and in beta, you get the best of both worlds, including great customer support. Disintermediation is the Internet and becomes more true every day, franks helping get everyone one step closer to maximizing value through scale, now time to put all the other pieces together.

  8. Josh

    Frank’s like the Superman of the domain world, flying to and fro, using his xray vision to expose evil parking companies, his super strength to assemble Google feeds and postboard apps… And then when ya wanna be jealous of him, he’s just so damned nice. How can ya not like Frank? :)

  9. Ryse Hunt

    Wow, domainlords seems like he is living in a virtual world and not the real world. Owning domains related to geo and jets verses a real jet with gas that takes you physically around the world is much different but not to domain lords.. Who is this domainlords guy as he sounds like he needs a mental check or pinch to reality? Just goes to show, not everyone in this industry has a good head on there shoulder or the mental capacity to have physical friends and business associates so they go on hiding behind there computer screen verses getting out and meeting people as they are not mentally incapable. To get back to ricks topic.. i agree with the quote above from chad f and think there are alot of good things coming to the domain market and everyone with good traffic will earn more and push out the crap to the crap returns as rick mentions.. Good domains go up in value, shitty and trademark/mispelling names will be going down in value..Good job frank in moving the bar forward with results, not pushing slander and crazy talk like domain lords. Boy to I hear a jealous freak in domainlords discussion.

  10. Rick Schwartz

    Could not agree more and the path you describe is the one that most of us will be following going forward. I like your platform and have enjoyed much better results than what I was getting before with the standard solution.

  11. Dan

    Hi Domain Lords…
    Please lets us all know when you can afford own the .com of your precious domain name…instead of a .net

  12. Sean Sullivan

    I think that what (RDB)has done with travel is the perfect example of why using a platform that is just a parking solution is not always the best option. My own site makes a CPM of 6x higher now than it did just”parked”. Additionally the bigger picture for me, is that I’ve actually gotten an offer from an end user who has a travel related business in Orlando. I don’t think I would have gotten the offer amount that I did had the site just been a parked domain. While the offering was tempting I’m not ready to part with the domain, Orlando I believe is still the tourism capital of the US and most people have got to fly to get there : )

  13. George

    Apparently, he also can not afford the singular version of .net for $788.00.
    DomainLords..? sounds like there’s more than one Lord for one domain. I think he can’t hide his subconscious.

  14. Rob

    lol, I beleive it and I hope I’m one of those folks!
    I just sent an email to Frank and look forward to being able to test some of my generic, type-in domains in his new platform!
    P.S. Thanks for the article Rick!

  15. Massive Kook

    This matter comes before the Court on the Motion to Dismiss (Doc. 12) filed by the Defendant, John Patrick Ennis*fn1 (“Ennis”), and the response (Doc. 15) filed by the Plaintiffs, David Maus (“Maus”) and Mark Ornstein (“Ornstein”).
    Maus has ownership interests in several automobile dealerships; Ornstein is his attoney in the instant dispute. The Plaintiffs allege that Ennis has acquired eighteen domain names containing their legal or trade names, such as””,””, and”” (Doc. 9 at 3-4). They contend that Ennis has no intent to use the domain names for a bona fide purpose, but has demanded a financial settlement as a condition of turning them over to the Plaintiffs. (Doc. 9 at 5). The Plaintiffs, contending that the Defendant’s actions violate the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1125(d), and constitute an invasion of their privacy, seek damages and injunctive relief. (Doc. 9 at 5-9).”
    The guy is clearly nuts, no valuable insight whatsoever, a legend in his own clearly diseased mind. We used to institutionalize people like this.

  16. petrogold

    Hi Rick,
    What is the point of advocating Frank with your personal ref while he is not open to get business from SME investors in domains?

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