Approaches 250,000 domains. Could be Over 1 Million in 30 Days!

Afternoon Folks!!

Franks Newsletter starts off “We presently have 55 partners and 230,000 of the best names on the web on the platform at”.

In just DAYS, Frank Schilling has attracted some of the very best domains on the net. At this pace, Frank should break 1 million domains by this time next month. That's without an ad. Without a sales force. Without people on the phone. Without anything but word of mouth and reputation!!

Many are reporting 50% increases. I am experiencing numbers much higher. A true watershed moment for domainers that have PURE type in traffic. Let’s see what happens when one platform attracts the very best domains. The highest trafficked domains. The most targeted domains. The ones with the greatest buying power.

What does our traffic look like when it is not mixed with mud and shit? I think the results will be eye opening. I think the results will provide a win for domainers, a win for end users and a win for Google and Yahoo. It’s all about the traffic. But there is real traffic with buying power and there is manufactured or “Phantom” traffic that just dilutes the real stuff so others can make money at our expense.

The genie is now out of the bottle and new information will emerge that will not be able to be overlooked, disregarded or minimized.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz