How I Use One of the Oldest Methods in The World to Pick Domain Names.

Morning Folks!!

This is really one of my better posts. I feel really good after writing it because I feel like I have finally explained something that is difficult to explain for me. I hope it benefits you as much as it makes me feel good to share it. It also dovetails with my post yesterday.

I think the future will be easier than the past in many ways. There is such a difference of culture, knowledge, know how, perspective that if you just stop, sit back, do nothing, watch things as they are then you can easily pick out the people, places and companies destined to do great things and once you separate that group from the 'Other Group', then why would anyone waste time and energy on the 'Other Group'?

So let's define the 'Other Group'......

I would basically segregate the 2 groups. But the 'Other Group' is just something to clean up, put in a bag, and put away. Not throw away, put away. You may need that 'Other Group' for the next question or even fertilizer or seed.

When I approach domains, the first round of refinement goes into 2 groups. Domains with any potential of having value and those that can never and will never have any value. As I have said before, I can look at a list of 100 names in about 15 seconds and pick out a gem if one is there. We can measure the size of the gem later. First act is to segregate into those 2 groups. Think of it as having 2 laundry buckets on a counter top. You sort them out. The basket with no value gets disposed. It's garbage for this equation. Let the pigeons eat that shit. Professional domainers won't.

So now you have the one laundry bucket filled with the first raw domains. Like a basket of little gems from the mine but yet to be examined in the light of day. So you go and get 2 laundry baskets. One for the potential gems, one for the ones that won't have real value. That is the second stage of sorting.

So you dump one bucket out and you keep ending up with one laundry basket and repeating that exercise until you are left with the FEW domains that have GREAT value. As time goes on we have a full bucket. But even that full bucket must be sorted out from time to time because some domains are perishable, some domains are great but don't have the power they once did because technology has changed or the way we speak changed. Or some other factor changed.

Now the beauty of this is I use this method mentally in everything I do. It is a technique as old as man himself. I can prove it.

Let's go back to farming. Farmers farm. They have to sort through their crop. Just like you go to the grocery store and they have been sorted out a dozen times since it left the farm. The farmer may go through his tomatoes and put it in 2-3 baskets. Ripe, Green, Rotten. He sells the green ones to the market because those need time to ripen. But before that truck unloads it will be sorted. And when it hits the supermarket, it will be sorted again and as I stated above, YOU are the last sorter.

Now I may have some of this wrong because I have never been a farmer and there are always some adjustments. I need Scott Day (the watermelon farmer turned domainer) or Domain Shane to run me through the process. But I guarantee, there IS a process. But the basic exercise works and it works in 1000 industries or 1000 life experiences. All coming back to making a good decision by separating out the bad ones.

They do this in the diamond business to sort through thousands of diamonds at a time. You 'Pigeon Hole' them depending on where it falls on the color scale. It's a universal way of doing things that work for almost everything.

That's why they have a 'Quality Control' guy at the factory. His job too is to sort. Same Principle!! It is just so universal, methodical, and it has been working for thousands of years.

Folks always ask me in an accusatory manner 'What do YOU know about such and such industry that makes you know this or that? I just try and explain that there are some universal parallels between all business and when you match them up you can find any answer pretty quickly because the principles are the same. So those that don't know this, have never figured out will always be at a disadvantage. Folks around them will be working less and making more. That's the bi-product.

Sure, the item itself is different, but the mechanics surrounding it overlap to the tune of 80%-90%. So the adjustment is simply in the remaining 10%-20% and you can factor that in fairly quickly. Minutes to months.

A computer can sort faster. But it does not have as many senses as we do. I do the laundry basket exercise in my brain when I approach almost anything. If I go looking for a new car. I would put the ones worthy of consideration in one basket and dispose the other basket because all the other basket can do is confuse the issue. You don't want that noise. You want to keep your focus without the distractions. Maybe that's why they have car dealers. They can sort by brand so you don't have to go to a lot with 50,000 cars on it and looking for a white Mercedes convertible.

If you don't know math without a calculator you are at a huge disadvantage. If you are not methodical, you are at a huge disadvantage. If you make poor decisions, you are at a huge disadvantage. Some people wake up and their 'Disadvantage' bucket is full before they start. They are so busy being disadvantaged that they never have to to TAKE ADVANTAGE. They work from a deficit.

How does all this go together? I don't know. It just does. It's what happens when your focus is to sort through life and always using buckets to make good decisions and finding answers.

This is just one invisible parallel out of a world with countless parallels. When we discover a parallel, that is like learning in a minute what took some generations. It's the fast lane. Warp Speed. They may teach this stuff somewhere, but for me, it just comes from a lifetime of discovery.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

7 thoughts on “How I Use One of the Oldest Methods in The World to Pick Domain Names.

  1. JaimeE

    Rick, the last two posts really complement each other.
    One deals with the process the other with the categories.
    Not only in farming but this is also true in manufacturing or any other operational endeavour.
    The mechanics of identifying or creating domain value is a process itself. Something which probably comes instinctively to you after so many years. (“Blink” by Malcolm Gladmwell talks about htis type of ability)

  2. ScottM

    Great post, it’s really just Computing 101. You are analyzing domains in binary, 0’s and 1’s, black or white, day or night just like the universe. The 0’s are the dirty laundry basket and the 1’s are the clean clothes ready to be put to use. I also like the Fisher-Goldberger formula too where they talked about putting a domain name/phrase (without the .com or extensions) into Google and see how many search results are generated for that term to decide if a domain was worth buying at auction or might have potential or not.

  3. Adrian Keys

    Hope I am not veering too much off topic…
    Someone asked about the lack of VC money in the domain space in a recent post and here is part of the answer I believe:
    “A computer can sort faster. But it does not have as many senses as we do.”
    It’s the subjectivity that requires the human senses…with a VC-size portfolio, how does one cope with the subjectivity and all the sifting that would be required?


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