Domains of Great Value to Pure Pigeon Shit. My Top 10 Category List

Afternoon Folks!!

How do you categorize domains? Some focus on one sector or another. I look at it from domains with obvious great value and have a scale that goes down to 'Pigeon Shit'™

Here is my abbreviated list of 'Pigeon Holes' that I use to categorize any given domain name from Gem to Pigeon Shit™. It's not much different than a diamond guy using his scale to grade diamonds. That is why I always look to history. It is already there in another form. This is the road and just one major element to appraising a domain name. Anyone or machine or program that does not use some scale when appraising a domain name is bogus. And if they only use a scale it is just bogus. I am going to be writing about that soon and then talking about it at T.R.A.F.F.I.C.™

1. Domains with Obvious Great Value

2. Domains with Great Value

3. Domains with Growing Value

4. Domains with Potential Great Value

5. Domains with Limited Value

6. Domains with Very limited Value.

7. Domains with Very Limited Potential Value

8. Domains with No Value that are built out and have Great Value

9. Domains with No Value and No Potential Value

10. There is no 10. There is only 9 and that is also known as Pigeon Shit™

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

12 thoughts on “Domains of Great Value to Pure Pigeon Shit. My Top 10 Category List

  1. fizz

    Good list Rick
    @Guy – I have a handful of idns that get very solid daily type-ins, and this is increasing.

  2. Sideliner

    He’s one of many who think the whole world only speaks English.
    Then one day they wake up and find out 70% plus don’t speak or read a single word of English. Or maybe discover there are more Chinese language webpages than English webpages on the internet.
    There is an entire”parallel” internet world out there in dozens of other major languages (Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Russian to name a few) but most have their heads buried in the sand about that reality!
    Sleep on!!


    Unfortunately,”pigeon s**t” domains are
    pretty much the only thing you see listed
    on domain forums, and that’s why such sites
    have very little (quality) conversation or
    It’s a shame, but there it is…

  4. Sidewinder
    Yeah, almost scary some of the wacko domains registered by”domainers” and offered on the various forums, especially the lists and lists of 3rd string names.

  5. Show us the money..

    Nah, while Rick knows what pigeon shit is, he also knows there’s plenty of bird brained investors around. Hence one off sales prove nothing other than there’s a sucker born every minute.

  6. Sideliner

    @Show us the money-
    Nah, that was no one off. Names like that one ( in Japanese) go for xx,xxx pretty regularly when offered up, but thats a few dozen a year. Biggest and most liquid market is probably German IDNs, but Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Russian are in strong demand too. Too many deals are put under NDA’s so you don’t get to see some of the better sales. Most are still aware that these are a long term investment strategy but the foundation is slowly but surely being built by ICANN, Verisign and the ccTLD registrars for idn.idn.

  7. Jamie Farrelly

    Nice way of categorising domains Rick! Unfortunately for most people they only realise that a lot of their domains are either 9 or 10 after they’ve spent a fortune on them.


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