Hurricane Isaac Could Produce the Great Floods of 2012 in the USA

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Well it's Deja Vu all over again as Yogi would say. Tomorrow the anniversary of Katrina. Something about August 29th. The wind won't be much of a problem. However floods will. I can foresee a huge area that is flooded if their predictions of 20 inches of rain come to be or if this storm slows down even more. New Orleans may or may not be prepared, but this is such a vulnerable area that I am afraid we are going to be witness to that vulnerability.

It won't just be the gulf either. As this moves north I think Flash Floods will become an issue. I don't know where this is all going, but you can be fairly certain it is not going to be pretty and could bring some major devastation and loss of life. I can already say I never saw anything in my life this huge. Florida to Texas and up to North and South Carolina and that is ALL before a single landfall. After the landfall, it will affect another huge area likely to go all the way to Maine and beyond. A lot of water is coming and flooding so widespread they will look back and wonder how they never saw that part coming. State after state after state.

Florida can take a pretty good punch because we have good drainage and lots of lakes etc. The parts of the country that it is about to hit is low and the amount of rain can rewrite some of the maps in the bayou country. North you have lots of valleys and Gorges and it is going to be ugly. And the real story could be east in Mobile and Biloxi because of the way this storm is shaped.

So keep safe of you are in the part of the country. Our wishes are with you. You are witnessing history.

Rick Schwartz
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7 thoughts on “Hurricane Isaac Could Produce the Great Floods of 2012 in the USA

  1. BullS

    Oh is all Obama’s fault.
    You will see high gas prices and triggers down to high food prices.
    Alaska looks so good now.
    Be safe my fellow domainers..

  2. Kevin

    Whatever it is, the natural earth dynamic weather cooling / warming cycles which happen every 20,000 years, the weakening magnetic field of the earth which reverses the poles every 500,000 years and lets more solar energy in as the field goes into a weakened state of flux before the reversal, or humans and industry pollution causing global warming, or a combination of everything happening together, there is no doubt that something seriously intense and different is happening worldwide to traditional weather patterns.
    The bottom line is there is nothing we can. We’re fucked on this one. We’re at the mercy of mother nature, the earth, the sun, the atmosphere, the magnetic field, and certainly the polluting ways of mankind and industrial pollution which will only get worse as more and more billions of humans populate the planet.
    Let’s just pray something really catastrophic doesn’t happen like a super volcano eruption in Yellowstone, a 10.0 superquake and tsunami, a massive gamma ray burst direct hit which could take out everything electronic, a large meteor strike on earth, or the La Palma land slide into the Atlantic Ocean which scientists say would send a 200 to 300 foot tsunami into the entire US east coast. If any of the those happen the least of our problems will be the crazy weather. LOL
    Best thing to do is just say a prayer everynight before you go to sleep thanking the kind man upstairs for another day of wonderful life on this unpredictable planet of ours. :)

  3. Anunt

    Haven’t you nerds figured out how to control the weather with your computers???
    You can go to the moon…but you still cant control the weather…hmmm.

  4. Acro

    In 1999 we evacuated when hurricane Floyd was projected to hit Florida. Luckily, it didn’t produce damage or even much rain and North Carolina took the hit instead. That was one beast of a hurricane, bigger than Isaac. Best of luck to Louisiana this time.


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