Win a FREE Ticket to T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Guess How many .CO Domains Drop.

Morning Folks!!

An industry of pumper and dumpers on almost every front now and thousands more to come. A few weeks ago we heard the 'Propaganda' of the renewal rates at .CO registry. Of course it was bullshit because that did not include the massive DUMP that is happening right now.

So guess how many .CO domains DROP in the month of August and get a free ticket to T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Ya know the show for DOMAIN INVESTORS!! Full Timers!! Folks that get it!

I am sure the .CO Registry will be trotting out a headline about it so we will all know together.

The post and my comments on Mikes Blog today and the post about retention last month at 70% BEFORE the massive drop today and this week motivated this post. Lipstick on a pig.

And for those that missed, ignored or disagreed with the 61% leakage to .com and the TRUE CAUSE OF DEATH......

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

82 thoughts on “Win a FREE Ticket to T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Guess How many .CO Domains Drop.

  1. Brad Mugford

    Are we talking –
    Drops that don’t get grabbed or Drops including ones that get grabbed on the drop?
    I think one thing is virtually assured – In a year from now .CO will have less registrations than now. Their drops are far outpacing their registrations.

  2. The Eagle Laughs at You

    I’ll guess 223K, just because I think it will be massive dump by speculators who realize the $$$ math of holding them is not working out so well.
    I’ve already noticed them starting to drop, however I was surprised at how many were getting bids on them, just a guess, but about 12-15% have bids.

  3. Chris

    111,111… I like the number 11.
    Are we relying on the .co registry to give this figure or is there an independent source?

  4. Rick Schwartz

    For every 40,000 domains that drop….that represents at least $1M or more likely $2M in domain investors losses. LOSSES!
    So say 200,000 names drop, that represents $5M-$10M loss industry wide.
    Just numbers.

  5. Michal G

    When .co arrived most of the domain bloggers I visited regularly were hosting paid advertisments for the .co extension. It was a strategic move by the .co registry to garner positive editorial content & domainers were left holding the proverbial bag. I am too far away to accept the prize but after exhaustive googling I would like to guesstimate 147,862 names will drop :)

  6. Sideliner

    I would like to bet on how many of”your” .co drops the .CO REGISTRY will be registering themselves before they drop to blunt the trauma!

  7. Anunt

    You would be correct…but you have to factor in dumb people…the dumb people who registered these .co domains don’t have the common sense to drop them…therefore, I estimated 333,333.

  8. Samit

    Not sure how you would get firm figures on the drops though, the registry doesn’t even tell you total number of domains registered imho.
    But in any case…
    If you’re just talking about August I’ll have to go with around 50,000.

  9. John McCormac

    Best case would be around 39,810. It could be as high as 222,065. However these figures are guesswork. Expired .co domains move to a set of expired nameservers before dropping.

  10. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    Our guess is that there will be massive dumping of .co that will look a lot like Same problem .Co has skimpy repeat traffic patterns. you have to have Traffic with repeat clicks to have Sales, this is proven fact not Buzz.
    An important point to be considered is why would a .Com Virtual Business Foundation consider a .Co address?
    Desperation mostly !
    It is always a sign that things are not going well back at the Ranch.
    Rick you are absoulutely right about Sales driving Companies, and most Online companies spend a dissproportionate amount on Alpha Dog Engineers , S.E.O. and Ads instead of sales Reps. that can get the job done. This is not rocket Science it is proven Economic Doctrine.
    To argue this point is absurd, for anyone steeped in Economic Principles, even with a lot of BUZZ , it just doesn’t Wash. It is the BIZ that counts not the Buzz.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  11. Jeff Schneider

    @ Sideliner said…
    “I would like to bet on how many of”your” .co drops the .CO REGISTRY will be registering themselves before they drop to blunt the trauma!”
    This is not a conspiracy theory it is how Free Markets operate.
    Juan has got his wallet out big time on this one, you can bet on it.
    Great observation Sideliner
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  12. David Eccles

    I would say 72,577 .co’s have dropped in the month of August. Whatever the number may end up being, it bad news for .co. Bad news for me too. lol

  13. Jeph smythe

    How will you know how many domain’s dropped? Is there a way to get the lists.

  14. The Other Adam

    178,100 ps if you are counting on the registry to give you accuracy in the numbers, I’d think again.

  15. jin

    230,409 Names will be dropped.
    Although, really, I hope all of the .co extension to be dropped. I saw each and every blogger making a paid .co posts , so many well known bloggers. Well they do to get money to pay for expense. But really, they themselves did NOT Buy huge sum of .co domains.
    ONLY ONE GUY I know did NOT BLOG about .co. That was DOMAIN KING AKA RICK!!
    I Respect and Salute you Rick for not encouraging people in to something you knew yourself was waste of money like other blogger.

  16. Mike Curving

    However I don’t think that you’ll actually see this until September. Initial public landrush registrations just went into pre-release auction at GoDaddy and Namejet beginning on August 23rd. So you won’t see this first wave actually DROPPING until September, I believe. August dropping numbers will be from registrations mostly in June/early-July of 2011. In 2010 public landrush availability started on July 20th. It’d be great if anyone can confirm this though.

  17. Steven

    Who is the winner here? The hotel seems to be selling out fast so it would be good to know soon.


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