Music Man is Coming! An Army of 1800 .mobi’s on Parade. I Mean .Whatever’s

Afternoon Folks!!

Can you even imagine the NOISE we are about to hear from every tom, dick and .whatever coming down the pike? Each are going to tell you why THEY have the extension that will be the second coming and 1790 of them will be absolutely full of shit.

So brace yourself for this avalanche. I don't know how things will ever be the same. A flood of crap is coming our way and nobody reading this can escape it. It may be deafening what goes on. How do these folks compete let alone do it at virtually the same time? We could see about 20 new extensions rolling out EVERY WEEK for 18 months. HA! I have a headache just thinking about what is coming.

The cubicle whores will be magnified by 1800 x who knows. What we will see will be kind of ugly. It's one thing to offer and do business. It is another thing to fight for turf as these folks will be FORCED to do and we will be the poor victims watching this mess all unfold.

The noise oh the noise. Please be ready. They will yell loud and wide and they will get pissed at the mere mention of Mr. Johnson. But the freeway will be so crowded with .whatever's elbowing other .whatevers that we may just have a ringside seat to a demolition derby as this bottle neck heats up.

The 21st century coliseum may be coming right before your eyes. Oh the carnage to come. Big boys could go down hard. Others may hold their fire for 5-10 YEARS waiting for the fire to burn itself out and they can have a better shot. But we are going to see a blood bath on so many levels. And mixed in with that blood will be gobs of money. There will be hundreds of different marketing plans and hundreds of ways to take advantage of their success or failure.

I wish the all luck. I really do hope we have a repeat. If that happens everyone reading this will be just fine.

Just know that wishing and hoping is a fools game. Knowledge has the power to get those $$$. Smart dollars will end up in one place and most of us will be waiting and enjoying the show. Because what comes after is the light of day that will mark 20 years and this derby will be in the history books.

That is what I see and that is how I would describe it. Folks, start you engines! We will be there every step of the way and if one breaks out we will be there too!!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

16 thoughts on “Music Man is Coming! An Army of 1800 .mobi’s on Parade. I Mean .Whatever’s

  1. Chris

    I’m not necessarily for, or against, new gTLD’s…I’m still evaluating I suppose…
    But… your (TRAFFIC’s) 3-time Domainer Of The Year award winner is set to contribute quite a bit to this”flood of crap”, and I’m wondering your thoughts on that specifically. Is someone you’ve awarded three seperate times for their vision and action in the industry simply dead wrong?

  2. hybernating for a few years :)

    Theres just not enough room for everyone.
    it’s like selling a night in a 7 star penthouse suite to 500 for $100 instead of selling it to 1 for $50,000 THERES ONLY 1 BED…
    It;s gonna not a lot of the smaller players out of the game quite quickly.

  3. Rick Schwartz

    Actually 4 times!
    Frank sees what he sees and that’s why there are 57 flavors of ice cream.
    I think in his position it is a smart bet. For the price of a domain you buy an entire extension.
    From a registrar standpoint it may work. From an investors point of view that becomes another story.
    I too am still evaluating. Just the evidence so far is not favorable.

  4. Chris

    Thanks for the reply. I think that from an investment standpoint, in the end, it will boil down to choosing the right spots to play and and then even more importantly choosing how to play in those spots…
    Just like the .me rollout, it was a good spot to play IF you made the right plays…and I think that you know a little something about how that turned out…

  5. Scott Alliy

    There are people who are in the parade and other people that will watch the parade and buy the baloons and trinkets and food and those that vendors errr registrars sell to them. Still other people who make money setting up and taking down the grandstands and cleaning up after the parade is over. Sounds like all one has to do is decide which type of participant they wish to be and level of participation they wish to engage in.
    It’s pretty clear to domain industry veterans that the parade is coming in fact it has already started :-) … Wait here comes another float … wonder whose on this one or whether it will survive and traverse the entire parade route? ohhhh how the suspense parade seems pressure packed. That’s it we are about to witness a Pressure Packed Parade LOL As you say”pass the popcorn”

  6. Robin

    One thing that is for sure, there will be an abundance of attention drawn to domain names in general.

  7. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    If you own .Coms bring it on! These Gobs of money will eventually migrate into the .Com pool of money. Any businesses that survive the 60% plus visitors they turn away will eventually convert to .com to invite ALL visitors to their traffic stream.
    You have said so yourself, theres a sucker born every minute. Some things will never change. Yes there will be lots hurt, because the promoters will be long gone when the carnage hits. This I also despise but you nor I can ever change human behavior.

  8. Patrick Hipskind

    Consumers won’t find the best .whatever websites without a premium .com to lead them there. That’s where I’m placing my bet. It’s like the 17/20 black split in roulette. It comes up often enough that if you keep betting it you will hit it.

  9. Mike

    Thanks for reminding us Rick. This is absolutely fantastic news! Anytime there is attention drawn to domain names, it is good news for us! The”pool” of domain name buyers will increase tenfold! It is mind-boggling to me the lack of attention that Domain Names receive in the traditional media, we need this attention. Although there are many different ways to make money online, as I have done since 2001, I am sticking with the dot coms. I love this stuff!

  10. prodomains

    It’s getting tougher and tougher to invest in the extensions we have already. I bet many of these registries try to unload their crap on the people and retain the higher quality domain names. Many aren’t broad based in terms of applying to a lot of keywords.
    I do think all this will have an impact on the domain space but of course at some point registrars are going to have to decide what exactly to put on their shelves to retail.

  11. Lawrence

    There is a reason that Afilias just sold off all the held back .info domains just before the parade started. It will be lost in a sea of extensions.

  12. RD

    Does anyone have an opinion about what this flood will do to the value of dot com properties? This is starting to feel like the stock market, where more shares get issued and everyone pays with lower stock prices. Maybe this will be different, but it could take a while to weed through the confusion.

  13. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    It is exciting to think about the thought that you put in my head.
    What if? Everybody resigned to buying secondary .COM offerings instead of splintering their efforts in other extensions? Can you realize the buying power of all new and old domainers pooled money?
    The BUZZ being blown up our asses, is to buy the new flavor which splinters our market place. The BUZZ is designed to divert our attention away from the real prize all corporations dearly covet, the .COM Traffic Channel.
    The Math only adds up for those who see through the smoke of competitive diversion. Trade UP and others will follow, get vested not Busted.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  14. Jeff Schneider

    Hello RD
    Congratulations on your question, its right on. There are many parallels of domain names to other aset classes. the good news is history repeats itself in most asset classes, its a given.
    You may want to check out my opinion 1/04/13 on this Blog to” Domain Submission for joint to close for 2013″
    Enjoy the Journey.


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